Featured Pole Dancing Student Laura Hodgkins from PDC approved pole dance school Pole Control.

Laura Hodgkins Helen Pole Dance Grading
Pole Dancing Student Laura Hodgkins has just successfully graded at Level 5 under the watchful eye of her PDC approved instructor Helen Bishop.

We spoke to Laura to find out more about her and her passion for pole dancing.

When did you start pole dancing?

I started pole dancing about a year and a half ago and have been loving it from the very first lesson.

What got you into Pole Dancing?

It was something I always wanted to try but lessons always seemed to clash with other hobbies until I started at Pole Control.

Currently what is your favourite pole dancing move?

My fave move at the moment is the elbow grip ayesha.

What is your pole dancing nemesis?

Either flying ballerina or the variation of allegra in which you hold your foot, as my arms seem to be too short for this!!!

Funniest class moment?

Probably one of the many occasions where there's been a spider in the studio; both Helen and I have huge phobias of them, and we must look hilarious both freaking out in the corner together.

Favourite music to dance to?

During lessons we usually have current club music or R & B on in the background but for a routine I prefer something slower and more lyrical, like the piece of music I chose for my level 5 Grading routine.
Level 5 pole dancer
Spinning or Static?

Definitely static; spinning makes me feel sick!!!

Which pole dancers inspire you?

It sounds cheesy but Helen my instructor inspires me and hopefully one day I'll be as amazing and as elegant as she is!

Have you or do you plan to enter any pole dancing competitions?

I'd love to enter a competition but I don't think I have the stamina right now! It's a lot harder than it looks. The minute and a half routine for my exam nearly killed me, but hopefully one day I will enter one.

What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing?

I have been dancing (Ballet, Tap and Modern) since I was 5 and am now a qualified dance teacher as well. I also love cheer-leading, so it's all hobbies and sports to do with dance really.

What are you pole dreams for the future?

I'd love to enter a competition and win, that would be amazing. Just to continue and progress with pole fitness as much as I have been so far really and to carry on enjoying it as much as I do now.

We wish Laura all the best for her pole dancing progression and we congratulate on her Level 5 achievement.  

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