Emma Haslam from Emma's Pole Dancing acheives 4 star Pole Dancing Instructor Status.

Emma Haslam Pole Dancing
Emma's Pole Dancing School, Derby, UK.

Emma Haslam received 3 references for her 4 star application:

"I think Emma really embraces the pole dancing community. I regularly see her at pole dancing events, she joins in instructor jams to help expand her moves and keeps up to date with all the latest in the pole dancing world. Her studio is an excellent example of a pole dancing school, she offers a variety of classes and has additional support from another instructor meaning her students receive a high standard of instruction. I regularly see and hear about events Emma organises her most recent being a local competition. Emma is friendly and really takes the time to get to know you. I'm sure students feel very comfortable in her classes."

Lorna Thomas - Pole Athletes.

"I am happy to put forward a reference for Emma’s Level 2 status.  I first met Emma 2 years ago at an instructor Jam.

Emma is a positive and patient instructor actively encouraging her students with a can do attitude and has passed this attitude on to her other instructors. This makes her studio a great place to learn.

Emma hosts and attends a number of pole jams each year, building relationships within the pole community and exchanging techniques with other instructors. Her doubles tips are outstanding and she is never to busy at these events to demonstrate new idea’s and help others master them. I’ve learnt many tips from her over the past couple of years and look forward to continuing to do so by attending her doubles workshops."

Julie Foxx

"I have seen Emma interact with other pole dancing students and instructors and she has a great teaching method. Emma always acts professionally and is a great ambassador for pole dancing."

Sandrea Simmons - Pole Palais


Emma's pole dancing CV:Emma's Pole Dancing

"I have been teaching Pole dancing since 2006. I’ve always loved dancing and fitness - as a child I was always doing dance shows, acrobatics and I also studied Dance to A’ Level standard.

At the moment (2012), I teach 10 classes a week with approximately 7-8 students on each class.

I am qualified in Exercise to Music (EMC) and a qualified first aider.

Although I’ve not yet competed in competitions myself, 3 of my students have - Alissa Pearson, Angela Martin and Amy Steed. This year I am training three more students to competition level.

I’m currently hosting a competition, EPDC, that will be on the 3rd June 2012. There will be 4 categories; Amateur, Advanced, Expert and Doubles.

I am regularly in the Derby telegraph and on Capital FM promoting my school. I also use Social Media for my classes and events.

In the past I have trained 7 students to instructor level and I have 3 instructors currently working alongside me.

On my list of moves which there are over 500, I have different levels which my students can achieve gradually and at their own pace. They receive a medal or a trophy after completion.

I also run Aerial Classes; Silks, Hoop and Trapeze, Strength and Flex classes, Dancercise, Hula Hoop and Pole Aerobics.

I‘ve held Master Classes with Becca Butcher and Karol Helms. Becca Butcher is returning on the 11th April 2012 to my studio. I am hoping that Felix and Pantera will attend in the near future.

I own two horses and I was British Club Level champion in Show Jumping when I was 15.

My brother Leon Haslam races motor bikes in World Superbikes and I regularly go to watch him around the world. Depending on which country he’s racing in, I try to attend a Pole Dancing School in that area.

I regularly attend Pole Jams and practice session with Genevieve Moody, Sally Ann Giles, Donna Gant, Sandra Simons and Monique (sisters of Pole the co-founder of NPA)

I attend most of the Pole dancing competitions around the UK to support and enjoy watching new routines.

I‘ve recently bought the PDC syllabus and it is amazing. I do a similar thing with my students on a smaller scale."

Congratulations to Emma on her successful 4 star pole dancing instructor acheivement and we wish her every success for the future.

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