PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Stacey Snedden.

Stacey Snedden Pole Aerial

Stacey Snedden is the principal instructor at Herts Dance and Fitness.

Stacey has been in the industry since 2004 - she has worked for XPOLE International since 2005 and is now the international sales manager for XPERT Pole & Aerial Teacher Training, the worlds largest Pole & Aerial Teacher Training programme.

Stacey is the organiser and co-owner of Pole Theatre UK, Pole Theatre Ireland and Dance Filthy UK, and the owner of Herts Dance & Fitness training centre in Welwyn Garden City.

Stacey is a qualified fitness instructor and is a certified Pole & Aerial instructor including aerial yoga, aerial hoop and aerial Pilates.Stacey Snedden Pole Dancing Instructor

In 2014 Stacey won a Miss Pole Dance UK Ambassador award, 2015 she won with XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness the International Fitness Show Case Best Brand Award and in 2016 Won for the International Fitness Showcase 2016 Heath and Fitness Manager award

Industry Experience:

September 2005 – present – Working as Sales Manager for Vertical Leisure aka X-Pole
June 2012 - present - International Sales Manager for XPERT Pole & Aerial Teacher Training
July 2011 - July 2014 - Co Owner  of UK Amateur Pole Performer
July 2014 - present - Co Owner and Organiser  of Pole Theatre UK
August 2015 - present - Co owner and organiser of Dance Filthy UK Northern and Southern Edition
January 2015 - present - Vice president of the Pole Safe Federation

Trade Shows Stacey has attended for promotional and teaching experience:

Erotica 2005 + 2007 – helped promotions and instruction
ETO Trade Show – Promotional work
LIW – 2007. 2008. 2009. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, – Instructing on the main stand and promotions
Stacey Snedden Pole Dance JudgeMove It Show – 2010, 2015, 2016  - Instructing on the main stand and promotions
Dance Show – Clothes Show, - 2010 - Instructing on the main stand and promotions
FIBO – Germany – 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, - Instructing on the main stand and promotions
Pole Convention  USA – 2010 + 2011 – Guest Speaker and X-pole promotion girl
IRSHA San Fransico and LA – 2009 + 2010 - Instructing on the main stand and promotions
Erotica show Las Vegas – 2008 – Promotional
Pole Expo - 2013, 2014, 2015 - Promoting XPERT

Stacey is a regular judge for Kent Pole Championships, Heir to the Chrome, UKPPC and Solent Pole Championships.

Stacey received references for her application from fellow Level 4 instructors Kate Johnstone and Tracy Huckfield. 

Level 4 references:Stacey Snedden Pole Aerial Artist

"I have known Stacey since I started pole dancing! She has been one of the largest influences on my pole career. While I was training to be an instructor, she helped introduce me to the industry and a range of other instructors who provided great help in my development. Stacey's experience includes but is not limited to running UKAPP (the most professional and ethical pole competition that currently exists), a huge array of master classes and workshops both national and international, supporting performers such as myself and Bendy with everything from organising master classes to helping assist us in competitions such as the worlds. She has always been a strong promoter of the pole industry and has used her influence to help develop community based events such as her support for Equity's UK Pole Dance Day 2011. Her Stacey Pole Instructors are informative, helpful and and a great reflection of Stacey's commitment to her teaching and her students."

Kate Johnstone - Spin City.

"It is my belief that Stacey has earned her level 4 status; she has been in the pole industry for many years and has become a pioneer in pole and creating a positive ‘Pole Image’.  
Stacey is well known her for her warm nature and friendly persona.  It is these traits that I believe make her a patient and understanding instructor.  When discussing competitions, Stacey has always been very safety conscious, yet another trait that is necessary in pole instruction.
Stacey has opened many doors for individuals of all ability across the UK in the pole industry with her very successful competition UKAPP; the first of its kind in the UK, and one of the most successful competitions to this day, indeed I think it’s fair to say that UKAPP puts the fun in pole!

On a personal note Stacey was supportive, helpful and generous when I was seeking assistance in creating The Welsh Competition, a true gem."

Tracy Huckfield - Pagan's Pole.

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Stacey on her Level 4 success and for her being an amazing international pole dancing ambassador.

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