Maxine Devis from Pole Fitness Windsor achieves 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Maxine Holmes pole dancerMaxine is the principal instructor and proprietor of UK pole dance school Pole Fitness Windsor.

Maxine recieved professional references from PDC Pioneer KT Coates from Vertical Dance and 4 star pole dancing instructor Anna-Marie Fulbrook from BAD studios.


Check out Maxine's impressive profile:

"I worked as an Account Coordinator for five years for Electrolux Home Products.  This gave me a great insight in delegating, organising, planning and problem solving.  Since January 2005 I have run my own pole dance for fitness school in Windsor.  This requires me to promote the business by talking to people about the product, advertising, distributing flyers, accountancy, teaching, training and running promotional nights.  I understand that is vital to know your product, show interest and present your self in a suitable fashion.  

I have danced and performed on stage since an early age of three so am no stranger to performing in front of a crowd, in fact that is what love best.  This has given me confidence and the ability to communicate at all levels with ease.  I currently dance at events and nightclubs using my podium pole. I am of excellent trick standard and continuously improve my trick knowledge by teaching and training.  

My teaching method is firstly safe but extremely fun, nothing pleases me more than to see one of my girls achieve something they didn’t think possible. My aim as a teacher is to help every student be the best they can be. Whether you want to do complex gymnastic moves, spin gracefully or link a routine together.  I pride myself on being able to teach a diverse class where everyone and anyone is welcome. Maxine Holmes pole dancing
I am a fully qualified exercise instructor and am fully insured which means I can teach anywhere and you’re safe in my care. In addition to this I am also qualified to teach Pilates and am a trained Sports and Remedial Massage therapist. This gives me extensive knowledge of the muscular and skeletal system, which benefits my students when they want to strengthen, stretch, rehabilitate or receive a post Pole workout massage.

My strength as a teacher  is choreographing routines, as I’m a classically dancer I am able to count music easily as this is something I have had to do from an early age.  I pride myself in being able to put something together very quickly, this knowledge is passed on to my students and many come to me for private lessons on choreography"

Pole Fitness January 2005 to Present

•    Set up a Pole dance for fitness school by training, advertising and promoting the business.
•    One of the first in the u.k to appear in a Gym
•    In 2006 I was the first person to have a studio dedicated to Pole Fitness in the surrounding Area.
•    Built up and maintained a client base
•    Organise continuous promotional nights
•    Recognised a niche in the market for pole parties in peoples homes and offering different packages to dual brand therefore increasing business
•    Networked with agents to introduce a podium pole in to general public nightclubs
•    Successfully developed new classes to main customers  
•    2011 Set up new venue in Bracknell and have another instructor teaching for me

Polestars London Pole Dance Company

"I trained with polestars initially as a hobby, coming from a dance back ground I took to it very easily.  I was then asked to teach for them, after teacher training, practise and shadow teaching I was given my own area in reading which was mine to run.  My time at polestars was an excellent learning curve, I was able to teach myself tricks and pass self satisfaction on to others.  During my time with polestars I danced at Erotica 2004, aphrodisiac’s night, taught the cheeky girls and various other events to promote them."

Tiffany’s Aldershot Oct 2004

"I taught my own group of eight girls in Aldershot at a club I worked at in 2004.  The girls saw me dance and wanted to learn.  I taught them beginners to intermediate level for 12 weeks prior to setting up pole fitness."

Club work 2003 to present

"Whilst working for polestars I pole danced in various clubs and private events around the UK.  I was a face of a new club in Milton Keynes in 2003/2004 where I appeared on their billboards and flyers."

Latest Events and Promotional Work

•    Help the Hero’s Masquerade ball Indigo Windsor
•    Breast Cancer Charity party  Scotch Bar Windsor
•    Breast Cancer Charity Halloween party Chalfont The George
•    Pole promotion in Havanna Windsor with Eve Baker
•    Pole Unity 2009
•    O2 Opening party for O2 staff and friends  
•    Embassy Club London Kelly Le Roc’s birthday party
•    X-pole Promotion In Harmony’s London
•    My house your house Marrakesh Ascot
•    Dance in various clubs all round the U.K
•    Smooch promotions
•    Lipgosz promotions
•    Spiderman 3 after party premier party
•    Ewhurst  Polo Club  play boy party
•    Madonna directed 30min film, filth and wisdom

Promotional work:
"I regularly promote my own business in clubs, high streets and gyms.  As I run a dance school im asked to help promote parties in my local area and often dance with my podium pole to pull in a crowd for promotion.  I have a large database of girls that I teach who like to come to an event when I’m dancing."

Redroof’s theatre school/ Italia Conti Dance Academy

"I attended both schools on a part-time basis since the age of three.  I took part in various shows and had drama lessons, which lead me to appear in Danny the Champion of the World, Solider Solider, The Bill, manic street preachers video and ballet dance in a short film called death of the swan."

Qualifications Related to Fitness
Exercise to music 2004
Pilates Instructor 2008
Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist July 2009
First aid Latest Cert Oct 2010

Pole Fitness Windsor

Well done to Maxine on her successful 4 star pole dancing instructor achievement.

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