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We are pleased to recommend PDC Approved Teacher Training Courses.


These member-run courses have each undergone a rigorous approval process to ensure that they provide you with quality career progression as well as value for money.

All courses are available in house and some are also available on-line.

PolePeople Instructor Training

PDC Approved Instructor Training -  PolePeople, London, UK.

Polepeople Pole Fitness Spotting

Polepeople was established in 2003 and was the first company in the UK to set Professional Teaching Standards for the Pole Fitness industry. They have been teaching their Certified Pole Instructor Qualifications since 2007 and have seen hundreds of attendees go on to set up their own successful Pole Schools in the UK and Internationally.  Whether you are new to Pole Fitness or have already been teaching for years, a Polepeople Pole Fitness Qualification will give you the best foundation and techniques for teaching safe, effective and fun Pole Fitness Classes.

The Pole Dancing Instructor Training Courses are 2 full days and award 16 REPs points. Dance Professionals and non-members of REPs are also welcome to join our courses.

Polepeople Studios are right in the heart of the City of London just 2 minutes walk form Moorgate and 5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street. We can recommend hotels and accommodation close to the studio so people on the course can stay in the same place.

Polepeople Pole Instructor Qualification

Teaching Beginners Pole Fitness:

This Pole Fitness Instructor Course equips you with the technique and knowledge required to teach safe, fun and effective Beginners Pole Fitness. Master the Pole Teaching Principles that will be the foundation of your teaching practice from Beginners to SuperAdvanced.

Teaching Intermediate Pole Fitness:

This course prepares you to teach Intermediate and higher Pole Moves. As well as in depth analysis of Intermediate to Advanced pole Moves, learn when students are ready to Invert, the Spotting Techniques essential for safe inversions and how to adjust your Warm Up and Cool Downs for higher pole levels. Equip yourself with the additional Health and Safety precautions essential for Teaching Pole at a higher level.

E-mail PolePeople for more information.

Polepeople Pole Fitness Qualification

CrazySports Augsburg Teacher Training

CrazySports Augsburg - Pole and Aerial Instructor Training

CrazySportsAugsburg Pole Instructor Training

Teacher Training from and with the author of the books “Poledance Passion” and “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”
CrazySports Augsburg – Teacher Training.

The Aerial Sports Pole Dance and also Aerial Hoop are characterized by a mixture of strength, conditioning, dance and acrobatics. Trainers and instructors have to know a lot of things about class-management, anatomy, safety, spotting. The demands are high. Well educated trainers are the best prerequisite for students to learn and be safe.

CrazySports Augsburg by Nadine Rebel offers different teacher and instructor training for Poledance and Aerial Hoop. Nadine Rebel studied sociology, psychology and educations science and is the author of the book “Poledance Passion” and the author of the new book “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”.

CrazySports Augsburg offers teacher training for new trainers (Pole Newbie trainer), for Intermediate (Pole Intermediate trainer) and for Advanced (Pole Professional trainer) as well as Aerial Hoop teacher training for all levels. Even further education for studio leaders is offered.

Instructor Education and contents:CrazySportsAugsburg Instructors
For upcoming trainers it is very important to feel comfortable, strong and safe while teaching. Therefore the CrazySports Teacher Training offers a method which teaches the participants to create their own courses based on the knowledge of sport education science.

A person who wants to become a trainer must have certain prerequisites which are requested in advance. Only people who fulfill the prerequisites can participate.

During the education practical and theoretical knowledge are trained. People have to pass a written test as well as a practical test at the end of the instructor education.

Educated instructors also have to approve the Code of Conduct for instructors and coaches. This Code of Conduct contents security aspects as well as being a role-models for students and the sport in itself.

International Recognition
CrazySports Augsburg has gone the way of the entire course concept documented meticulously in order to submit it to the PDC for review and approval. The training gained official PDC course approval in July 2018.

CrazySports Instructor Training Course Content
The role of a coach (role model desired behaviors, dealing with customers, Dos and Don'ts)
Preparing classes
Learn to create courses
Dealing with different characters
Spotting and support
Being a role model
Teacher appearance (body language and rhetoric)
....and a lot more.

CrazySportsAugsburg Master Trainer


Who can become an instructor?
To become an instructor one has to show that he or she is able to do several spins and moves him- or herself.
People have to send videos before being accepted of attending the instructor training.
Follow the description on our website for the course you want

Who provides the training?
Participants are being educated either by Nadine Rebel (director of CrazySports Augsburg and author of the book “Poledance Passion” and “Aerial Passion Trainerguide”) or by her daughter Sophie Rebel (trainer, black belt Tang Soo Do, student of Health Management)
The training is taking place either in the studio in Augsburg (CrazySports Augsburg), online or at your studio.

Course References:

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Anita Sube said "I really can recommend this teacher training for every person who likes to attend a very good education programme. With this programme one can base the trainer profession on a very high qualified fundamental. All needed topics were examined, the structure was comprehensible and well documented. Handouts and given materials are a great help for further instruction. Explanations and practical exercises were as well prepared as the given demonstrations. Nadine works with a lot of passion and patience. I appreciated the friendly and sympathetic atmosphere, liked the cleanness of the central located studio. This teacher training totally exceeded all my expectations."

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Yvonne Probst "I searched quite a long time for a teacher training which offered me the best. The sporty background of Nadine, the small group size and the fact that new trainers learn how to arrange courses of their own, made the decision.

My expectations were very high and were exceeded!

The training contents were given to me in a good and professional mix of theory and practice. The given materials are perfect as one get the book “Aerial Passion Trainerguide” next to several other materials. The training contents basics for anatomy and the knowledge of explaining tricks and spins as well as how to deal with the responsibility as a trainer.

We learned how to get along with different kinds of participants and how to create courses. I have the opinion that my personality as a trainer was respected. This combination inspires me the most. Nadine is very consistent, nevertheless lovely and sympathetic. She taught with passion, gave attention to every detail, offered tricks and tips. I was totally satisfied with the training. Since I finished the training I work with this concept and love it. My course design and my perception as a coach have been changed in a very positive way.

IPDFA Instructor Training

International Pole Dance Fitness Association Instructor Training.

IPDFA Pole Instructor Training logo
The IDPFA Instructor training is a PDC Approved pole dance teacher training course. The approved course application was supported by 2 references from PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructors Stefania Roberto and Cindy Cooijmans.  The IPDFA offers in depth training either online or in house. There are various levels of training to suit the requirements of each pole instructor.

PDC AAP Members and Instructors get 15% off this course. Just e-mail us for your course discount codes.

Stefania Roberto said "This is a highly comprehensive and complete course created by the IPDFA, one of the longest standing and recognised pole associations in the world. The IPDFA also run IPC one of the original pole competitions.

The IPDFA instructor training demonstrates a high focus on health and safety aspects as well as 1-2-1 support for the IPDFA Pole Instructor Trainingcontinuing growth of the instructor through an assigned Master Tutor.The IPDFA instructor training is endorsed by many fitness assocations.

The IPDFA instructor training offers both online and in house training options in various locations worldwide and it also offers Spanish as well as English courses."

Cindy Cooijmanns said "IPDFA Pole Pro is a very complete, self study, online course for all levels. You can learn in your own pace. Every level is clearly explained and has a lot of background information that is relevant to teaching Pole. You will receive detailed feedback after sending in your homework, which will improve your skills later on."

IPDFA accredited instructors successfully teach across the board from multi-national gymnasiums (such as Fitness First,
Celebrity Fitness, California Fitness and PURE  Fitness, multipurpose venues (dance and sport venues) and as part of group and personal training programs.

IPDFA Pole Dance Fitness Courses automatically qualifies you into our instructor membership scheme, whereby IPDFA empower you to raise your profile and demand as a Pole Dance Fitness instructor. 

Become an Instructor - S t u d y   P a t h - Be your own boss!

IPDFA Pole Dance courseOnline study with IPDFA to gain qualifications in Pole Dance Fitness when you want and wherever you want.

Once you are eligible and have successfully enrolled into a course, it’s as simple
as 1, 2, 3


Begin your remote studies by reading online manuals and watching tutorial videos. When you are ready begin the next step.


Take your online Theory Exam. Achieve 80% to pass and move onto the next step. Complete your workbook
exercises.  Get feedback from your tutor on when you are ready for the next step.

Complete your practical pole dance fitness session plans and get approval from your course tutor. Record
a video of your 60 minute mock session and submit to your course tutor. Your course tutor will notify you of
your results within 60 days. If you PASS you will receive your Certificate.

Pole Fitness Studio Certification

PDC Approved Teacher training Course - Pole Fitness Studio Training.

Pole Fitness Studio Certification
Featuring SEVEN Levels of Pole, Dance and Floor Work, and Routines. The Pole Dancing Instructor Certifications are held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Call to book your own certification with Pole Fitness Studio: 702-205-1440

To pass each level and earn your certification you need successfully perform a minimum of 70% of the moves taught. Memorizing the routines is not required. Your take home manual will serve as a guide for continued education.

Welcome to Las Vegas, where you will study The Art of Pole Dancing with World Renowned Pole Dance Instructor and Performer, Fawnia Mondey!

Payment plans available, and discounts when taking more than one certification.

2017 Pole Dance Instructors Certification dates are:

September 11th - 14th Pole Levels 1 – 4
November 12th - 15th Pole Levels 1 - 4 PLUS Lap Dance Instructors Certification  (Beginner & Advanced) & Pole Levels 1 - 4

Crazy Pole Professional Instructor Training

Concept for Trainer Education (Prof-Level)

Crazy Pole Instructor Training
This Pole Dance teacher training is for people who have been teaching and instructing before, maybe even for a long time, but never made an approved teacher training. If they want to have a trainer certificate approved by the PDC, they can join this special training which is only open for people who succesfully ran through the selection process showing their teaching abilities.

1st step: Application and pre-testing

2nd step: 2-day training and learning at CrazyPole Augsburg

3rd step: Written test (end of the weekend)

General information about the concept
As the pole dance industry grows and more and more people are interested in learning this kind of sport educated trainers and teachers are very important.

CrazyPole offers a teacher training for people who begin teaching and a second one for people Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor Coursewho succesfully ran trough the beginner-teacher-training. In this trainings we explain how to teach poledance and the participants get our course concept, so that they are ready to teach with a tested course concept.

The concept for beginners and intermediate is already approved by the PDC.

For people who have been through our pole instructor training and want to get another certificate as well as for people who are instructors without being approved or tested for many years we want to offer a teacher training for professionals.

So CrazyPole Augsburg (Nadine Rebel-pictured right) and CrazyPole (Alina Schmidt-Buttke pictured below left) created the concept CrazyPole Instructor Pro-Level Teacher Training.

Nadine Rebel is not only a pole trainer, but she also studied sociology, psychology and pedagogy. She is the owner of the consulting firm Rebel-management training and author of the books "Fit for work for women"; "Work-life balance for women naughty" and "Pole Dance Passion", the comprehensive standard work for the Pole Sport in German language. Nadine Rebel is also a columnist for Pole Art magazine.

Alina Schmidt Crazy pole instructor trainingThe concept for the professional teacher training ensures the highest level of approved training method, which enables the participants rapid learning progress and enables them to get their knowledge approved. That’s why this training is aimed at people who already have trainer experience (because they went through our training before or because they have been teaching without any professional education before, which not automatically means that they have to be bad).

Safety, quality, reliability and cleanliness are the foundation of the course concept.
That’s why the training is only opened for people who can show their abilities in an application process before or ran successfully through our other trainings.

The applications process asks people who want to join the training to send several videos before  so that we can test whether they really have good trainer qualities and we could offer them to take part in our training.

As the training is aimed at pole dancers who already have professional abilities, the following things are tested through video before the presence phase (one weekend at the CrazyPole Augsburg Studio) starts. Only pole trainers who succeed this test before can take part in the presence phase.

Get further information on our website: www.crazypole-instructor.com

Pole Dancing School Instructor Training ONLINE

Pole Instructor Training from PDC Pioneer Elena Gibson.


Elena Gibson Pole Instructor training

PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training from one of the world's finest pole dancers. Elena Gibson has an impressive background in pole and is the first ever World Champion Pole Dancer. 


"I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training" Maya Velvet, PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.

Pole Dancing School Instructor training is available in house or on-line. The training includes a 36 page manual accompanied by a mix of practical and written examinations. The course is broken down into several sections including the following:




  • Introduction to Pole Dancing
  • Teaching Methods
  • Class Structure
  • The Art of Teaching
  • Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
  • Defining Good and Bad Practice
  • Body Image
  • Health and Safety
  • Anatomy

Elena has extensive knowledge and received her two supporting references from course participants Wendy Elena Gibson Pole Dancing School InstructoSaunt and Maya Velvet. Both referees are PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructors.

Wendy said "Elena Gibson is a world-class pole dancer and a world-class teacher. She has exceptionally high standards in her own practise and in how she teaches. Specifically, students benefit from her international ballet background from learning about the importance of ‘lines’ to her disciplined approach to teaching pole. Elena is impeccable and being taught by her gives you an incredibly strong foundation in pole dancing and she is a great person to learn from and be taught in a technically correct and formal way."

Maya said "I completed my PDS teacher training with Elena Gibson way back in 2007, at the beginning of my career as a pole fitness instructor.  I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training: it covered so many different aspects of the profession (anatomy, teaching methods, technique, safety, etc.).  It really prepared me extremely well to teach a safe, fun and efficiently organised pole fitness class."

Pole Dancing School Instructor Training involves many hours of homework to prepare yourself for a one hour written exam and 45 minute practical assessment.

Training costs just £375 with a 10% discount available to PDC Instructors and AAP members.

Contact Elena to request a course application form, discuss training requirements or book her to provide training in your studio.

VI-Dance Instructor Training

VI Dance PDC Approved Pole Dance Instructor Training

VI Dance Pole Safe StretchesVI dance Instructor Training is run by PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Vivien Feld. Vivien runs in-house training at her studio in Germany. The course is an in-house apprenticeship which takes up to 6 months to complete. VI Dance Instructor Training can be undertaken at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels. To find out more or to book your instructor training simply contact Vivien at VI-Dance.

Course References:

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Jessica Gimpl attended the Beginner and Intermediate VI Dance course in the Spring/Summer 2014 and she went on to attend the Advanced course in Winter 2014. Jessica said "The course covers different techniques that are necessary to ensure the instructors and participants health and safety . To improve our skills as an instructor we are asked to give demonstration lessons in each level. Every level is composed of 35 teaching units and ends up with a practical test. The apprenticeship is well structured and I can recommend it to all people who think about becoming a VI-Dance Instructor Training instructor."VI Dance Pole Teacher Training

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Sarah Peys also compeleted the VI dance training at all levels in 2014. Sarah said "The course is well structured and Vivien Feld pays attention to teach safe and healthy techniques. Furthermore she focuses a lot on safety aspects for participants and trainers as well. During her instructor apperenticeship she takes a close look at each intructor during different demonstration lessons, so we can improve our skills and our way of teaching."


VI Dance Pole Instructor Training
VI-Dance Pole Instructor Training:

The concept of VI-Dance is divided into different learning levels and sections. VI-Dance teacher training covers the art of both static and spinning pole as well as teaching you choeography and tricks. The course covers every aspect of teaching pole from warm up to cool down, safe stretching and conditioning.

Learners need to start at beginners level before progressing through to intermediate then advanced.

The course consists of both practical and written exams. Learners are provided with an 87 page manual containing all course content.

Crazy Pole Instructor Training

PDC Approved Crazy Pole Instructor Training.


First German Instructor Education with international recognition

Crazy Pole Instructor TrainingCrazy Pole Instructor Training.

The Pole Sport is characterized by a mixture of dance and acrobatics.Therefore the demands for trainers and instructors are high. At the moment the sport generates recognition (as well as a kind of sport as in the eyes of society), but the quality of training and trainers is difficult to estimate. Well educated trainers are very important.

Crazy Pole Instructor Training has now been approved by the Pole Dance Community. So CrazyPole offers the first German education for instructors of poles port, which conforms to international quality criteria.

Crazy Pole training is available from Beginner through to Advanced training.

Student Testimonial - Melissa Meilicke:
A truly beautiful studio. It was a honor for me to do the CrazyPole Instructor Training in this studio. I can say it was such a great, exciting and instructive week.
It really was fun to be trained by Nadine. Nadine has such a big open heart, really knows a lot and is a very special person. I appreciate the programm of CrazyPole! This programm lays its focus on the success of the students as well as on their safety! It really is a great concept! I'm really looking forward to teach with this concept!
Thumbs up for CrazyPole

Student Testimonial - Josefine Köhler:
I completed the Crazy Pole Instructor training and was amazed how many really important things are swept under the carpet for many other people who call themselves "trainer".
It was the first time for me to hear about really important safety cues and that safety for the students is so important.
Particularly issues such as health and safety are top priorities here. I am very happy to have participated in the training, because now I feel fit and well prepared for my girls and can open my studio with a good conscience. It's a good feeling to know what students really need, how to prevent them from injuries, how to prevent myself!
A special thank goes to our trainer Nadine Rebel who deserves the highest respect.
Unlimited knowledge of all precautions to be observed and the complete training concept, potential problems, satisfaction of customers, etc.
She knows everything
I am interested in further training at Crazy Pole!

Instructor Education and contents:
The concept of CrazyPole® distinguishes itself through years of practice. From past experience in dealing with exercising individuals, a concept was created and continually improved and refined, which indicates a high grade of teaching.

The instructor education was created for people who want to be active as a coach quite early. Till today it happened often that people decided to work as an instructor after many years of practicing themselves. CrazyPole divided the instructor education into two levels. CrazyPole offers an instructor education for the Beginner Level and the Advanced Level. A person who wants to become a trainer must have certain prerequisites which are requested in advance. After fulfilling the prerequisits the training starts with a 5-day schedule including theoretical base knowledgement as well as practicing. Educated instructors are also introduced to the course concept of CrazyPole. During these 5 days all participants have the opportunity to attend all courses offered by CrazyPole (courses take place in the evenings).

So participants could use these courses to deepen the content they learned through the day.

At the end of 5 days of learning participants have to pass a written and practical test.

Educated instructors also have to approve the Code of Conduct for instructors and coaches. This Code of Conduct contents security aspects as well as being a role-models for students and the sport in itself.

International RecognitionAlina Schmidt Pole Dancing Instructor

CrazyPolehas gone the way of the entire course concept documented meticulously in order to submit it to the PDC for review and approval.

After careful examination of the contents, but also the queries according to the international reputation of CrazyPol eandthe coaches who work there, CrazyPole instructor training was sanctioned by the PDC on December 2nd 2014.

The international recognition of coach education is another milestone in terms of provable quality of CrazyPole, after having their instructors approved by the PDC in autumn 2014.

CrazyPole Instructor Basic Education
part of the content

12 course concepts for one unit of a 90 minutes.
The role of a coach (role model desired behaviors, dealing with customers, Dos and Don'ts)
• What a customer wants (customer relationship management)
• How to build a classroom
• time management in the classroom
• dealing with their own bodies
• role models
• rhetoric and body language of a trainer
• occurrence of a trainer

and much more

Crazy Pole Master Trainer Alina Schmidt-Buttke pictured left.

CrazyPole Instructor Advanced (Intermediate) Education
12 course concepts for one unit of a 90 minutes (content see separate PDF file)

• Motivation through dance (The dance-coach as role model)
• Dealing with different styles of music and expression
• Deepening of anatomical knowledge
• Additional methods for force structure for sophisticated tricks
• Overloading and improper posture and avoid recognizing
• skills of the participants correctly assess
• Correct Invert
• Proper support (protect the spine, the customer does not want to wear)
• and much more

Who can become an instructor?

To become an instructor one has to show that he or she is able to do several spins and moves him- or herself.Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor

People have to send videos before being accepted of attending the instructor training.

Here you find several spins and tricks out of the list. This ist not the entire list of prerequisits.

Prerequsits are for the Beginner-Level (for example)

  • Fireman spin

  • Chair Spin

  • Stag Spin

  • Front Hook Spin

  • Back Hook Spin

  • Hook and Roll / Sidespin

  • Boomerang Hold / Hold forearm

  • Basic Climb

  • Pole Seat

  • Crucifix

Crazy Pole Master Trainer Nadine Rebel pictured right.

Prerequisites for the Intermediate level (for example)

  • Fireman Legs Extended
  • Shoulder Roll
  • Cross Leg Release
  • Cross Ankle Release
  • Shouldermount
  • Reverse Spin
  • Side Spin Hold/Jasmine
  • Ballerina
  • Basic Invert
  • Inside Leg Hang
  • Outside Leg Hang
  • Fireman Crossleg Climb
  • Side Spin One Handed
  • Spinning Pencil
  • Butterfly
  • Cupid
  • Side Climb
  • Inverted Cruzifix One Legged
  • Peter Pan
  • Diva Seat
  • Drama Queen
  • Half Flag
  • Helicopter
  • Hip Jackknife
  • Lean Back Pillar
  • Handstand (on the pole)
  • Elbow Stand

and for the Advanced level (for example – in addition to the beginner level)

Shoulder Roll
• Cross Ankle Release
• shouldermount
• Reverse Spin
• Jasmine
• Ballerina
• Inside Leg Hang
• Outside Leg Hang
• Spinning Pencil
• Butterfly
• Cupid
• Hip Jackknife

Who provde the training?

Participants are being educated either by Nadine Rebel (director of CrazyPole Augsburg and author of the book “Poledance Passion”) or by Alina Schmidt-Buttke (founder of CrazyPole and German Pole Dance Champion 2011/2012.

The training is taking place either in Erfurt (CrazyPole) or in Augsburg (CrazyPole Augsburg)



Check out the PDC events page to find instructor training dates.

SAAS Instructor Training

Southampole Aerial Arts School Teacher training.

teacher training
PDC Approved 4 star instructors Julie Burns and Zorena Roe run an in-house teacher training programme that has been approved by the Pole Dance Community.

Julie is a member of the Fitness Industry Association, National Association of Dance, Pole Dance Community and Street Dance International.

Julie offers training in Southampton UK.

Julies original application for course approval was supported by two of our PDC Approved 3 star instructors who had both successfully completed the course.

Zorena Roe, who started with Julia as student and successfully completed the course before joining the SAAS team as an instructor, said "Julie’s Dance Pole Instructor’s Course is a comprehensive training course designed to provide instructors with the skills, knowledge and confidence to teach beginner to mid-intermediate level pole. The course covers safety aspects such as the erection and cleaning of poles, injury prevention, spotting techniques and disclaimer forms. The course also covers lesson structure and planning, warming up, stretching and cooling down with pictures and descriptions. It also covers strength training and conditioning, along with the “tricks” themselves.

In the theory examination, participants will be asked questions on all elements in the course, and in the practical exam, they will have to show a variety of stretching, limbering and strength training exercises, spins and inverts. The final part of the exam is teaching practice observation, throughout the course in-house teaching practice, alongside the course leader, is undertaken, where participants take full responsibility for a small part of the class, such as the warm up, then they assist the head instructor for the rest of the class. This is observed and contributes to their exam.

After completing this course I felt I had a good, solid base of knowledge and skills, and I felt able to teach pole fitness with confidence."

Chantell Boggins said "I feel that Julie’s course should be approved as I am now a confident instructor.
I can show competence in all health and safety aspects within a pole class including:
The correct procedure following manufacturer’s of the erection and cleaning of the pole.
Good understanding and knowledge of safety within a pole fitness class,
Good knowledge and understanding of injury prevention
Good knowledge and understanding the importance of warm up and cool down
Good knowledge and understanding of basic moves and the importance of progressions.
The correct procedure to follow in case of all emergencies, first aid, fire evacuation etc.

I feel Julie’s course made me understand how Pole fitness meets all the health benefits including Toning,
Weight loss, Confidence building, Core strength, Flexibility and Posture and poise. Julie has always shown me the importance of allowing students to progress individually but with the correct progressions and spotting techniques."

To find out more about SAAS Instructor Training simply e-mail Julie.

XPERT Pole Instructor Training

XPERT Pole Instructor Training.


 XPert Pole Aerial Fitness

XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness is one of the largest Pole & Aerial teacher training programs worldwide.  XPERT has expanded with more comprehensive Pole levels, Aerial Hoop, Silks, and Flexibility.
XPERT Pole & Aerial Fitness Training is an award winning program, XPERT was a finalist in the Active Training Awards Small Training Provider 2014 and winner of the International Fitness Showcase Best Brand Presence 2015.

With some of the best in the world, XPERT prides itself on the knowledge of their trainers XPert Pole Dance Teacher Trainingand top-notch content developed by their Fitness Education Specialists. XPERT is one of the first Pole & Aerial training programs to heavily focus on safe spotting techniques and strongly believe in hands-on and FACE TO FACE training.

XPERT Pole Fitness is the UK’s first and ONLY Pole Fitness Qualification to be approved by awarding body Active IQ. The XPERT Pole Fitness QCF can be taken alongside your Level 1&2 XPERT Pole fitness teacher training

For more information please go to the Xpert training website.

The Pole Studio Instructor Training

The Pole Studio Instructor Training Programme.

Pole Studio Instructor Training Workbook


The Pole Studio has THREE PDC Approved, internationally recognised certifications in pole dance fitness instruction – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Pole Studio Instructor – Beginner IN HOUSE TRAINING

Brief Overview:

The history of pole and pole fitness
Fitness, Pole Fitness and Functional Training
Key gripping positions used in Beginner Level pole moves
100 Beginner Level techniques and teaching points
40 spins and transitional moves
Learn how to warm up, cool down and the theory behind it
Conditioning exercises developed for pole fitness to improve technique and prevent injury
Health and safety for Beginner Level pole fitness
Anatomy of pole fitness and key muscles used
How to choreograph routines for Beginner Level class plans
Set Routines from The Pole Studio/Tracey Simmonds
Insurance, Legal Issues & Music License requirements

Detailed Course Overview:
The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme has been running successfully in the United Kingdom and South Africa since 2011. The programme has undergone many transformations to keep up with current pole fitness techniques and trends. Originally the course was only available as a face to face, weekend course. Later it was developed into a successful distance training programme. Our face to face weekend courses still operate in the UK.Pole Studio Instructor Training Students

The Pole Studio Beginner Level Instructor Training Programme attracts first timers in pole fitness, who are interested in starting a new career, as well as current fitness professionals, looking to gain another fitness certification. All of The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmes have been specifically created to equip instructors with the knowledge and skills to become competent, safe and unique professionals within pole fitness. The skills and teaching methods that students develop during our courses are transferable skills that can be applied to all levels of pole fitness instruction. This means that instructors trained by us will stay motivated and have unlimited potential in terms of planning new and challenging classes each day for their own students.

Pole Studio Instructor – Beginner IN HOUSE TRAINING
This is a 3 day pole dance fitness instructor programme and you will assessed by a final practical assessment as well as a written test.
You will be required to study the instructor training workbook and online videos prior to commencing the course. There is also homework to do during the course.

Pole Studio Instructor Training REPsPole Studio Instructor Training REPSSAPole Studio Instructor Training Skills Active


Before commencing the instructor training programme you will need to have basic knowledge of pole dance fitness. If you are not already at a pole dance fitness school you will first need to: (a) book private sessions or attend a Level 1 and Level 2 course at The Pole Studio; (b) attend pole dance fitness classes in beginner level or: (c) study and practice with instructional pole dance DVDs. You need to be competent in beginner level moves and spins. Three months work on beginners level pole dance fitness is recommended as a minimum requirement.
It is highly recommended, although not essential that you study for an additional fitness qualification that will give you increased knowledge and understanding of the human body and exercise.
Although it is not a prerequisite of attending the instructor training programme, if you are REPs (register of exercise professionals) registered, you will achieve 16 REPs points as part of your continued professional development. To join REPs you will need to take an entry-level fitness qualification such as ‘Exercise to Music’. Remember to make sure the course you take is endorsed by REPs.
In addition to being endorsed by REPs, The Pole Studio’s instructor training programme has been accredited by SkillsActive. SkillsActive is the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for Active Leisure and Learning.

Pole Studio Instructor Training TraceyThe Pole Studio’s Trainers:
The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programme will be taught by Sarah and her team of fully qualified trainers. All exams are assessed by The Pole Studio founder Sarah Brown.
The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programmeve has been written by The Pole Studio South Africa’s owner, Tracey Simmonds.  She has performed and competed internationally throughout her career, most notably winning the second ever Miss Pole Dance UK in 2006. She continues to work in the UK, Europe and South Africa hosting beginner to advanced level workshops in pole dance fitness. She is a qualified and insured REPs registered Exercise to Music Instructor.  Her key interests lie in representing and promoting pole dance fitness as a reputable, enjoyable and safe form of exercise.  It is Tracey’s belief that all pole dance fitness classes should be led by a qualified, experienced and professional pole dance fitness instructor in order for this industry to gain more respect.  By introducing this qualification Tracey hopes to make a positive impact upon the pole fitness industry

How much does The Pole Studio’s Instructor Training Programme for Beginners cost?

The Pole Studio Instructor - Intermediate and Advanced IN HOUSE TRAINING:
Through successful completion of these TWO separate courses you will gain internationally recognised qualifications in pole dance fitness instruction for intermediate and advanced levels.
Each programme will be assessed by a final practical assessment as well as a written test.
You will be required to study the instructor training workbooks and online videos prior to commencing the courses. There is also homework to do during the coursesPole Studio Instructor Training Tracey

Before commencing The Pole Studio Instructor Intermediate or Advanced Training, you will need to have completed The Pole Studio’s Instructor Beginner Training or received an equivalent pole instructor qualification or certification.
If you have done beginner’s pole fitness instructor training with another school, you must have completed a REPS entry-level course such as Gym Instructor or Exercise to Music. This is to achieve the base knowledge of anatomy and physiology and exercise instruction that is required to become a qualified pole fitness instructor.
To become competent in intermediate and advanced pole moves and combinations, it is highly recommended that you attend The Pole Studio’s courses in Levels 3 and 4. However, you may achieve competency in the equivalent levels at another studio.

What is included in The Pole Studio’s Intermediate and Advanced Instructor Training Programmes?
· 3-day course for Intermediate, 2-day course for Advanced
· 16 REPS points each
· Spotting, Health & Safety when teaching advanced level pole moves
· Extra information on Cardiovascular fitness
· Extra information on stretching for increased flexibility
· Learn how to teach and create original sequences
· Assessed by written and practical assessments
· Pre-requisites apply

How much does The Pole Studio’s Intermediate Instructor Training Programme cost?

How much does The Pole Studio’s Advanced Instructor Training Programme cost?

For more information or to book a place on a Pole Studio course just e-mail Sarah Brown.

Spin City Instructor Training ONLINE or face to face

Spin City Pole Fitness Teacher Training.

Spin City Pole Instructor Training

Spin City Instructor Training

Spin City offer Internationally Accredited Instructor Training in Pole Fitness and Aerial Hoop with both face to face and online training options available. Our training is accredited and recognised by PD Approval, REPs (the Register of Exercise Professionals), the PDC (Pole Dance Community), ACE (the American Council on Exercise), NASM (the National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA (the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).

ETED Dance Instructor Training ONLINE


NEW - 10% discount for PDC members and graded dancers!


Empowerment Through Dance Ltd. Pole Dancing Instructor Certification Programs. 

ETEDance Instuctor training

Providing Two Instructor Level Certification Programs

Beginner through Intermediate -  $799*
Advanced -  $599*

This is a full "certification" course - so you will be certified to teach pole dancing sanctioned by nationally recognized pole dance organizations who know the pole dancing business. You will receive a certification, not a certificate of completion.


This program is designed for the experienced pole dancer. Our program was one of the first in the industry to be offered in the Midwest and received recognition from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of American in 2006. It is also sanctioned by the Pole Fitness Association and The Pole Dance Community. 


We show you how to teach pole dancing...not how to do it!


Each level includes 16 hours of training.
Mary Ellyn Weissman KneeHold2


We offer our program in 2 different levels with more hours of training and live class time with students than many other programs! You wouldn't expect to learn basic through advanced pole dancing all in one course would you? Why then would you expect to learn how to teach basic through advanced all in one program?


This is a comprehensive course which has the full benefit of our experience of training with industry pros and networking with multiple studios and instructors around the world, over 6 years of pole dance teaching experience, a world recognized fitness background, over 30 years of business/marketing and licensing experience and developed in consultation with an injury prevention specialist.


Benefit from OUR years of experience and the industry exposure which would cost you thousands of dollars and hours to get on your own before you start your pole dancing business.


Finally our program does not end when you walk out the door with your certification - we provide ongoing support and mentoring to you for all aspects of your career from business practices and licensing to teaching for as long as your certification remains active.


* The cost of this discounted program is an additional $400 when taken as a private or semi private (2 participants) or for instructors living/working within 30 miles.

Beginner/Basic through Intermediate Instructor:

Mary Ellyn Weissman Wrist SeatProgram Cost: $799
16-hour program
Prepares you to teach basic introductory moves which can be used to build a beginner course or incorporated and interspersed into intermediate courses.

  •  Basic instructor course covers over 110 moves
  •  A comprehensive business section and consultation with a business/financial planner specialist
  •  Business planning consultation for the duration of your certification
  •  Pole instructor/studio support for the duration of your certification
  •  Intermediate instructor course covers over 60 moves
  •  Strength building exercises for advanced classes
  •  Introduction to inverting
  •  Includes spotting techniques relevant to moves within the level
  •  Includes a minimum 4 hours assistant teaching in group classes
  •  Learn safe pole dancing practice and how to teach safely and effectively, while using proper body mechanics
  •  Learn points of contact and proper alignment for each move
  •  Learn common errors to watch for with each move
  •  How to advise your students on strength training and exercise relevant to beginner and intermediate levels
  •  Learn to speak multiple "pole languages" to best communicate with your students
  •  Learn which exercises are best for training at each level
  •  Learn to build proper warm up and cool down techniques for each level of class you teach
  •  Learn various teaching models to build your classes and how to set your courses to music
  •  Learn what is important to set up your business correctly including liability waivers, registration & insurance
  •  Exams may be completed at a later date or immediately upon completion of course .
  •  CEUs presented to AFAA certified instructors upon successful completion of exams.
  •  DVD of moves and study guides will be sent to you prior to attending the program for pre-study and practice
  •  Concludes with one written and three practical exams
  •  Certification Award from Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd will be issued upon successful completion
  •  Requires renewal every 2 years through proof of ongoing teaching experience
  •  Includes monthly free training classes at Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd for duration of your certification. 


    First Aid certification & CPR (no on line courses)

    Preferred certification as a  Group Fitness Exercise Instructor, AFAA , ACSM, ACE, ISSA, NCSF or NCSA

    One year of previous pole dance experience required.
    One year of pole instruction experience preferred.

**Results provided within 7-10 days of taking exams.

*** 2 year renewal requires documentation of ongoing teaching experience or the option to re-take your practical exams.

Advanced Instructor:

Program Cost: $599
12-16 hour program (varies among candidates needs)

  •  Reviews the mechanics of over 50 moves including points of contact and preliminary moves
  •  How to safely progress your students to advanced training
  •  Anatomy and physiology relevant to the mechanics of advanced instruction
  •  Learn which muscles play a more significant role in various moves to assist your student in determining how to
  •  Strength train to improve their skills
  •  How to build your advanced program so that your students are successful
  •  Detailed stretching series for full body flexibility
  •  How to advise your students on strength training and exercise relevant to advanced levels
  •  Introduction to spinning pole work
  •  Includes review and practice of the teaching mechanics of various advanced level moves.
  •  Advanced spotting techniques specific to inversions
  •  Concludes with one written and one practical exam
  •  Practical exam includes teaching and demonstration of advanced level tricks as well as spotting
  •  Study guide will be sent to you prior to attending the program for pre-study and practice
  •  Certification Award from Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd will be issued upon successful completion
  •  Requires renewal every 2 years through proof of ongoing teaching experience


Renewal of CPR with first aid

Must have completed the Basic/Intermediate Level certification through ETEDance and renewal must be up to date.

Must be fluent in a large number of advanced moves among inverts, leg hangs, horizontal/upright poses, elbow/forearm grips, handsprings, etc. There is no set selection of advanced move which the candidate must be able to perform however you must have a large repertoire of moves within your own background beyond the basic invert, leg hangs, and layback.

**Results provided within 7-10 days of taking exams.

***2 year renewal requires documentation of ongoing teaching experience or the option to re-take your practical exams in addition to
continuing education through approved pole dance sources.

To book your Pole Dance Instructor Training just mail ETDance.



Discoveries Dance Instructor Training ONLINE

Discoveries Dance Pole Dance Training Program


Discoveries Dance Pole Instructor training


Professional, scientific and designed by a certified educator who has been teaching since 2007.

This pole dance training program was developed to provide professional guidance and quality education for both budding and seasoned pole instructors. This course is designed to assist the experienced* pole enthusiast in developing her teaching and safety skills.  With an emphasis on anatomy, proper alignment, and instructional technique, this certification program aims to awaken the natural teacher inside each dancer.  Students will leave the training prepared to lead pole dance classes with confidence and technical know-how.

This dynamic sixteen hour training will consist of lecture, group exercises, demonstrations, hands-on learning activities and practical teaching experiences.  Each participant will receive an extensive training manual and will leave the training with a new found confidence in their teaching skills.  Students will need to pass a written and practical exam to receive their certificate of completion.

Home study is also an option for completing the Discoveries Dance course.

This pole dance course has been approved and it's worth 1.6 ACE and 12.5 AFAA CEUs and is PDC Approved. The price for European participants is $459 USD.

10% discount available for PDC Instructors and PDC AAP members.

* Students taking this course should have the ability to execute beginner, intermediate and some advanced pole dance work.

For more information or to book visit the Discoveries Dance website.Angel F Pole Dancing Portrait


Discoveries Dance was launched by Angel (pictured right) in 2010 to help fill a need for professional and safety-aware pole dance instructors.  She developed this course using knowledge gained from fifteen years of experience as a professional educator and from extensive research on the impact of aerial dance on the upper body and the joints.  A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she fell in love at first spin and hasn't been to a traditional gym since. With a belief that a well taught pole class can be safe, healthy and downright fun for men and women of many ages, Angel's mission is to help promote pole dance as an acceptable form of fitness.     

Angel's Qualifications:

• Master of Education

• ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor

• Pole Position Fitness Certified Instructor

• Yoga Fit Instructor

• Pole Moves Master Trainer

• ACE continuing education provider

• AFAA continuing education provider

• Pole Dance Community Approved 4 star Instructor



Vertical Dance Instructor Training ONLINE

Vertical Dance Pole Instructor Program

We can accept Vertical Dance Teacher Training certificates issued prior to August 2018.