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Genevieve_Moody_Level3Continuing her lifelong love affair with dancing and arriving in her role as a pole dance performer and teacher through the non-traditional (non-nude) route, Genevieve has practiced the art since 2001, began teaching in 2002 and opened her first specialist teaching facility in 2006. Friendly and approachable, graduate Genevieve's down to earth attitude and knowledgeable teaching style encourages and inspires the pole dancing goddess in every woman to unapologetically kick loose.

Genevieve is the proprietor and principal instructor at PDC approved pole dance school The Flying studio formerly Strictly Pole dancing.


Performing in the first ever UK pole dance competitions, she is often a national pole dancing competition finalist. Increasingly others have looked to her to judge national competitions and for the last two years she has judged the very popular Pole Divas Competition. This role is especially important as the number of women learning pole dancing all over the country and bravely entering competitions has increased at an amazing rate in the last few years. She has taught many women (and at some events, men) the noble art of pole dancing.

Genevieve has worked professionally as a non-nude pole dancer: for major record labels, as part of evening cabaret, major dance institutions (performing to and also teaching thousands of women) and has performed at many exciting events both private and corporate including; theatre, celebratory events, formal balls, weekend dance events and workshops. Genevieve Moody Pole Dancing Performance pictureGenevieve has been the focus of a documentary based on her experiences of pole dancing and performance and a second short film in 2005 also based on this subject and her views on pole dancing and the 2012 Olympics.

Genevieve was headhunted in 2005 for an appearance as a background dancer in a fitness/workout DVD (the first of it's kind in the UK to feature pole dancing). She has been invited to appear on a pole dance DVD featuring pole dancers from around the world and more recently featured performer on a commercially available dance DVD and featured instructor for online pole dance lessons.

As a mother, Genevieve found that pole dancing was a wonderful way to get back in shape post-natally as well as boosting self confidence and finding that goddess within. She would like to share this little known secret with you and hopes that you will feel empowered as she does through pole dance.

Always wanting to increase her skills repertoire and add to her performance as well as teaching skills, Genevieve has been training regularly in aerial arts and adding to her circus arts skills repertoire since early 2006. Recently, Genevieve has been combining roller skating with pole dance.

Pantera_GenevieveIn addition, she has been training in safety and injury prevention by well respected professional aerial and circus artists. Realising that the trend of pole dancing classes in many areas of the country is increasing, the risk of injury becomes a concern for the conscientious pole dance teacher. With this in mind, Genevieve has incorporated these relevant techniques and her own personal training into her pole dance classes.

In 2009, Genevieve co-formed Derby University Pole Dance Society (Treefrogs) and in 2010, co-formed Derby University Aerial Arts Society (yet to be named!).

picture left of Genevieve at a Pantera masterclass in the UK 2010.

Genevieve is active in working with others for the love of our art and co-founded the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party (EPDWP) in 2008.

Genevieve is a regular judge and has judged popular (PDC approved) PoleDivas Championships these last 3 years. Genevieve entered numerous pole dance competitions previously (including the first competitions in the UK) and helped to shape the way that they are now.

Genevieve acheived competition sucess with Susie in 2007 by becoming MPD UK Doubles Champions and also receiving best trick award for their now famous Pole 'O'.

To read more about Genevieve's achievements, please go to her very popular website (a well used and often under referenced resource for pole dancers).

Genevieve's influences are wide and too numerous to mention, but she is influenced in some way by every pole dancer that she has ever met.

In 2010 Genevieve completed here NW Pacific tour in the US provding master-classes to numerous pole dancing schools and forging close bonds between the UK and US, click here to read her informative and fun article.

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