The Pole Dance Community wanted to draw your attention to a story in today's press (Sun, pole dancing) about a mother encouraging her 7 year old daughter to pole dance in heels and make up. Whilst we see no problems with children dancing on poles for fitness and fun we must make a clear distinction between recreational pole dancing and exotic dancing; the latter is clearly an adult-only occupation and we should not be encouraging children to mirror the exotic dance world.

Sarah Burge, aged 50 and also known as the Human Barbie, has already admitted to giving her 15 year old daughter Botox to combat wrinkles and is now encouraging her 7 year old daughter to wear make up and heels whilst pole dancing at the family home.


Today's story in the sun has a detrimental knock-on effect for the entire modern fitness pole dancing industry and will surely affect public perception of pole dancing by reinforcing the negative stereotypes we already face. Whilst the PDC has no issues with the exotic world of pole, table and lap dancing we do want the public to be educated about the many people who choose pole dancing as a form of gymnastic exercise and who do not need to strip to do so.

It is of course agreed that all children will be influenced by their parents as well as mainstream pop videos and there is a disturbing trend towards the adult dressing of children. The PDC feels that this goes against what recreational pole dancing is about; PDC approved pole dance schools set out to make individuals feel fitter and stronger both physically and mentally. Through pole dancing classes individuals learn to achieve their goals through hard work and determination so that they can exceed their own personal expectations.


We are not denying the history of pole dancing and indeed modern fitness pole dancing, despite having elements of Mallakhamb and Chinese Pole, is still strongly influenced by the exotic pole dancing world. However PDC approved schools teach an evolved form of pole dancing which is not something to be ashamed of and it is not something that needs to be hidden or banned. We have created a new 21st Century art form for all ages, shapes and sizes to enjoy. It is for these reasons that we find the actions of Sarah Burge so distressing as it seems she is using her daughter and the modern pole / lap dancing debate to promote herself and this is not in the best interests of either her daughter or the Pole Dance Community.

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The PDC Team