PDC approved pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin from Polelatis achieves 4 star status.

Ally OReilly Pole Dancing Picture
Ally Franklin is the proprietor and principal instructor of Polelatis in Bridport, Devon, UK. Ally received references for her Level 4 status from fellow PDC approved instructors Karen Currie from Princess K and Jenni Gooch from South Pole AKademy.

Level 4 references:

"Ally is well respected along the south coast as a Pole Fit Instructor combining her extensive knowledge of both Pole Fitness and Pilates; bringing her own fun style to her classes and enabling students to build their fitness whilst promoting core stability.
As a trained dancer, she makes Pole Fit moves flow beautiful together when combined into a routine and it is lovely to watch her perform.
Ally is a great ambassador for Pole Fitness as a physically strong, flexible and confident instructor whose interest in furthering her students’ ability is clearly her main focus.

She is also a genuinely nice person whose interest in other people shows her caring nature.
Ally’s school policy of ‘Strength from within’ is definitely a reflection of her – both physically and mentally."

Karen Currie - Princess K

"I would like to give my support for Ally Franklin gaining her level 4 instructor recognition with PDC.
I met Ally this year while she was undertaking her pole instructor training certificates, and I was delivering this training to her.
She is an excellent pole fitness instructor, very capable with a great teaching manner and ability. I found that she was very approachable and knowledgeable with great confidence in what she does. She is a real pleasure to train with, and has a real passion for fitness and pole. Ally is an asset to the pole community with a dedication to keep her training up to date not only in pole but other fitness areas as well.
I send this to you with the greatest of ease as she is worthy of level 4 status."

Jenni Gooch - South Pole AKademy

Ally's CV:Ally OReilly Pole Dance Picture

Pole Passion level 1,2, and 3, Personal Trainer gym level 3 , Pilates level 3,  ante and post natal qualifications, Boxercise, Core training and Circuits, REPS registered, PDC approved instructor, AAP member, Maxine betts master class, Princess K inter-school pole jams.

Ally said "I have been teaching pole since 2007 I started my own studio in 2009, I have competed in a few competitions, and want to continue to do so, I had a few months off when I had my daughter, but now am stronger than before. I also teach Aerobics, Zumba, LBT, Boxercise, Pilates, Ballet fit and Salsa fit. I have taught dance for children aswell.

Two of my girls entered the Miss Pole Dance Amateur Competition in 2009, one of them won best presented.

I am currently setting up a master class for my students with Maxine Betts and hope to go to more pole jams etc at Taylors retreat and am entering another pole competition in November. I entered the PoleDivas heats in Brighton in 2008 and won the Pole Idol competition in Street in 2009.

Ally OReilly Fitness Pole Dancing
Am currently organising a poleathon to raise money for a Julias house. I often involve the local press about my students acheivments and I have performed at local shows to promote the leisure centre classes. I am planning to endorse my own instructor training course  next year, and to enter many more national competitions.

I am extremely passionate about pole, but there are not many other PDC approved schools in the area, in fact I have students coming to me for grading as their schools are not PDC affiliated.


I am hard working and also have a young daughter of 1yr and a half who when I am free try to spend as much time with as possible. I work 40 hours a week and am dedicated to the fitness industry, I enjoy encouraging people to try pole and love it when they do and become addicted to it. The confidence pole brings to people is amazing.

I used to be a professional dancer in shows such as Pirates adventure in Magaluff, Son Amar, Casino Estoril, Cruise ships etc, so my back ground is predominantly performing, but the strength is what I love about pole. My idols are Felix Cane, Jess Leanne Norris and Jenyne Butterfly."

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Ally on her Level 4 achievement and for being not only a great instructor but also a great role model for her daughter.

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