Aimee Lawson from PDC approved pole dance school Northern Pole Dance achieves 4 star pole dancing Instructor Status.

Aimee Lawson Stagragzer pole dancing picture

Aimee received references from PDC approved pole dancing instructors Jess Leanne Norris (no longer PDC Approved) from JLN Pole Fitness and Becky Campy from Blush dance.

Becky said "I support Aimee Lawsons request for PDC 4 star instructor, I have met Aimee only a couple of times, the first was whilst visiting Newcastle to judge the PoleDivas Newcastle Heat. During the time spent with Aimee in Newcastle I saw she was very friendly, she openly welcomed all entrants, competitors and myself to the heat appropriately and got on with everyone involved fast. Aimee co-ordinated her staff, helpers in a professional manner and it was clear they respected her as a friend and a teacher. I met a few of her students who were competing, their ability was good and it was clear there training was built on good foundations. Every time I have met/spoke with Aimee since I have found her friendly and easy to work with. I have no hesitation to refer Aimee as I feel she has a good reputation as a pole dancing instructor and business owner."


Check out Aimee's impresive pole dancing CV:

I took dance classes from an early age and grew up loving to dance. I tried many different and crazy things but I always came back to dance. I took a summer course in 1997 and gained an NCFE in Dance Performing Arts and I went on to take the next level the summer after. The next level up was a performing arts diploma specializing in Dance; I took this alongside studying for my A-levels. However after a back injury I was forced to leave just before completing my first year. It was then that I thought I wouldn’t go back to dancing (other than drunken nightclub dancing!)

After a relationship breakdown in 2005 I decided to do something crazy and out of the ordinary. So I dragged my friend along to a strip club one cold dark night and took a pole dancing class - that’s where it all began!

I have since taught hundreds of people in the North East and Northumberland.

After opening NPD in 2008 three months later I came home from my honeymoon pregnant! This put my pole dancing on hold due to a difficult Aimee Lawson and Baby Pole_Dancerearly pregnancy. Thankfully some fantastic girls came along to work alongside me and without them teaching for me during my pregnancy I would not have been able to keep Northern Pole Dance going. I now have around 8 other instructors regularly teaching for NPD. All of whom I trust without hesitation to provide the best , safest and most correct pole tuition to the many students we have through the doors.

I made a decision to stay in the local area while my daughter is still so young. This means I have not travelled to many of the pole dancing events around the UK and beyond. At this moment in my life I definitely feel that I am more of an instructor than performer particularly since having my daughter. I have not entered any competitions myself although I have choreographed many of the routines you can see performed by Northern Pole Dance students and instructors. For now, I think that the success of my students reflects my choreography and competition potential.
There may be a time when I change my mind but for now I don’t feel that competing is something I have the time to pursue with the amount of attention it deserves. Similarly, there are very few performances of mine to be found for this reason.

In 2010 Northern Pole Dance achieved Pole Dance Community Approved status and we are now encouraging NPD students and other Pole Schools in the North to take part in the Advancement and Accreditation Programme. I am really looking forward to beginning the pole dancing grading process with students and I can’t wait to get going!

Pole Dance Training:
2005 Beginner Class with DIY Divas
2006 Intermediate Class with DIY Divas
2006 Advanced Class with DIY Divas
2006-2008 Teaching hen parties for DIY Divas
2006-2011 Teaching hen parties for Pole Catz, later known as Pink Kiss, now known as CandyCo.

Further training:
2009-2010 Currently Studying for ETM level 2 at Newcastle College.
2003-present day First aid qualified.

Pole Dancing master-classes:
2010 Chantelle Pritchard
July 2010 Jess Leanne Norris
Nov 2010 Jess Leanne Norris
30th Jan 2011 Rebecca Butcher
27th Jan 2011 Sally-Ann Giles

Pole dancing performances:
June 2008 Closing Performance at “Pole Idol” in Hexham, Northumberland.
December 2009 Performance at NPD Christmas Party
June 2010 “Pole Unity”
August 2010 Performance in “The Beach Nightclub” in Blyth, Northumberland.
September 2010 Performances at Ladies Pampering Night at The Living Room, Newcastle.
September 2010 Performances at Freshers Week at Northumbria University.
December 2010 Performance at NPD Christmas Party

Pole Dance Competition Judging experience:
June 2008 judging at “Pole Idol” in Hexham, Northumberland.
November 2010 Official at Newcastle heat of Pole Divas.
March 2011 Judging at Pole Dance Competition for Elizabeth-Jade Events in Newcastle.
September 2011 Judging at UK Pole Artistes Championships for JLN Pole Fitness in Bolton.

Pole Dancing Promotions:
Launch of Northern Pole Princess was in Newcastle (June 2009) the competition was the first of its kind in the North East. It was designed to be an amateur only competition with a fair playing field and an impartial judging panel of experts. It now rushing headlong into its third year and each year has rapidly grown in size. In fact, the competition has outgrown most of NPD’s usual venues and 2011 looks set to be massive!

Northern Pole Dance pole dancing Class
Students pole dancing success
June 2008 Students took part in “Pole Idol” for NPD students only.
Oct/Nov 2008 Students took part in “Pole Competition” in Chester-Le-Street.
Feb 2009 Students and instructor took part in Pole Competition for Launch of North East Events Ltd.
May 2009 Students took part in “Pole angel of the North” in Newcastle.
June 2009 Students took part in a Pole Dance Competition in Newcastle at Buffalo Joes.
July 2009 Students took part in the first “Northern Pole Princess” NPD students were placed first and second in beginner level.  First in Intermediate level and second in advanced level.
Nov 2009 students took part in Pole Jam Competition at The Independent in Sunderland.
June 2010 students and instructors took part in Pole Unity.
July 2010 Students took part in Northern Pole Princess 2010, NPD students placed 1st in beginner level and 1st and 2nd in advanced level.

NPD has been proud to provide sponsorship to some fantastic events in the Pole World!
23rd May 2010 NSPDS “Routine for the Nation”
2nd Oct 2010 World Pole Dance Competition in Zurich.
Nov 2010 PoleDivas addition to goodie bags.
Sept 2011 UKAPP

Northern Pole Dance in the news:
2008-2009 featured in Northumberland Echo, Sunderland Echo and Journal for Charity events with DIY Divas as performer and instructor.
March 2008 Hexham Courant – launch of company
April 2009 Metro Radio – available on YouTube:
2009-2012 featured in the The Hen Party Handbook
2009-2011 regularly featured in Newcastle Journal, Newcastle Chronicle, Gateshead Chronicle,   Northumberland Journal and Northumberland Chronicle.
2010 advice featured in Glamour Magazine online for how to give a Lap Dance.
December 2010 “Twitface” on Metro Radio in the North East
January 2011 featured in Hen Party ideas Perfect Wedding Magazine.

Northern Pole Dance.

Northern Pole Dance Pole Dance School

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Aimee on her successful 4 star pole dancing instructor achievement and for ensuring that Northern Pole Dance is a great pole dancing school.

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