Pole Dance Wear by Candy and Chrome.

Candy Chrome pole Dance clothing muscles

Candy and Chrome has designed a range of pole dance wear which has been inspired by YOU and designed for YOU.

We looked to design a range of ‘Pole Couture’ which could be worn in AND OUT of the classroom, by all, which was specific to the aerial arts enthusiasts but generic enough to be suitable for anyone – any school, any rank, students, instructors and Pro’s.

Basically, we wanted something special! Amy Butterworth, PDC approved Level 2 pole dancing instructor and owner of Candy and Chrome said "I have been working on a series of pole dance wear which is suitable for any student of any school, any instructor, anywhere! I wanted to design something that was pole specific, but could be worn outside of the classroom and still look cool! This is what I came up with ....."

Our Designs:

Sally Ann’s Tee (see picture top of page) – Sally Ann is known for her muscular physique and powerful yet feminine style.  She has dominated the UK competition scene for the last few years because she has ‘The Whole Package’.  This tee is for the pole dancer who has it all – muscles AND curves!

Tess’s Tee (see image below right) Candy Chrome pole Dance clothing matriarch- Tess is known for her unique moves, a true ‘pole architect’ – she literally invents moves for herself!  A very recent Mum, Tess ditched the ‘baby body’ and had her strength and physique back within a few short months.   We wanted to design something for the pole Mums and we looked to Tess for inspiration – strong, ethereal, maternal, beautiful, powerful and the head of the family.  This one’s for the Matriarch’s!

‘Thou Shall Not Moisturise’ Tee (see below left) - This tee was inspired by a conversation had on a pole dance forum some years ago.  We were discussing the idea of ‘The Ten Commandments of Pole’, some of the answers were hilarious but none more agreed upon by so many was ‘Thou Shall Not Moisturise’ – it’s as true today as it was then and so it has inspired a mini collection of ‘Pole Religion’ tees …. more to come ….

Candy Chrome pole Dance clothing moisturise‘Battered, Bruised and Hot as Hell’ Tee - This one is for the hard core poller who means business!  If you are preparing yourself for a tough workout and giving that pole a beasting - then throw on your tee and get to work!  A well known pole dancer once told me 'To reach your full potential, you must train until you are completely knackered, battered and bruised.  If you keep doing that your pole work will look hot as hell!'

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