Featured new pole dancing instructor - PDC Approved Stefania Roberto from Polercise Canaries.


"My Name is Stefania Roberto and although I was Born in Leeds, My Parents are Italian and I’ve Lived in Tenerife (Canary Islands) since I was 7 years old.
I have been dancing on and off since I was a teenager and Started learning ‘Pole dancing’ from when I was 16, And Won ‘Miss Pole Tenerife’ in 2002. A few years later A friend of mine introduced me to ‘Pole Fitness’ and I got hooked.  As there was nothing set up here I went back to the UK and did an Instructor course and Polercise Tenerife was born! 6 years on and we now have 4 studios here in Tenerife and 1 in Gran Canaria.

We’ve been featured on various local and international programs/news as well as performing to raise money for various charity events.

We are hoping to Continue to help the growth and awareness of Pole Fitness here in Spain into the future!"

The PDC interview:

What got you into Pole Dancing?

Originally when I was working in clubs dancing (podium dancing) Some of the girls were pole dancers. I thought it looked amazing so 1 of the girls  showed me some moves and I found I took to it quite well. Later, a Good friend of mine, Nia Pearce (from I would rather be pole dancing studios) told me about classes that were all the rage in the UK.

What is your favourite pole trick?

Currently I'm loving the 'Handspring cartwheel flip'! :)

What is your current pole dancing nemesis?

Shoulder Mount flip into  (western) flag.

What is your funniest pole moment?

Funniest moment was when I was on holiday, the girls themselves secretly put together a routine to 'our song' (Rihanna S&M) and randomly did it in the middle of class when I got back... It took me til half way through to realise why/how they were all doing the same stuff at the same time! Apparently my face was a picture!

What is your favourite type of pole?

I use 50mm chrome or stainless steel.

Do you prefer static or spinning?

I'm a static kinda girl! (too much spinning makes me motion sick)

What do you like to dance to?

I will dance to almost anything, but I'm currently loving anything by Ed sheeran.

Which pole dancers inspire you?

There are so many amazing pole dancers these days,  But a couple of my main pole dance inspirations are Jenyne Butterfly and 'Badazz'


What inspires you aside from pole?

Apart from Pole, I also love Aerial hoop, and I'm currently progressing on to The silks. I'm also training to take my green belt in Krav Maga in June. (Isreali martial art)

Do you mostly teach locals or holiday makers?

We mostly teach locals, but as it is a holiday destination we get a lot of groups of girls coming for 'pole holiday's!' of course If anyone else is interested in getting some sun AND poleing at the same time they can get in touch with me for some fabulous offers and packages. :)

We wish Stefania every success for her future including her plans to push fitness pole dancing further in the Canary Islands.

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