Tracy Huckfield from PDC approved pole dance school Pagan's Pole achieves 4 star Pole Dancing Instructor Status.

Tracy Huckfield Pole Dancing Picture The Pole Dance Community team are proud to announce the first successful application for 4 star Instructor status. Tracy has worked hard to gain her 4 star status and her application was backed by 2 other PDC approved pole dance schools; BodyBarre in Manchester and Candy & Chrome in North Wales.

Tracy (pictured left demonstrating the Cupid and below right demonstrating the Allegra) has been pole dancing for many years having started as a student in 2007. In 2008 Tracy decided to undertake some continuing professional development so she successfully completed an Exercise to Music (ETM) course to further her fitness knowledge.

After completing her ETM Tracy felt ready to set up her own pole dancing school and Pagan's Pole was born. Tracy said "I found that mixing the pleasurable sides of pole dancing with the hard work was beneficial to all involved, so we started jamming regularly and arranged trips to different pole dancing competitions, shows, jams and studio openings."

In the same year Tracy entered a local pole dancing competition in Carmerthen and won the first prize of £1000 cash. Tracy also performed at the Pole Unity event organised by PDC approved pole dance school Vertical Dance. Other pole dancing events that year involved Tracy dancing at the Wakestock Festival.

To continue her professional development Tracy qualified as a Pump FX instructor giving her excellent fitness knowledge in the world of weights and weight training. tracy huckfield allegra pole dancing picture

In 2009 Pagan's Pole achieved PDC approved pole dance school status. Tracy said "In 2009 I saw a massive increase in my student numbers as pole dancing became more acceptable as a form of exercise."

Also in 2009 Tracy entered a national pole dancing competition as well as returning to perform at the Wakestock Festival. Tracy also attended pole dancing master classes with Felix Cane and Jessalyn Medairy.

It was during this year Tracy recognised the need for a pole dancing competition for the North Wales area; "I became very aware that many of my students wished to compete but were hesitant about the long travelling distances and the size of the national competitions." Tracy then came up with the North Wales Pole Dancing Competition (NWPC), a regional competition that allowed students to prepare for national competitions and to enjoy the taste of competing in their own locality. The NWPC was an immense success.

To date, 2010 has been a busy year for Tracy and Pagan's Pole; Pagan's Pole student have competed in the United Kingdom Amateur Pole Performer competitions and Pagan's Pole also submitted a pole dance troupe to perform at Pole Unity. Tracy has also been gaining more valuable pole dancing experience via master classes with Pantera, Suzie Q, Karen Chaundy and Sally Ann Giles. In November Tracy will be adding another form of CPd to her Pole dancing CV when she attends a Pole Secrets instructor training course.

The success of the North Wales Pole Dancing Competition led Tracy to create the All Wales Pole Dancing Competition (AWPC) to be held next year. Tracy said "The AWPC will hopefully establish Wales as a part of the Pole Dance World!"

tracy huckfield nwpc pole dancing pictureTo help with the funding of the AWPC and to create yet more opportunities for welsh pole dancing students Tracy has been organising various pole dancing master classes with renowned pole dancers such as Karen Chaundy (PDC approved pole dance school BodyBarre) and Sally Ann Giles. 

Throughout her pole dancing career Tracy has worked tirelessly to educate the public about the fitness pole dancing phenomenon and she regularly performs at shows and events demonstrating pole dancing to the masses. Pagan's Pole are also the official dance act for the North Wales Gay Pride Mardi Gras event in April 2011.

The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Tracy on her new 4 star status which marks her out as a great pole dancing teacher and an ambassador for the art of pole dancing. Tracy is officially our first successful applicant for 4 star and we look forward to sharing news with you of our other successful applicants.

The PDC Team.

Pictured from left to right are Karen Chaundy (PDC approved BodyBarre), Tracy Huckfield (PDC approved Pagan's Pole), Sally Ann Giles and Stacey Sneddon (PDC approved Stacey Pole). Picture courtesy of Glyn Davies.

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