Pole Dance Community interview with Guest Blogger Aerial Amy.

Aerial Amy Pole Fitness
We are proud to introduce our latest guest blogger Aerial Amy from New York. We spoke to Amy to find out more about her and her passion for pole dancing and aerial arts.

When did you start pole dancing?

I started dancing in 2007 when I found a pole class in my area. Since then I've never looked back!

What got you into Pole Dancing?

A friend told me that it had done wonders for her body and self-esteem and confidence. I was just getting used to a 9-5 lifestyle after college and found that I was steadily feeling more and more blobby, although I'd never been that active before my metabolism was finally starting to slow down and I wanted to do something a little active. I never thought I'd still be doing it years later!

Currently what is your favourite pole dancing move?

I'm a big fan of basics and making simple things look pretty, or doing things on a static pole so that it looks like it's on spinny :) Right now I'm rediscovering my love for the monkey/tissu/silks/gemini/circus climb (it has quite a few names) and I'm experimenting with shoulder mount flip drops.

What is your pole dancing nemesis? Aerial Amy Aerialist

It will always be Superman! I've been dancing for years and the pain just does not get any better for me. I can nail it 100% but I can't always hold it for long as my thighs start screaming.

Funniest class/teaching moment?

My students know that I'm a little bit on the zany side when I teach sometimes. I feel like one of my strengths as an instructor is my technical explanations of tricks and mechanics, yet sometimes words escape me completely and I say things like "time for a freedown coolstyle"... and "that's what she said!" is always ready to come tumbling out of my mouth as well. Pole dance class sets itself up for a lot of hilarious situations!

Favourite type of pole to dance on?

I'm a big fan of 45mm stainless steel. I have naturally grippy skin and live in the humid NYC climate, so every other pole finish is actually TOO grippy for me!

Favourite music to dance to?

I listen to all and anything. Music is what inspires me to move, so I'm downloading new songs like a maniac all the time. On my blog, I share 10 new songs to dance to every Tuesday!

Aerial Amy Pole Dancing ThailandSpinning or Static?

Both! They're great for different things, moods, and styles. I didn't start doing spin pole until maybe a year or two ago, but I love the challenge of it. I just wish I didn't get so ill on it!

picture left - Amy and fellow poler in Thailand

Which pole dancers inspire you?

All of them! I love watching people who have passion, and a style that is uniquely their own. We have so much to learn from one another!

Have you, or do you plan to, enter any pole dancing competitions?

You know, I don't.... I'm not a very competitive person with others (although I am very competitive with myself) and it's just never been appealing to me to try to "beat" other people, it makes me kind of uncomfortable! I think that we are still growing as a community, and while I am excited to support friends and peers in competitions whenever I can, I think that I'd like to see more transparency and accountability in competitions and I'd have to do some hard thinking about whether or not my personal goals are really aligned with participation in competitions.

What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing? Aerial Amy Oona Kivela

I'm a big lover of the outdoors, travelling, and food. My girlfriends and I have gone across the country just for a dinner reservation!

What are you pole dreams for the future?

I'd love to see pole continue to grow and for the community to continue to strengthen. We have come SOO far in the past couple years, I am excited to see what happens next!

picture right of Aerial Amy and Oona Kivela

What do you think the future holds for fitness pole dancing?

I think that fitness pole, just like all the other different styles, is really starting to come into its own. Hopefully we don't forget to support one another and respect one another in our differences and similarities! It has been really exciting to see fitness pole evolve, in particular, as Chinese pole becomes more prevalent in circus, and more men get involved. It's really evolving!

Do you think Pole Dancing Will get into the Olympics within the next 20 years?

You know, I think that we are still super young and it may be a little optimistic to think that such huge leaps can be made so quickly, but I think that the effort is noble regardless and will hopefully bring about some positive change in our industry.

Big thanks to Aerial Amy for taking the time to talk to us and keep an eye on the PDC website for her upcoming guest blogs.