PDC Approved pole dancing instructor Angela Houck achieves Level 2 status!

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Angela Houck is our first PDC-USA Level 2 Approved pole dancing instructor and she has an impressive resume to prove her Level 2 status.

Angela holds two Bachelor of Science degrees, the first in Respiratory Therapy, and the second in Nursing. She is a 35+ year old wife, mother of two, an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Master Trainer for PoleMoves, an ACE, AFAA, and PFA approved instructor certification course, and holds a Pole Dance Instructor Certification through the Pole Fitness Studio.

After having her children, she had cut her nursing career to part-time to spend more time at home. While trying to get back in shape, she discovered pole fitness and its incredible mind and body benefits. In 2007, she opened the Pole Power Studio in Ocean City, MD, and in 2010, she opened a second studio in Salisbury, MD.


Angela teaches beginner through to advanced pole fitness classes and workshops, chair dance, and other speciality workshops, as well as providing instructor training. Angela has a great understanding of the pole moves, techniques, and body positioning, and provides a safe and an encouraging class environment for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels. She is very passionate about the benefits of pole and proud to be a part of the pursuit to make pole a respectable form of dance and fitness.

Angela has trained with many of the top names in the industry and is a member of the Pole Dance Community, Pole Fitness Association, International Pole Federation, US Pole Dance Federation, and the American Pole Fitness Association. She has trained with many leaders in the pole fitness industry such as Felix Cane, Alethea Austin, Jenyne Butterfly, Jessalyn Medairy, Zoraya Judd, Karol Helms, and more. Most recently, Angela was chosen as an APFC 2011 Elite Finalist!

Angela says "My mission is to empower women and encourage healthy lifestyles.  I believe pole strengthens women both physically and mentally--it is very powerful!  The ladies build confidence and get fit while getting in touch with their sensual side in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  I love working with other women, and watching their 'inner diva' come out!  Women always leave feeling empowered, and I can tell they feel fabulous!

Check out one of Angela's references from fellow PDC approved pole dancing instructor Angel Farthing:
Angela Houck Pole Dancing
"Angela is a strict professional and an all-around fantastic lady.  She dedicates so much of her time and energy to pole fitness that she has made an enormous success of herself.  She has opened two thriving studios, she teaches multiple classes and workshops per week all while being a mother, a wife and a Nurse!  Her pole skills are impeccable which is why she was recently accepted as a competitor by the American Pole Fitness Association.  I don’t know how she does it all!  I truly admire all that she has accomplished and she has my utmost respect.  She is a leader in the industry here in the US and I look forward to following her career.  I will be her cheerleader every step of the way."

Angela's Qualifications:
ACE certified group fitness instructor, PoleMoves Certified Teacher, PoleMoves Master Trainer, Pole Dance Instructor Certified (Pole Fitness Studio, Las Vegas), Flirty Girl Fitness Instructor, American Pole Fitness Competition 2011 Elite Finalist

Membership of Professional Bodies:
ACE/IDEA professional member, Pole Dance Community Approved Instructor, Studio and Professional Member of Pole Fitness Association, Member American Pole Fitness Association, Member US Pole Dance Federation, Member International Pole Sports Federation

Workshops, Courses & Masterclasses Attended:
Pole Dance Instructor Certification Level 1-4 with Fawnia Deitrich, Diva Fit Instructor Course, PoleMoves Instructor Certification. Workshops/private lessons with Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, Alethea Austin, Karol Helms, Zoraya Judd, Jessalyn Medairy, Amber Ray, and more.

Teaching History:
I began teaching pole in June 2007 privately, and opened my first studio in December 2007 and the second studio in March 2010. I have been a Master Trainer for PoleMoves (an ACE, AFFA, and PFA approved instructor course) since 2010. I teach beginner through master pole classes, specialty workshops for spinning pole and tricks, instructor training workshops and continuing education, chair dancing, sexy pole & floor, pole strength training, and Flirty Girl dance classes.

Continuing Professional Development:
I continue to train as a group fitness instructor and advanced my skills in pole, provide courses for instructors to advance their teaching skills, and stay active and up to date with the pole organizations and community.

Competition Achievements:
American Pole Fitness Competition 2011 Elite Finalist

Professional Pole Appearances:
Performed in Jamaica for the Dance Wicked for a Week pole event, 2009.

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
Attended the Pole Convention in 2010 and 2011. Attend USPDF and APF competitions and other pole events/workshops.
I have sponsored local pole events such as the Battle of the Pole Studios in Baltimore, MD.

Public/Media involvement:
Local news channel WBOC did a news story, local papers have done news stories, Coastal Style magazine did a feature story on us, as well as local radio appearances.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
I love teaching pole and feel I have a great understanding of pole movement, technique, and safety considerations. I plan to continue to teach students, train instructors, and help the pole community grow and gain the respect of the general public. I am currently working on a project that will implement pole classes into the local gyms. Personally, my goal is to compete, and being chosen as an APFC 2011 Elite Finalist, shows that I am on my way!

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Angela on her successful Level 2 achievement and we look forward to working more closely with her.

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