Approved pole dance instructor logoIf you are a pole dance school owner or an instructor, we invite you to join us in uniting the fitness pole dance industry.


Commitment to the PDC Code of Conduct shows that you are an industry professional.


Membership acceptance is guaranteed to any instructor who can abide by the code of conduct.  This is the only criteria for membership to our transparent and democratic community. Likewise, there are no exceptions for any instructor failing to meet the code.


Please be aware, we do physically check your pole dance instructor's insurance documents, first aid qualifications, pole dance experience and fair pricing policy before we welcome you on-board and provide you with your PDC Approved logo and certificate.


We want you to join us and there is just a small admin fee each year.  This goes towards the time taken in checking your documents and entering your details onto the map page and instructor listings.  We also post you an official membership certificate and create an article on our front page about you, introducing you to the community.


The admin fee is £30.


As a PDC Instructor, you will be able to conduct AAP gradings for your own students and others.



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