PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Karen Currie Gains 4 Stars.


Karen Currie Pole Dancing InstructorKaren Currie is the principal instructor of Princess K in Hayling Island. Karen received her 2 references from PDC Pioneer KT Coates from Vertical Dance and fellow 4 star instructor Ally Franklin from Polelatis.

KT said "I have known Karen for the last four years since she came onto my training. She has grown her business and pushed pole in a very positive light. Her students and instructors love her. She is great instructor and a wonderful ambassador for pole. I would work with her in a heartbeat!"

Ally said "Princess K (Aka Karen Currie) is different to me in her way of teaching but I love it. She reminds us how for some people the most important part of pole fitness is confidence and how this fantastic activity really helps to build this. She makes Poling fun and adds sexiness into it as well as a bit of cheekiness and overall physical fitness training.

She is a very kind, generous person and a fantastic business women, who runs her business of Princess K pole school and is expanding by having some of her students train up and cover some of her classes. Karen reminds me of Annie Norris in her way of choreographing, a bit on the  Burlesque side, slow and sassy, where as I am much more dancy hence why our pole jams between schools work well with our different styles."

Check out Karen's Pole Dancing Instructor CV:Karen Currie Pole Dancing Teacher

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

Vertical Dance – Level 1 (Beginner) - 2010
Vertical Dance – Level 2 (Intermediate) - 2010
Studio Professional (includes ETM, Step Box and Conditioning & Choreography) – 2009/2011
First Aid certification - 2012
BEC National Diploma in Business Studies - 1982
Spin City Stretch Instructor

Princess K Pole Dancing Instructors pictured below.

Workshops, Courses & Masterclasses Attended:

Suzie Q Masterclass – November 2009
Jessalyn Mediary – November 2009
Annie Norris Masterclass – November 2009
KT Coates – Vertical Dance Instructor Training (Beginner) – April 2010
KT Coates – Vertical Dance Instructor Training (Intermediate) – November 2010
Annie Norris Masterclass – March 2011
Suzie Q & Toby J – April 2011
KT Coates Workshop – October 2011
Annie Norris Masterclass – February 2012
Lucy Misch Masterclass - July 2012
Sarah Scott Masterclass - October 2012
Sarah Scott Masterclass - January 2013
Dan Rosen Masterclass - March 2013
Sam Remmer Masterclass - April 2013
Annie Norris Masterclass - June 2013
Sarah Scott Masterclass - October 2013
Injury Prevention Workshop - January 2014
Dan Rosen Masterclass - February 2014
Sarah Scott Masterclass - March 2014
Jo Dandridge (Pole Flow) Masterclass - June 2014
Pantera Masterclass - July 2014
Donna Gant (Spotting Techniques) Workshop - September 2014
Annie Norris Masterclass - December 2014
Sally-Ann Giles Masterclass - April 2015
Angela Hawkes & Zorena Roe (Doubles Pole) workshop - July 2015
Kristina Walker (Spinny Pole) Workshop - August 2015
Annie Norris - January 2016
Jo Dandridge (Pole Flow) - April 2016
Henka Vensalaar - June 2016
Dan Rosen Stripper School (Floorwork) Workshop - October 2016

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:

Stacey Sneddon – Personal training
Ally McLain – Poleatis (2 x Inter-school Pole Jams)

Princess K Pole Dancing Instructor TeamTeaching History:

I started teaching in December 2009 after undertaking my ETM (Exercise to Music) and Vertical Dance qualifications.  The plan back then was to teach 1 or 2 classes a week myself but little did I know what was to come!

As the demand for Pole continues in my area, and students work towards become Instructors too, PKF has gone from strength to strength and we currently have 7 fully qualified Instructors teaching 10 classes across 2 venues along with our various other Workshops and hosting Hen Parties too!  And all this with another 2 Instructors in training!

Our other Workshops include Burlesque, Strut, Risqué and PureStretch - I are constantly endeavouring to adapt my business to suit students’ needs and requests!

PKF regularly hosts events for students as well as working with other schools in the area.

I’ve continued to push myself with the Moves that I aim for too, attending Masterclasses where I can whilst running another business with my husband during the day.  As an older Poler, I’m always hoping to show that age is definitely just a number when it comes to Pole!


Students’ Pole Dancing Success:

The success of my students can be measured in lots of ways; some with their progress through the PDC AAP; others who have successfully trained to become instructors themselves; and with all of the Princess K Fitness students building strength and confidence both on and off the pole.

Several of our students have now taken part in competitions, although we are not seen as a ‘competition or performance driven’ school.  We were extremely proud to have some 1st and 2nd places achieved at local competitions - we’re always hoping to encourage more students to compete!

Continuing Professional Development:

I have already taken my Beginner and Intermediate Pole and Stretch qualifications but have decided to undertake the Spin City Intermediate Instructor training alongside a few of my instructor team - I think it will be great to re-evaluate my skill set and also to ‘see’ what they are learning!


As a school, we will continue hosting other instructors for Masterclasses for both my students and myself – we do have our favourite ‘Masters; but we are always willing to host those we admire!

Karen Currie pole dance tv
Industry Contribution:

I hope that I am a good ambassador for the Pole industry, and I regularly work with local media in an effort to promote and publicise positive attitudes towards Pole.  Alongside my Pole business, I run a construction business with my husband and, being an older Poler at 50+ years young, I hope that I am proof that, without a formal dance/gymnastic/fitness background, anyone can Pole at any age!

I was very pleased to be asked to judge my first competition in 2015, when Annie Norris (a PKF favourite), sought me out to judge one of the heats of a national competition.  I loved it and would love to do more!

PKF, as a school, took part in a charity event for MIND early in 2016, where we were were proud to be able to showcase a solo Pole performance, as well as a Doubles performance, from our Instructor team.  We also performed our Strut choreography piece as a group!

I am also honoured to have been chosen to be one of a few PDC AAP Online Grading Assessors - I love watching the incredible hard work of students as they push themselves to achieve their levels; it’s such a joy to see them showcasing what they’ve learned.


Competition Achievements:

I have not entered any competitions personally and it isn’t an area that I have particularly looked at for myself - although I’d never say never now!

I will, however, enjoy coaching my students to enter competitions and we hold regular Top Up sessions that are designed to be student-led practice, enabling them to decide what moves/routines they wish to practice.  With some students planning to compete in the near future, I am hoping that there will be more successes to report in the future … watch this space!

Professional Pole Appearances:

On Fitness TV on behalf of Xpole (December 2011 – January 2012)
On the Xpole stand at The Clothes Show, Birmingham (December 2011)
On Radio Solent and local radio - several occasions over the past few years
Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

As a slightly more mature instructor, I have been fortunate to be asked to take part in several promotional campaigns int he past.  These have included; photos for the Xpole brochure (August 2011) – copy sent to PDC; filming for Fitness TV (November 2011); working on the Xpole stand at The Clothes Show in Birmingham (December 2011); and an interview for Pole Motion (posted 8 January 2012).

I also attend regular Wedding Fayres and have stands at events so that I can promote Pole in the best way possible - show and tell!

Charity Involvement:

I regularly take part in charity events outside of my pole classes – Race for Life every year; two LEJOG trips with my husband cycling and me driving the support vehicle; and various events for my favoured charity, The Eve Appeal - a gynaecological cancer support charity dedicated to researching treatments and, hopefully, a cure – always done in memory of my own gorgeous mum, Jan, who I lost in 2008.

When possible, I try to hold a charity event or Pole Jam on 1 May (UK Pole Dance Day) to raise funds for our chosen charities.

I also endeavour to support other polers in their fund-raising efforts by way of finance and promotion via Facebook/Twitter.
Publicity and Media Attention:

Apart from all the promotional work mentioned previously, I have appeared in articles for local press and radio – The News, Portsmouth; Spirit FM; and the Chichester Observer.  I have also written editorials and pieces for online and hard copy magazines - I do love the written word!

AAP Membership Involvement:Princess K Graded Pole Dancer
Princess K student pictured right with her AAP certificates.

I am an AAP member myself and have promoted it extensively to my students and other pole schools.
I currently have quite a few students actively progressing through the various levels and working hard to achieve their next grading.  With new students joining us all the time, it will continue to be an integral part of the Princess K Fitness school training.
I have also agreed to assist Ally McLain (Poleatis) with mutual gradings to ensure that standards are maintained and to give the programme a more authentic feel for students.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

I plan to achieve as many further qualifications as I can so that I work to push myself to achieve some moves that I currently find challenging – Ayesha, Knee Holds, Drops and plenty more!
Other Information:

I do not consider myself to be a Pole Performer; I never plan to compete; I don’t necessarily want centre stage but I do want to be a great instructor and a good coach, to enable my students and instructors to achieve their hopes and dreams during their time at our Pole classes, as part of Princess K Fitness.

I dedicate my Pole teaching time to endeavouring to motivate, inspire and train my students safely and effectively; and I’m passionate about doing that in a non-judgemental atmosphere.

I consider Pole to be a type of ‘therapy’ for a lot of my students – it’s often the one thing that enables them to tap into something inside themselves allowing for further self discovery.

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Karen Currie on her 4 star achievement and to thank her for her positive contribution to the fitness pole dancing industry.