Kate Edwards from Spin City Pole Fitness achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Kate Johnstone pole dancer
Kate Edwards nee Johnstone received her references from PDC approved pole dancing instructors Dana Mayer (formerly PDC Approved) and Pippa Caesar. Dana from Rock 'n' Roll Pole said "I have known Kate for approximately 2 years through the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party. In this time I have found Kate to be one of the most highly capable and motivated business owners I have had the pleasure to meet. Not only does she possess a plethora of formal fitness qualifications, her enthusiasm for pole dancing is endless, and her ability to think creatively, both in terms of offering interesting courses for her students and solving business problems, is really second to none.  Kate has a tireless work ethic and her ability to turn her ideas into action is really extraordinary.

Last year I had the pleasure to witness Kate's students in action at a performance in Bristol for a charity event. The standard of their skill was testament to the excellent instruction offered by Kate and her Spin City team. Highly, highly recommended without reservation."

Pippa from Polenastics said "I first met Kate over 2 years ago at a UKAPP event, I didn't know at that meeting that she poled herself, didn't know that she was an instructor/competitor/performer. I did know immediately that she was endearing, considerate and calm, attributes that have ensured she has excelled.  Since that first meeting we have run into each other on many occasions each year, I have jammed with Kate and seen her performances and I have heard the glowing accolades from her students and from other instructors.Spin City Kate Johnstone

I am glad to count Kate as a friend and poling buddy and know from direct experience that her teaching and spotting techniques are superb. I have no hesitation recommending Kate to the PDC and wish her every success in the future."

Kate is not only a valued PDC member but she is also part of the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party.


Check out Kate's impressive CV:


-    CMYCA Level 2 ETM qualification, including Level 2 – Exercise and Fitness Knowledge (September 2005 - Lifetime)
-    Circuits Instructor (September 2005 – Lifetime)
-    Qualified by BTS to teach Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Jam (October 2005 onwards – BTS)
-    Indoor Cycling/Spin Instructor (November 2005 – Performance Cycling UK)
-    Pilates Instructor (March 2006 – Fitness Pilates, May 2006 – Future Fit)
-    SAQ and Plyometrics Awards (June 2006 – SAQ)
-    Wiggle and Giggle Pole Instructor Training (2007)
-    CYMCA Level 2 Gym Instructor (June 2007  Lifetime)
-    CYMCA Level 3 Personal Trainer (November 2007 – Lifetime)
-    Level 2 Vertical Dance/ Pole Fitness Instructor (March 2008 – Focus Training)
-    Ante/Post Natal Award (June 2008 – Lifetime)
-    Appointed Person First Aid Course (February 2009 – BJF Safety)

Kate Johnstone pole dancing

-    2008 Masterclass and Private Lesson with Tracey Simmonds
-    2008 – to date, Chinese Pole Lessons with Tao Gao and Justine Squire
-    2009- to date, Aerial Hoop Training with Mike Wright, Ana Cerrano, Janine Mahon and Elena Carter
-    2009 Masterclass and Private Lesson with Tracey Simmonds
-     2009 Suzie Q Workshop, Bristol
-    2009 Felix Cane Masterclass, Bristol
-    2009 Deb Riley Workshop at Taylors Retreat
-    2009 Jenyne Butterfly Workshop, Bristol
-    2009 Workshop with Karen Chaundy and Bodybarre Bombshells, Stevenage
-    2010 Suzie Q Workshop, Bristol
-    2010 Maxine Betts Workshop, Bristol
-    2010 Private Lesson, Karen Chaundy, Bristol
-    2010 Alethea Austin Workshop, Bristol
-    2010 Pantera Masterclass, Bristol
-    2011 Becca Butcher Intermediate and Advanced Workshops Bristol
-    2011 Sally-Ann Giles Workshop
-    2011 – to date, Corde Lisse Training with Ana Cerrano and Lyn Routledge

-    June 2009 Race for Life, Bristol
-    August 2009 – Fashion in Mind
-    September 2009 Pole Divas – Professional Category
-    September 2009 – Spin City 1st Birthday Bash
-    March 2010 – Spin City Spring Show
-    June 2010 – Race for Life, Bristol
-    July 2010 – Opened UKAPP Bristol
-    September 2010 – Spin City 2nd Birthday Bash ‘Pole du Soleil’
-    September 2010 – Fresher’s Fair UWE and Bristol
-    December 2010 – X-Pole Performance at Clothes Show
-    March 2011 – Spin City Oscars Showcase
-    Winner of the Inaugural Inter-Universities Pole Championships – Instructor Category

Kate pictured right with her amazing student/UKAPP 2010 winner Bendy Kate.

Spin City Pole Fitness Ltd     
September 2007 — to date
-    Owner and Manager of Spin City Pole Fitness Ltd, the largest aerial and pole fitness school in the South West and one of a handful of dedicated training facilities in the UK.
-    Responsible for 10 Instructors and over 1000 students, Instructor Training, Development of a course structure and syllabus, timetabling for two studios and four external venues, running pole societies and Bristol University and UWE, marketing, bookkeeping and accounts, organizing external events and demonstrations such as ‘race for life’ and student showcases, teaching the advanced and elite classes.
-    Achievements – current teacher of the UK Amateur Pole Fitness Champion 2010 – 2011 of UKAPP (Expert category) and Pole Divas (Advanced Amateur category), South West regional organizer of the UK Amateur Pole Performer competition, member of the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party, X-Pole dancer at events such as the ‘Clothes Show Live’, active member of the Pole Dance Community.

Centre Manager
The Berkeley Centre Ltd    
August 2008 — December 2010
-    Centre Manager of a small, private Health and Wellbeing Centre in Bristol.
-    Responsible for 54 Practitioners, 12 Personal Trainers and 10 Studio Instructors and the associated room/gym space scheduling. Duties ranged from managing reception and accounting staff, health and safety, operations, marketing, HR and recruitment, dealing with staff and customer feedback, ensuing the smooth, day to day running of The Centre.

Studio Manager, progressing to Health and Fitness Manager
Cannons Health Club    
September 2006 — August 2008
-    Managing the gym floor, three studios (with 62 classes per week), supervising the swim school and organizing fitness activities and events.
-    Responsible for 51 members of staff ranging from Personal Trainers to Freelance Instructors, budgeting, payroll, meeting revenue targets, marketing and PR, HR including recruitment and performance evaluation, structuring gym floor rotas and studio/swim timetables, dealing with member feedback and covering duty manager shifts.

Congratulations to Kate Edwards on achieving 4 star pole dancing instructor status and for her tireless work to promote the fitness pole dancing industry.

Thanks to Motion Stop Factory for all the images used in this article.

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