Polelatis pole dancing students pass their AAP gradings!

AAP Pole Fitness Grading Polelatis

PDC approved pole dancing instructor Ally O'Reilly has been guiding her students through the Advancement and Accreditation program resulting in 10 students passing their pole dance gradings!

The successful students were:

Level 1 - Katie Goodall, Natasha Macdonald, Diana Takezoe, Louise Ward.
Level 2 - Pixie Clift, Becky Laing, Sarah Bullen, Lindsay Harding.
Level 3 - Jo Smith.
Level 4 - Rachel Begley.


Polelatis proprietor and principal instructor Ally said "These were the first gradings for all my students who all passed their prospective levels. Some who only come once a week remembered all their moves and routines amazingly. For most the hardest part was the warm up and cool down, which I explained to them is the most important part of the class.

The confidence that was shown in their routines was so fun to watch as some of my ladies who come to class have  grown in themselves and become so much more out going and less nervous.

AAP Fitness Pole Dancing Student Polelatis AAP Happy Pole Fitness Grading Polelatis AAP Pole Dancer Grading Polelatis AAP Pole Dancing Student AAP Happy Pole Dance Grading Polelatis AAP Happy Pole Dance Grading Polelatis  

All of them enjoyed the experience of grading and now feel they can say exactly where they are in the pole levels and feel that everything is a lot clearer with proper names for moves and transitions, this also became apparent when we recently did a pole jam with Princess K school and all participants knew what we were talking about when saying iguana, front hook, back hook bending leg circles , etc. they are all looking forward to progressing to the next level when we do our grading again in January

AAP Happy Pole Dance Student PolelatisAAP Happy Pole Dancing StudentThe Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Ally and her Polelatis students on their
AAP Pole Dance Grading PolelatisAAP success.

You can buy your own AAP passport from any PDC approved instructor or via our online shop! Once you have your AAP passport you can be graded by any PDC approved instructor (find a PDC pole dancing instructor near you) or by using our online pole dance grading system.

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