The Spin City Pole Fitness 1st Birthday Bash.

Spin City pole dancing picture

Spin City Pole Fitness were very proud to celebrate our first birthday! To commemorate this fantastic occasion, we held our 1st Birthday Bash at The Redgrave Theatre in Bristol on Saturday the 26th of September.

48 students and instructors; many of whom had never previously performed, took to the stage and stunned the 400 strong crowd with individually choreographed pole dancing routines comprising of a breathtaking array of tricks and spins. The individual and paired routines were complimented by the Spin City Dance Troupe, who performed a tribute to Michael Jackson and a Street Dance piece, choreographed by Spin City Choreographer, George Johnson.

Spin City pole dancing picture

The evening’s performances were energetic and dazzling, introducing many of those into the audience to the sport of Pole Fitness. It was a really great night and everyone performed exceptionally well! All the girls were extremely nervous, it takes a lot of courage to get up there and perform – especially in a real theatre! I am so proud of what they have all achieved this year!

Spin City pole dancing pictureSpin City pole dancing picture

We set up Spin City in 2008 with the aim of encouraging as many women back into exercise as possible and to expand pole fitness as a sport. We hope that through events such as the 1st Birthday Bash we can shed some of the taboos of pole dancing and show its true artistic and gymnastic nature. Gyms can often prove an intimidating environment to women, as can sports clubs - especially if you have been out of exercise for a while. We wanted to create an exercise class that provided great fitness benefits in a social, fun and friendly environment. A class that was open to all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Pole fitness was the perfect answer!

Spin City pole dancing picture

Spin City Pole Fitness are going from strength to strength in Bristol and have just moved into a new premises ‘The Workshop’ in Clifton. With two bespoke pole dancing studios, 16 x-poles, and a committed team of Instructors and Dancers, Spin City hope to be able to take on a whole new cohort of students this year with the next showcase ‘The Spin City Graduation Show’ scheduled for March 2010.

Kate Johnstone

Spin City Pole Fitness

spin city pole fitness pole dancing picture

The PDC team would like to congratluate Kate and the team at Spin City for putting on a marvellous event that brilliantly represented modern fitness pole dancing.

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