Featured new member - Emily’s Pole Fitness.

The Pole Dance Community are proud to welcome new member Emily Smith who runs Emily's pole Fitness in Swindon.

Emily has been teaching pole fitness classes for 3 years and has just started her own pole school, Emily’s Pole Fitness.

Emily says “I am so thrilled to be part of the Pole Dance Community and I look forward to getting to know others who are part of the Pole Dance Community.”

 Emilys Pole Fitness pole dancing picture

Emily has always been interested in dancing since a young age but never had the confidence to pursue it further until she discovered pole dancing for fitness. From then on her confidence grew up to the point of teaching her very own pole classes.

“I never used to show my legs, I was so shy! But pole dancing increased my confidence and made me the happy, much more confident person I am today!”

She is inspired by many pole dancers, her favourites being, Deb Riley, Felix Cane, Pantera and Tess Taylor.

Bringing the fun and sexy side to pole dancing, Emily allows her students to wear their sexiest pair of heels to dance in. “Dancing in heels makes you feel sexy and is so much fun! I want my students to keep fit but feel sexy at the same time.”

Emilys Pole Fitness pole dancing picture

Emily’s classes will be held in the function room of The Vic in Old Town (pictured below), Swindon and has taught pole classes there in the past. She teaches no more than 2 to a pole and up to 6 in a class, this enables Emily to spend plenty of time with each individual.

Emilys Pole Fitness pole dancing picture

Teaching from beginner to advance levels, Emily will help you reach your full potential. It doesn’t matter what fitness level you are, what size, what shape, anyone can give pole dancing a go!

Pole Classes only cost £10 an hour and you pay as you go; paying one lesson in advance to secure your place each week. Pole routines will be worked into lessons and students will have the opportunity to perform for friends and family if they wish, as Emily will be organising regular shows for students to take part in.

For more information on Emily’s Pole Fitness please do not hesitate to give her a call on 07833 192079 or email her.

Emily's Pole Fitness.

Emilys Pole Fitness pole dancing picture

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