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Buy your AAP in June and get a free PDC Syllabus. That's just £30 for your passport and syllabus - OFFER EXTENDED! 

Grading (students)

Grading provides tangible feedback for the student on their progress and gives them something they can show off to their friends!  It shows that they are learning a recognised sport at a reputable school, which should help to dispel some of the misconceptions their friends and family may hold.

                                       In order to unify standards across our membership, a universal grading criteria has been developed. Students may progress through five grading levels and have their achievement recognised by all PDC Approved Schools. If a student moves location, they will be able to continue their grading progression at any other PDC Approved School.

Students are graded according to criteria that have been decided democratically by all PDC Approved Schools. All PDC Approved Schools may grade students according to the agreed criteria. Grading test notes are provided to the schools to facilitate this. They can be downloaded here: grading notes

Students are provided with an official AAP book (their pole dancing passport) in which their grading is recorded.  On request, the PDC can also provide a certificate acknowledging the student’s success.
Grading (instructors)
For students wishing to grade as an instructor, or for existing instructors looking to enhance their
recognition within the industry, the PDC has introduced three levels of instructor excellence.
The requirements for each of the three grades have been decided democratically by all PDC Approved Schools


Here are just a few comments we received from PDC Approved Schools regarding the AAP.

"LOVE IT!!! Everything about it is so professional and it's so nice to have a pole record of achievement that will be recognised nationwide!" Tracy Huckfield, Pagan's Pole

"yayyyyyy this is awesome!!"
Deanna Michelle Wallace

"I showed the girls the sample booklet, they love it and the whole grading idea" Karen Chandy - Body Barre

I have just ordered my booklet online ......  I can't wait to have a look through everything and, although I have my training through KT, I will look forward to working my way through the book too!  I love the pieces of paper telling me that I can actually do stuff properly!  Karen - Princess K

 Picture below of Pagan's Pole Student Nikki Lines achieving her Level 4 grading.smiling level 4 pole dancer

Questions and Answers

How much does it cost?

Buy your AAP in June and get a free PDC Syllabus. That's just £30 for your passport and syllabus - OFFER EXTENDED!
The PDC Approved instructor may make a 'resonable' charge for conducting each grading.
Official grading certificates may be bought from the PDC at just £5 (+p&p). 

Online (video gradings) are charged at £15/grade, which includes your certificate.

Do I have to train at a PDC Approved school to become a member?
No.  You can train wherever you like but your gradings must be taken either at a PDC Approved school or by video and sent to us.  We understand that many pole dancers train at home or do not yet have a PDC Approved school in their area and we do not want to exclude you.  
How do I join in?
Either ask at your PDC Approved school (your instructor is authorised take your membership fee and pass the paperwork onto us), or if you train at home or at another school, you can buy your membership here.

If you can think of any other questions you would like to see answered here - please contact us and let us know.
Thanks :-)


PDC Approved Instructors can GRADe You now!

They can grade your progress no matter which school you train at, and even if you train at home!



Or if you can't find a PDC Approved pole dancing instructor, here's some information on pole dancer video gradings.











The video below is lovely demonstration of many PDC Level 1 pole dancing moves by Emily Smith of PDC Approved Emily's Pole Fitness (thanks Emily)


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