The following statement was brought to our attention today:

"Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that our old "friend" John Benner was up to his old frauding again, and failed miserably, thank God.

After letting his former federation bleed out, he started a new one, called The Pole Gymnastics Federation ( and tried to "organize" a new scam championship in Amsterdam upcoming weekend.

Again, it bombed. The "official" statement says it's due to illness, thought the only illness that is worth noting, is the illness inside John Benner's head.

So, be aware of his new disguise and steer clear from the Pole Gymnastics Academy a.k.a. the Pole Gymnastics Federation (avoid like the plague would be a correct way to phrase it).

Kind regards,"


If you want more background info on John Benner please click here.

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