Polebatics® - the finest art of pole dancing.

Nele Sehrt pole dancing picture

Polebatics is Germany’s first pole dance concept and was conceived by Nele Sehrt, the founder of pole dancing for the fitness sector in Germany. Polebatics includes acrobatic dance elements on the pole – for beginners as well as professionals - and trains strength, flexibility, elegance and aesthetics. Polebatics consists of more than 300 different moves (climbing, spins, pole-tricks, floor-work amongst others). Pole Dancing is suitable for anyone who wants to feel fit and healthy.

The basis of Polebatics is the dance around the pole as well as acrobatic elements in the air. Polebatics is divided into different levels of difficulty: Level 1-3 for beginners (Bronze), Level 4-6 for advanced dancers (Silver) and Levels 7-9 for professionals (Gold). It consists of over 300 different figures that are assigned to different move categories. We offer qualitative and exclusive workshops, hen nights, classes and instructor certifications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Polebatics was designed by Germany’s first pole dance instructor and the current holder of the Guinness World Record in “Inverted Pole Climbing” Nele Sehrt. (Click here to see Nele in action as she creates a Guniness World record). She studied dance didactics and pedagogy and has been thoroughly educated in ballet, jazz dance, hip hop, contemporary dance, acrobatics and children’s dance. She has done numerous trainings and has had further education in Germany, Sydney and New York (amongst others: Pilates, Yoga, Pole Dancing, Horton-Technique, Aerobic, Personal Training). She is an international presenter and instructor and can look back on over twelve years of successful teaching-, model- and stage activity. In addition, she works as a choreographer for shows, fashion shows and music videos.

Nele is also involved with the prestigious Miss Pole Dance Germany and Miss Pole dance Switzerland competitions.

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