Daniel Rosen from Iron-X Fitness Academy achieves PDC approved Level 1 pole dancing instructor status.

Daniel Rosen Pole Dancing Picture
Daniel Rosen is well known within the UK for his competition success in events such as United Kingdom Amateur Pole Performer (UKAPP) and the Bristol Pole Championships.  We spoke to Daniel to find out abut his transition from pole dancing student to pole dancing instructor.

Hi Daniel, Congratulations on becoming PDC approved. How does it feel to be teaching now?

It feels great to be able to share my knowledge and experience with all of the people that want to learn from me. The pole dance community have been good to me over the last couple of years and I just felt that now was the time for me to start sharing what I have learnt with others. I’m really enjoying it.

So you have started your own business called Iron-X Fitness Academy, how did that come about? What made you choose to set up your own school?

I was kind of thrown into the deep end as far as the school goes. I don’t have my own studio as yet but I hope that in the new year this will be a possibility. I had been approached by 2 fitness first gyms who asked me to teach for them so I basically decided to start the school. I have really learnt a lot because there is so much involved in setting up a school. It’s definitely not as easy as it looks.

How long have you been pole dancing and what got you into it?

I used to go to a club called Pink Punters quite a while ago (when I was 18, I’m 23 now). They have some amazing poles in there and I saw a few girls having a play in there and I just caught the bug!! I loved it so much that I decided a few months that’s to go and start lessons. I attended classes at Stacey Pole (PDC approved) and the rest they say is history. I started pole dancing about 5 years ago. I started with the odd class here and there once a month maybe, however I have only really been training regularly over the last year and a bit to prepare me for the competitions.

You have been really taking the pole dance competition scene by storm. How many titles have you won to date?

Well I have competed a grand total of 8 times. I have won 6 of them, and placed second in 2.  I have been extremely lucky. My greatest achievement this year was being the Expert Champion at UKAPP 2011. It was August time in 2010 when I saw UKAPP and that was when I decided I wanted to compete.

Not only do you compete on your own, your quite well known for training in doubles pole work as well. Which do you enjoy more?Dan Rosen Male Pole Dancer

Well I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to do both so I took the opportunity with open arms. I started with my own solo work and then met a friend called Stevie who I now do a lot of doubles work with. It’s hard to say which I enjoy more because they are both different. I would say doubles is more fun from the point of view that it’s with my friend and we can have a giggle. Myself and Stevie are doing doubles workshops at a few different schools in the UK in the new year. We’re really excited to share what we know.

So what’s next for you?

At the moment I’m focusing on my own training and setting up different locations for IRON-X to teach from. So just generally working on IRON-X Fitness Academy to achieve world domination. Hehe. Obviously the doubles workshops are a priority as well as they are proving to be pretty popular which is exciting. I have a couple of competitions in 2012 which I will be hoping to compete in. I have made a promise to myself to do less competitions in 2012. So fingers crossed I stick to my promise. J

The Pole Dance Community would like to wish Daniel every success with his new career teaching pole dancing and we look forward to seeing his future pole dance performances.