Jolene Whiting achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

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Jolene Whiting of Purity Studio has been pole dancing since 2003 and is well known within the industry as a teacher, performer and judge. Jolene received her 2 references from fellow 4 star instructors Kate Johnstone from Spin City and Sam Remmer from The Art of Dance.

Jolene Whiting's Pole Dance CV:

I started learning to pole in January 2003 and have been teaching pole dancing since January 2005. I love teaching pole so much that I wanted to go full time so I set up Purity in 2006 and a year later gave up office work. I have never gone into the stripping industry, which has inspired my students a lot, and keeps them coming back for more.

My classes have an excellent reputation, which has allowed me to be able to run regular classes at schools, colleges, council leisure centres and universities. Along with a mixture of these types of locations I also have the Purity Studio in Reading, where I like to run classes with 1 student per pole where possible. It's 2 per pole in all other Purity locations. At Purity we always have small class numbers, to ensure everyone gets adequate instructor and pole time.

A large number of my students have been long term regulars, from 2-4 years on average, and I have coached a few for both amateur and professional pole dance competitions. I regularly teach pole instructors, and had some of my own students go on to teach, a few lucky ones have been hand picked to work with Purity.  

I offer my instructors ongoing teacher training, so their skills can remain fresh, and to keep us working together as a team. My classes are for fun and fitness, and I never like to leave anything out, we regularly do routine workshops, free-styling and spinny pole, I like to cover all the areas of pole, and then the students can have the chance to pick and choose what they focus on.  

Years ago when I ran club nights I used to do podium dancing in night clubs, but once I started pole I decided to give up podium and just do pole. I did this regularly a few times month for about 3 years to lots of different music including: rock, techno, trance, drum n bass, house and RnB. I have stopped performing in nightclubs as much and now do showcases and competitions, some of which have included Polecats, PoleDivas and being a finalist at Miss Pole Dance 2008.   

Promotions I have performed for include;

•Redtrip, Squelcher, Torture Garden, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Synthetic Culture, Tarantula, Antiworld, Xstatic, Logic, Pandemonia

Clubs I have danced at;

•Fridge, Telegraph, Electrowerkz, Mass, Scala, Club Supreme, Crash, SEOne, Plan B, Egg, Granby, The Lounge,     

As well as dancing in nightclubs I have also had other opportunities including;

•Radio (BBC Radio Berkshire/OnFM Radio),
•TV (UK TV Style/BBC Three)
•Music Video (Nick Sentience)
•Calendars (MyPole 2005/Pole Love 2008)
•Showcases (Purity, Spin City, UKAPP, Miss Pole Princess, Equity, International Pole Federation)
•Speaking and performing at Venus Art Gallery, Henley
•Various after show parties, London
•Performing in Cyberdog, Camden, during weekends during Summer 2010

I aim to remove the stigma attached to pole dancing and educate people that it's not lap dancing and stripping, it is a beautiful dance and a great form of exercise. My performances are kept tasteful and I keep all my classes to the same standard.

In 2007 and 2009 I was lucky to judge the national competition, Pole Divas, and was asked again in 2010, which sadly I could not attend.

I have had master classes with Suzie Q, Pantera and Maxine Betts.

At Christmas 2010, I held a Purity Showcase event at Hotel de Vie in Farnham, this was the first of many to come, the second one was on UKPDD 2011. I love to see my students getting up there and showing off their skills, their smiles after their routines are priceless.

I hold workshops for Purity and recently launched 'Elite Master Classes' meaning only 1 student per pole. Recently I held a performance workshop, with Jessabelle Polesista, where we taught the students how to form a routine for themselves and how to perform it.  

Right now I am currently working on my online pole dance lessons, Digipole. These online lessons will be added to on a regular basis, with new ideas, moves, combos and routines. They are very much a cross between a DVD and a real class.  

My future plans for pole, include launching my online lessons, holding Purity's first grading sessions and starting the Isle of Wight Pole Club.
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Student Testimonials:

"I started pole dance classes as a total beginner with Jolene in the summer of 2008 and knew immediately that not only had I found a new passion in pole dancing but had also found a fantastic teacher in Jolene. Three years on, although I have moved a long way from the Purity Studio, I continue to attend classes weekly as I love it too much to find another pole school!

Having worked in the fitness industry for many years I know what makes a good instructor and Jolene is one of the best. She has unfailing patience and, although I am a self-confessed wuss, has coached me into doing moves I never imagined I could achieve. Jolene structures the session in such a way that student safety is a priority and you definitely know you have worked hard at the end of her classes!

Jolene encourages you to achieve new moves and perfect old ones but is always mindful of the individual’s capabilities and strengths. She has given us the opportunity to take part in photo shoots, workshops and showcases giving us all the confidence to show off our skills.

I have made new friends through being a Purity student and would recommend Jolene’s classes to anyone thinking of trying pole dancing for the first time. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of the classes, learning pole dancing with Jolene will open up a whole new world of friendships and fun!"


"I have been going to pole dancing for almost 4 years with a couple of breaks. I first tried pole as part of a hen weekend and that got me interested. Once I started I was hooked. I love pole as it combines strength and dancing. It has help improve my upper body, core strength and rhythm.
After joining pole I developed a condition called trigeminal neuralgia (use to get shooting pains in my jaw/mouth) but managed to keep going to pole, and found that I was always pain free in the class - I think it was because I was concentrating so hard and that the classes are always really fun and I just relaxed.

Jolene is a great teacher as she is patient and always able to explain things to me in a simple and clear way which is good as I always get lefts and rights mixed up. She is always able to explain how to learn a new move gradually which is brilliant as she always keeps up safe as she breaks down the moves and helps us develop the strength needed with different exercises.

The classes are well structured and varied so we learn a variety of skills.
We regularly learn routines and have a go free styling which is fun as it helps us develop our own style.

Pole with Jolene = Fun, Fun , Fun!!! :)"


"I first started pole fitness with Purity when classes were held in my home town, Maidenhead. At the same time that I completed the Beginners course, Jolene opened the Purity studio in Reading and although it was somewhat of a drive from Maidenhead, I wanted to see how I got on at Intermediate level – well that was 3 years ago and I am still loving the weekly classes at the Purity Studio.

Jolene’s lessons are well structured, focusing on different pole skills such as spins, climbs/sits and inverts during each lesson, as well as Routine classes where we will learn and perform a routine over 3-4 weeks. Her instructions are clear and she has endless patience showing us how to do new moves (and remember some not so new ones as well). She keeps the lessons fun, whilst ensuring there is a focus on everyone’s safety.

Jolene has chosen to keep the Purity lesson’s to small classes, with no more than 7 students to 5 poles for Beginners and Intermediates. This means that everyone benefits from the maximum pole-time in class, as well as allowing Jolene to really focus on each students progression.  Jolene has also introduced a ‘Freestyle’ session into classes, where everyone dances to a song chosen that week. This has really helped my confidence by taking my outside of my comfort zone and has helped me move from cringing because I have to dance and feel self-conscious , to not giving a hoot and thoroughly enjoying dancing to whatever song is chosen.

Jolene has endless energy and enthusiasm for pole fitness and Purity, which in turn generates a real sense of passion for pole fitness among the Purity students. Even if I’ve had a bad day, I always come out of class with a smile and renewed energy and look forward to learning many more new moves at Purity."

Kerri O'Kane
Jolene Pole Dancing
PDC Approved Instructor References:

"Jolene was one of the first pole instructors that I met when I started dancing. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of her studio, classes and general set up and contacted her for advice on getting my own studio space. Jolene is a fantastic instructor with a great emphasis on fitness, and teaching safe - effective classes. Her policy on practice sessions is actually something I have adopted at my own studio. Her courses are well structured with a limited number of students per pole. Jolene also has a wealth of experience in the pole community as a whole and is an active participant in events such as pole divas."

Kate Johnstone - Spin City

"I have known Jolene in a professional capacity since 2007 and am aware of her passion for pole dancing, her dedication to her students and her vast performance experience. I have competed alongside Jolene in both the PoleDivas Championships and Miss Pole Dance competitions.

Through my pole dance school I have encountered a few of Jolene's former students who have been taught excellently. Through my role as an administrator of the Pole Dance Community I have also seen examples of Jolene's dedication to the industry and her constant efforts to run public events to promote pole dancing to her local community. Jolene's students benefit from her extensive experience as well her carefully tailored courses that guide her students through the pole dancing syllabus ensuring constant progression. To my knowledge Jolene holds the perfect blend of skills to be a 4 star pole dancing instructor."

Sam Remmer - Art of Dance

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Jolene on her successful 4 star achievement and we wish her all the best for the future of Purity Pole.

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