Dawn Roberts achieves Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

 Circadian Pole Fitness Dawn Harrison
Dawn Roberts is the principal instructor and proprietor of Circadian Fitness in Swansea, Wales and probably the owner of one of the world's most stunning pole dance studios. Dawn received her 4 star references from Anna-Marie Fulbrook of BAD studios and Sonia Allcock from Learn Pole Dancing.

Anna-Marie Fulbrook - "Dawn Roberts is without doubt one of the most amazing pole instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She is my best friend so I am a little biased but I know Dawn and if I felt that something she was teaching could be improved with a little constructive advice, she would listen, take the advice on board, try it out and then use what she felt would help her. And that's what makes her the best! Dawn doesn’t try to know it all, she isn’t interested in the being best but what is fundamental to Dawn is to teach her students through tried and practiced levels of progression. Her students are proof of her experience, fitness background, caring and motivational skills. Also she is a fantastic but naughty Pole Burlesque dancer and I adore her to bits."

Sonia Allcock "Dawn Roberts has to be one of the most knowledgeable and highly qualified Instructors in Wales!
Her classes are fun, and safe, and she makes sure every one of her students reaches their goals by using her extensive experience that is only gained by being such a Pole Professional.
Dawn has gone from strength to strength, her school now boasts an amazing new studio that will continue to be the best in the area. It is important that Dawn should be recognised as a Level 2 Instructor because she has the skills needed to continue to teach at a very high standard."


Check out Dawn's impressive Pole dancing and fitness CV as well as her rather beautiful studio pictured below right.

Education & Fitness/Pole Training:

Professional Qualifications:
December 2010 Chair Exercise  For The Older Adult Fitness Wales, Swansea
November 2008 Kids Kombat SHOKK, Swansea
September 2008 Fitness Ballet Kirsty Pellant, London
August 2008 Group Cycling Pulse, Swansea University
June 2008 Fitness Yoga Jayne Nicholls, Swindon
May 2008 Urban Funk Urban Funk, Leeds
November 2007 Boxercise Personal Trainer Award Boxercise, Newport
August 2007 Kickboxercise Boxercise, Newport
August 2007 Boxercise Boxercise, Newport
April 2007 Pole4fitness Fitness Wales, Cardiff
January 2007 Advanced Gym Instructor Level 3 Envisage, Cardiff
December 2005 Gym Instructor NVQ Level 2 YMCA, Cardiff
July 2004 Pilates Certificate Fitness Wales, Cardiff
July 2003  Fitness Testing Certificate Fitness Wales, Swansea
Jan – April 2002 Exercise To Music NVQ Level 2 Fitness Wales, Swansea

 Circadian Pole Fitness studio

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Fitness Wales
Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

1st pole lesson – 2006
April 2007- Fitness Wales Pole Fitness with Pole4fitness
Oct 2008 – Attended Pantera Workshop @ Bristol Pole Progression
Aug 2009 -  Attended Felix Cane workshop @ Bristol Pole Progression
Sept 2009 – Attended Suzie Q workshop @ Pole Love Wokingham
Nov 2009 – Jessalyn Medairy workshop @ Pole Love Wokingham
Feb 2010 – Online workshop with Alethea Austin @ Pole Junkies
July 2010 – Pantera workshop
July 2010 – 2-2-1 with Sally Ann Giles
Jan 2011 –  Workshop onTeaching Male Pole at BADS with Darren Pritchard
Feb 2011 – Hosted Becca Butcher Workshops @ Passion in Cardiff
March 2011 – Attended Spinny Workshop & Injury avoidance @ BADS
Oct 2011 – Chinese Pole 1-2-1 with NoFitState Circus, Cardiff
August 2011 - hosted and attended a Tess Taylor workshop
Dec 2011 – Advanced Tricks Workshop with Bex from Trixters, Bradford

Teaching History:

I began teaching as a Fitness Instructor in 2004 doing my own classes.
I began teaching Pole in late 2007.
I began running my own full time Pole Studio in May 2011.
Aside from pole I have also taught spin, kid fit, dancercise, aerobics 50+, pilates and may other classes.
I continue to work for Swansea Council as an Instructor, teaching both pole and 50+.

Student's pole dancing success:

Several of my students now perform with me at local events under the banner Pole Pride Performers. We have performed at numerous events and work alongside local businesses which we support and promote, as well as raising money for our local hospice with charity work.

My students have also appeared alongside me in videos for local bands - Psycho Kiss & Hangmen

We also performed on stage with - Hangmen & Buffalo Summer, We have more work lined up with Hangmen this year.

We have also appeared on artwork for local band Red Room Therapy.

We are also invited to be guests on The Rock Show radio show on a regular basis and work closely with them.

Continuing Professional Development:

I continue to learn through both workshops and research to keep my teaching fresh and stay aware of changing ideas in the fitness/pole industry.

I subscribe to Ultrafit Magazine
I attend Fitness Wales events if they are applicable to my work
I am on pole forums to keep abreast of pole industry
I attend pole workshops
I hold pole jams which are free for attendees
I check the PDC website regularly
I have been put forward by Swansea Council to gain the Level 4 GP Referral qualification in the near future.

Competition Achievements:

I far prefer showcases and performances to competitions!

Circadian Pole Dancing Dawn Harrison
Professional Pole Appearances:

Sept 2009 – performed at Reading Pride
May 2010 - performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
Aug 2010 – Performed with No Fit State Circus – Parklife
Aug 2010 – Performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
Sept 2010 – Performed at Reading Pride
Oct 2010 – Performed at Roller Derby party
Dec 2010 – Performed at Swansea Community Farm charity night
Dec 2010 – Performed at Roller Derby recruitment drive
Dec 2010 – Performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
Jan 2011 -  Performed at Roller Derby party
Feb 2011 – Taught a Valentines Polesque Workshop at BADS in Reading
March 2011 - Performed at Roller Derby party
April 2011 - Performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
May 2011 -  Performed at Roller Derby party
June 2011 – Performed as Cariad Cwtch at Bluestocking Lounge Burlesque
July 2011 – Performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
Sept 2011 – Performed at Reading Pride
Sept 2011 - Performed as Cariad Cwtch, pole doubles with Sminxie at Burlesque Cardiff
Nov 2011 – Pole Pride Performers performed in Psycho Kiss video
Dec 2011 – Pole Pride Performers performed in 2 Hangmen videos
Dec 2011 – Pole Pride Performers performed live on air at The Rock Show radio party
Dec 2011 -  Performed as Cariad Cwtch at Burlesque Cardiff
Feb 2012 – Performed as Cariad Cwtch at Roller Derby party

Many MANY more to come!

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

Feb 2011 – Hosted Becca Butcher Workshops @ Passion in Cardiff
August 2011 - Hosted Tess Taylor Workshop
Oct 2011 – Hosted Floorwork Workshop with Jamie Taylor from Defy Gravity

Charity Events:

I am always giving away free pole classes worth £100 to local charity raffles as prizes. I have also performed at students charity nights.

I am currently working towards our first ever showcase. All the proceeds from the showcase will be given to Ty Olwen Trust, our local hospice. The showcase is due to take place on 12th May 2012 and is only open to friends and family of the school in order to give my students their first performance with a suitably supportive audience.

Publicity/Media attention:

I have had a piece in Swansea Life magazine about my beautiful venue.


Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

I aim to be the best, safest instructor that I can be and continue to provide fun classes for my amazing students.
Performance-wise, I just wish to attain what I physically can at this grand old age!

My performances are firmly classed as cabaret and polesque – I very often dress as a man with a big moustache! (see picture above left) I love surprising the audience because they assume they will get a certain act when they see pole dance advertised and are usually totally confused when I step out dressed as Supabad Cop! My acts are usually comedy pieces.

A huge congratulations to Dawn Roberts on her 4 star success, Dawn is a great ambassador for the pole dancing industry and an inspiration to many.

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