PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Jamie Alexah-Taylor achieves 4 star status.


AWPC Jamie Alexah Taylor pole Dancing pictureJamie Alexah-Taylor has been teaching pole dancing since 2006 with her pole dance school Defy Gravity and in addition to her teaching experience Jamie is also well known for her competition success. Jamie won the prestigious title of All Wales Pole Champion 2011 and was also an elite semi finalist at the United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2011.

Jamie received her references from fellow 4 star PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructors Pippa Caesar and Sam Remmer.

Pippa said "Before I started teaching I stumbled across Jamie at Defy Gravity on a trip to visit my parents in Wales back in 2008. I booked 3 hours of private lessons and I got my arse KICKED! Now I always make sure I see Jamie so we can pole together every time I go to Wales to see my parents.

Jamie is methodical, seriously knowledgeable and up on every single new trick, variation and transition. She is highly technical and has the ability to break something down, even when she and I are upside down, left handed or right handed, hanging on by a leg and armpit hair.

I trust Jamie to spot me and to know when I am capable without her assistance. As a teacher she is great fun, sassy and on the ball, as a performer she is confident, sexy and strong and has that wonderful ability to ‘wing it’ seamlessly should she need to. Her love for pole and for ‘old school pole’ is infectious and I admire her as an instructor, performer, competitor and friend.

I have no hesitation at all to offer a reference for Jamie at Defy Gravity."

Sam said "I first met Jamie when I performed with her in the finals of PoleDivas, she is an accomplished performer who is able to choreograph beautifully and execute her tricks perfectly using both her strength and flexibility.

More recently I have had the pleasure of teaching some of her students after they have moved to my area, her students demonstrated great technique and pole knowledge showing that they had learned from a excellent teacher. Jamie's great teaching skills have also been shown by her student's competition success.

Jamie has been active within the pole dancing community, promoting pole dancing through her local media as well as on a national stage where she showcased at the 2011 UK Pole Dance Day showcase organised by the Equity Pole Dancers working party in London.

Jamie will make a perfect 4 star instructor."

Jamie's Pole Dancing CV:Jamie Alexah Taylor pole Dancing picture

Started teaching in 2006.
Proprietor and principal instructor at Defy Gravity.
200 hours Yoga Instructor.
PDC member.
BSY and Yoga Alliance.
Master-classes with Pantera, Rebecca Butcher and Marlo Fisken.
Student success - Jenna Thomas was a finalist in PoleDivas `09 Nicola Green came 2nd in The All Wales Pole Championships (AWPC) 2011 Advanced category.  Jenna Thomas competed in Beginner section in the AWPC 2011 and was told she came 4th. I have 2 Beginners entering the AWPC again this year. Adv student Helen Green came second at The Authentic Pole Competition in July 2015.
Twice finalist at PoleDivas 09 and 11 after winning the regional heats.
All Wales Pole Champion 2011.
Guest Performer at UK Pole Dance Day 2011.
Jamie Taylor Elite finalist at UKPCC 2011.
Due to judge and perform at the Bucks Pole Fitness Championships.
First school showcase in 2009, raised over £700 for Ty Hafan.
Ongoing local publicity since 2006 to date.
Advancement and Accreditation Programme (AAP) grading success with Defy Gravity students.

Defy Gravity is Pembrokeshires only PDC Approved, syllabus based and fully insured Pole Dance school, is run by Jamie Alexah-Taylor, who is a PDC Approved Level 4 Star Instructor, Qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance member (200hrs) and is the 2011 All Wales Pole Dance Champion.

Jamie has Performing Arts experience (051 Liverpool) and has been a Pole Performer for 10 years!

She now coaches her students for competition as well as running Pole Dance classes for complete beginners up to advanced, and has competed nationally, performed alongside other top names in the industry at the first UK Pole Dance Day Show at Riverside Studios in London, and has been a grand finalist twice, in 2008 and 2010. Winning 1st in the ultimate Welsh title at the All Wales Championships in April 2011.

Since then, Jamie was invited to compete in the Elite category of the UK Professional Pole Championships in December 2011, and was on the judging panel at The Polenastics Championships 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Jamie was also one finalist of 7, that got to compete at the Professional level at the international Pole Theatre competition in the Classique category.
And also, chosen to judge at The Authentic Pole Dance Competition in 2014.
Lastly in 2014, she was part of the team who created The London Sexy Back Showcase. Working with AMD, Polevocative, UPA and MFEO.

Aswell as introducing the first Pole Dance classes to Pembrokeshire, Jamie also brought National Pole Championship heats and Charity shows into the area.
Defy Gravity, as a PDC Approved school, is able to offer the internationally recognised Advancement and Accreditation Scheme to all pole dancers in Pembrokeshire, alongside its own syllabus.  

In October 2014, Jamie was the first person to get a license to teach Cleo The Hurricanes `Rocking Legs N Abs`! Classes start November 27th!

2015 saw her judging again at The Authentic Pole Dance Competition.

Jamie insists on fun classes, and safe progress. Being able to break down any move into simple steps, and also able to demo the more advanced variants."


We would like to thank Jamie for being a great ambassador for the Pole Dance Community, we wish her every success for the future.

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