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The Pole Dance Community's first official Syllabus filming day took place on Sunday 17th April at the Spin City Studios in Clifton, Bristol, UK. A huge thanks to PDC approved level 2 pole dancing instructor Kate Johnstone for lending us her lovely studio. A big thanks also to Robyn Rooke from 360 pole dancing, Sarah Scott from Studio 22, Miranda Goldring from Pole Affinity, Emily Smith from Emily's Pole Fitness, Kate Johnstone from Spin City, Sam Remmer, Rosanna Durban and Emma Thorpe from the art of dance, Shelley Neave from House of Pole, Alexander Conley from Spin City Exeter and Clare Rigby from Zig's Pole Fitness.


The filming day was a chance to re-film existing moves from the PDC Syllabus and to add new moves as well. We witnessed some fabulous pole dancing tricks, spins and combinations from the talented pole dancers that were in attendance. PDC Syllabus 2011 SidSarah Scott demonstrated her extreme strength with an effortless no legs climb as well as adding her floor-sweeper spin to the 300+ moves on the Syllabus.

We all loved Emily's socks so expect to see lots of pole dancers wearing over the knee stripy socks very soon!

A Massive thanks also to Sid Remmer (pictured right) for being our chief camera man and director for the day. We are all very excited about seeing the new Syllabus which will be available in the next few weeks and will be amazing.

Everyone had a chance to perform moves from different levels of the Syllabus as well as having a chance to discuss which moves needed re-naming or amending. We also had the chance to discuss correct execution of moves.  A few changes to note are as follows:

The Post Spin was upgraded from a Level 3 to a Level 4 move.
The Back Hook has been move from Level 1 to Level 2.
The Yogi Handstand will be upgraded from a Level 3 to a Level 4.
The Impressive Phoenix (reverse grab to twisted grip Ayesha) will be added in at Level 5 alongside the Tornado Roll.

We will be getting in contact with the lovely Anastasia Skukhtorova as no one was able to perform the uber-bendy Rainbow Marchenko!

PDC Syllabus filming April 2011
We look forward to then next PDC Syllabus filming day which will take place further North.

If you would like to submit any videos for the PDC Syllabus please ensure the video is good quality and is filmed in front of a plain background or studio backdrop. Please check that you can see the correct contact points needed to execute the move perfectly and ensure you have good alignment. You need to submit the name of the move and then we will post the new move on our forum for our members to discuss the level of difficulty and we will add the move to our Syllabus. Lastly you need to confirm in writing either by post or e-mail that you give us permission us to use your material. You can also submit your AKA's and notes to our Syllabus.

If you have any questions abut the PDC Syllabus simply contact us or discuss with others on the Pole Dance Community forum.

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