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Candy & Chrome pole dance studios offer pole dancing lessons in Chester, Frodsham and Queensferry, with more venues across North Wales (Covering Flintshire and Denbighshire) and Cheshire to come. We believe that pole dance is for everybody, not just the fit, the brave, the glamour models.  So we have devised classes that will suit everybody. We specialise in teaching small groups, we make sure you get plenty of pole time as well as lots of personal pole tuition from your instructor.

At Candy & Chrome we only teach pole dance, we are not yoga instructors gone wild, we don’t offer every new fitness fad under the sun, we just teach pole dance fitness exclusively, making us knowledgeable experts in our chosen field and professionals of what we do – True explorers of ‘The Art of Pole’.  We have only one thing missing……..  YOU! So strap on the big heels and come for a spin with us!

amy butterworth pole dancing picture

picture above -Tiny performing 'The Brass Monkey' on a 50mm chrome x-pole.

Our services include:

Pole Parties - We cater for parties at any of our studios, or your own venue such as the local pub! or the conference room at work, or even in your own home! These parties are GREAT for Hen do’s, Birthday celebrations, Corporate day experiences or any other excuse you can find to have a good old swing on the pole!  

Pole Dance Taster Sessions - We call this a ‘Teaser Class’.  It’s just a one-off lesson and would suit anyone who is just curious and not quite ready to commit to a full course.  It will give you a good idea about what is involved and what pole dancing is all about! 

Pole Dance Courses - We have 3 levels of courses.  The Bronze level would suit beginners, looking to tone up with an exercise regime that’s actually FUN and less tedious.  It’s 6 weeks long and runs as one lesson a week, one hour at a time. The Silver Level Course is more suitable for Intermediate level students as more strength and pole confidence is required. A good portion of these lessons will be working on upside down tricks! and how to get into them. Finally, the Gold level is the most hardcore!  This course is for the more advanced students who are more serious about studying ‘The Art of Pole’.  The moves become increasingly difficult and require a more seasoned pole dancer to achieve them.  This course pushes your flexibility levels, strength, balance, co-ordination, cardio-fitness and pole ability to help you become the kind of pole dancer you want to be.

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Personal Pole Tuition in the Pole Suite - Candy & Chrome are able to offer One2One, Two2One, or even Three2One personal tuition.  If you don’t feel brave enough to learn in a full group, you can learn at our new, purposely customised pole suite (situated just outside of Chester, on the North Wales border) and learn in private, or with up to 2 mates. We are able to offer this class during the day, so it would suit anyone who works shift patterns or has other commitments in the evenings or weekends.  

Gift Vouchers - Pole dance lesson gift vouchers make a really unique, one-off gift for a special lady! Candy & Chrome now offer gift vouchers for a course of lessons, a one-off Teaser class, or as a special pampering treat with a little extra – get her the ‘Spa & Spin’ voucher! 

Drop-In’s - These classes are just for existing students only, as practice time so you may build on what you have learned.  Like we said, pole dancing is for EVERYBODY…but once you have learned the basic technique on a course, then it’s time to really have some fun with it and make it your own! Put your own twist on things by adding a bit of spice, your own personal flair and ‘Freestyle’ away! 

Amy Butterworth eros pole dancing picture

picture above - Tiny performing 'The Eros' on a 50mm x-pole.

HOW TO BOOK - For all courses, you do not need to pay the whole lot upfront in advance, but a small deposit in advance IS required.  This is because Candy & Chrome specialise in teaching small groups only, usually no more than 8 people at once so PLACES ARE LIMITED, and they fill up FAST!  So it’s first paid, first served. Please visit the website to pay using the PayPal system. For parties and personal tuition, this must organised with us in advance, please contact us to do this. No booking for Drop-In’s are necessary.

SPECIAL OFFERS - We like to do special offers whenever we can so whenever you choose to pay in full in advance you will be eligible for a discount, but please remember, you cannot use multiple offers – only one at a time!

BRING A FRIEND! And receive £10 off EACH.  On this offer you ARE allowed more than 1 friend, so if you bring 3 to join a course with you, that’s £30 off for you, and £10 off each for your friends.  This offer is only available on Bronze Courses, and can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts.
For limited time only offers, join our Face Book group, that way you can get notification whenever we offer one, and so you can meet and chat with other Candy & Chrome pole nutters online.


Candy & Chrome.

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