Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party

Notes of the meeting of the Pole Dance Working Party held on Friday 22nd January 2010 at 1.00pm at Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2H 9EG

Present : Michael Day (Equity staff), Dana Mayer, Emma Mitchell, Elena Gibson

and Amber-Rosia, Louise Grainger (Equity’s marketing manager – for item 2 only)

1. Apologies : Kate Johnstone, Sam Remmer, Genevieve Moody

2. UK Pole Dance Day 2010.

Since the last meeting, Equity had given its go-ahead to design a logo for UKPDD

and Emma had been working with a designer to produce this. He had been given

a brief to produce something for this national event which would work on posters,

banners and other materials and would work alongside the Equity logo. He was

asked for something that was not too glamorous or too ‘fitness’. Emma had

brought along about 25 initial designs for the working party to look at. These were

reduced to a shortlist of 5. It was agreed that these would be circulated to other

working party members for their comments by 29th January 2010. When Louise

Grainger was in attendance she expressed preference for those logos which

didn’t depict a female figure and particularly those contained in a circle as they

work well on badges and stamps etc. Emma had also written some other

documents for inclusion in a pack such as an example press release and a draft

email that would go out to the schools. These would also be circulated to the

other working party members for feedback.

Timetable wise, Jonathon (the designer) would finish the work early in February

and the email-shot would go out at the beginning of March, from the email group

on Kate’s database. There would also be a Facebook / website page set up to list

participating schools as they signed up. It was clarified that schools would not be

charged for the packs. Replies from schools would be sent to the email account

that had been set up and would need to be collated. Emma would organise

Jonathon to submit an invoice for his work to Equity.

There was a discussion about whether to try to promote this through Pole2Pole

Magazine. This was the only magazine for the industry but it was thought it did

not have the right image for where the working party wanted the industry to be.

3. Equity Campaign on Entertainment Licensing update. Michael Day reported

that following the demonstration some progress was being made with

government on the licensing exemption for small venues. There was currently a

consultation on this to which Equity will make a submission. Following this it is

hoped that a legislative reform order, which needs all party backing, can be made

in time to make changes before a general election later this year. Equity and the

Musicians' Union still wanted an exemption for venues of up to 200 capacity but

the offer had only been for those of 100 or less.

With the situation of burlesque entertainment in Camden it appeared to be

mainly resolved except that the wording of the licensing policy had to be agreed.

Currently burlesque entertainment was not being stopped from going ahead.

4. Recruitment and Retention Events. Some further events for potential

membership recruitment were discussed. The following had previously been


UKAPP (UK Amateur Pole Performers) – usually Reading or London for which the

final was thought to be in November.

MPD (Miss Pole Dance) – London, final in October

Pole Divas – Manchester, final November or December

British Isles – Essex, final October

Others were also raised.

Taylor’s Retreat Cup 2010 would take place in July 2010. This was run by Ben

Taylor and held in Surrey

North Wales, Colwyn Bay competition would take place on 21st February.

5. Copyright issues and guidance leaflet. Some further examples of copyright

were discussed. Generally these were about the copying of others’ choreography

and use of music. It was apparent that this was a common problem and it was

not clear where ‘being inspired’ by someone ended and plagiarism started. It was

often the case that someone would use the same music as someone else and

possibly similar costuming but not use the same moves. Also in burlesque it was

often the case that a costume change would take place during an act, for

example, from a secretary to Superwoman to the music of ‘Nine to Five’. This

could be done in different ways and depending on the circumstances, could be a

breach of one’s copyright but equally may not be. One working party member was

actually named, without her consent, as being the inspiration for another’s

performance. This could be a breach of ‘moral rights’ as individuals have the right

not to be associated with something they are not involved in. Although this could

have been actioned it had not been. It was also thought that this could give

welcome publicity to the artist who had been the inspiration.

6. Any other Business. A documentary was mentioned entitled ‘Immodesty

Undressed’ which had allegedly been a history of burlesque but had barely

mentioned Dita Von Teese.

7. Date of Next Meeting: would be 16th April 2010 at 1.00pm at Equity. It was

noted, however, that the availability of Equity’s meeting rooms was currently in


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