World Pole Sport 2012 Championship.

World Pole Sports 2012

The International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF) would like to announce its first Olympic-style Pole Sport Championship that will take place on the 20th of July 2012 at the York Hall in Bethnall Green, UK.  It will be the first of an annual event that will work towards Olympic recognition for the pole sports community.

Just days before the start of the 2012 London Olympics, the world’s finest pole sports athletes will come together to compete for the title of the 2012 IPSF World Pole Sport Gold Medal Champion.  There will be three separate categories in which competitors can qualify for: Women’s Singles, Men’s Singles, and Doubles.  The top athletes of each category will be awarded the International Pole Sports Federation’s gold, silver, and bronze medals.

This is a pole sport championship that is designed to meet the IPSF’s Olympic standards.  This event will serve as the foundation for the future of pole sports as an Olympic competition.  This begins the final step in educating people of the world of the athleticism, beauty, and grace that is found in vertical gymnastics. 

The IPSF is an organization for promoting athletic competition in the area of pole sports and uniting pole sports athletes around the world in anticipation that their hard work and skill level will allow them to compete in events such as the World Games and the Olympics.  With the help of pole athletes, the IPSF’s various committees, and other pole fitness and pole sports related organizations throughout the world, the IPSF is dedicated to creating awareness and making the pole sports industry more prominent in the sports community.

Pole fitness as a sport has seen an increase in the number of its athletes and has doubled in popularity annually across the world.  Fitness studios and companies have worked hard to show others that competitive pole fitness is a sport and one of the main objectives of the IPSF is to implement and increase the visibility of the pole sports industry as an area of importance and significance in sports competitions.

World Pole Sports 2012 VenueWorld Pole Sports Venue

With enough awareness and support, we can get pole sports recognized by the highest athletic competitions.  As a dedicated organization, we are a forerunner in the pole sport industry, with a large community of athletes and pole sports fitness experts and professionals to further the goals of the IPSF. 

For more information, to enter or to buy tickets just visit the World Pole Sports 2012 website or e-mail the ISPF executive vice president KT Coates.