Our latest featured new Pole Dance Community Approved Pole Dance School - Pagan's Pole.

Pagan’s Pole was established in 2008 and offers pole dance instruction across Anglesey, Bangor and the surrounding North Wales area. Tracy Huckfield is the principal instructor and the school’s name originates from her stage/dancing name ‘Pagan’.

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture

When Pagan’s Pole first introduced itself to the local community much opposition was met due to a very stereotypical image of pole dancing and its sexual connotations.  As a qualified Aerobics and Pump FX instructor Tracy has spent much time and effort encouraging the local community to see pole dancing in a whole new light, as the amazing form of exercise it truly is.  The local newspapers were very supportive of this new exercise regime to hit the community and Pagan’s Pole was featured in a very positive light, with one reporter stating it had been the best physical work-out she had experienced in a long time.  Tracy and her student’s were also privileged to appear on S4C’s Newyddion, the local welsh news, where they encouraged the local community to try this new form of exercise and also discussed the petition to get pole dancing recognised as a sport in the Olympic Games.

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture funky monkey

Picture above of Pagan demonstrating 'The Brass Monkey' an inverted knee hold.

Pagan’s Pole is now established in the community and encourages ladies and gents of all shapes, age ranges and sizes to give pole dancing a go, whether it is because they want to lose weight, tone up, build upper body strength, or just to have a whole lot of fun!!  

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture seated fall back

Picture above of Tracey from Pagan's Pole teaching Intermediate student Nadine on 50mm titanium X-Pole.

As a very small school Pagan’s Pole specialises in small groups and private tuition. Each lesson is tailored 100% to the ability of that particular student as no 2 persons are the same and fitness and strength ability can vary massively from student to student.  Special offers are available at different times throughout the year, so prices are never set in stone.  Each student also receives a Pagan’s Pole loyalty card and is rewarded regularly for the hard work they put into each lesson?

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture Ayesha

Picture above of Pagan performing the Ayesha, an elbow hold handstand variation on a 50mm static X-pole.

One of the important aims of Pagan’s Pole is ensure that all students are having fun!! Therefore Pole Jams are a regular occurrence, where students of all levels are encouraged to meet and have a good pole bashing time!  Event trips are also organised where possible so students get to see live performances and are encouraged to take part.  The most recent of which was a trip to the United Kingdom Amateur Pole Perfromer (U.K.A.P.P) heats where a fab time was had by all the students who attended.  Tracy is currently trying to make similar arrangements for her students to attend Pole Divas in November?  Along with trips with her students Tracy also tries to get to as many competitions and shows as she possibly can, ensuring that her pole dancing knowledge remains current and up to date, and her repertoire of pole moves and transitions is constantly growing!  In addition to this Tracy will also be representing Wales in this years British Isle Pole Dancing championships…eek so nervous!!

If you would like any further info on Pagan’s Pole please check out our website or look us up on Facebook by searching for Pagan's Pole.  We’re all a sociable bunch and would love to hear from you?


Pagan's Pole      

Pagans pole dancing picture


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