How is your pole dancing club or society treated by its student union?

Huddersfield University Pole Dancing AcademyAfter the recent battle at Swansea University we are seeing many pole clubs and societies feeling neglected, discriminated against and underfunded by their respective student unions. If you have a story about your pole dancing experience at university please contact us. Here is the story of Huddersfield University Pole Dancing Academy told by their PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor SJ Marcussen:


PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Elizabeth Markham


Elizabeth Markham Pole Dancing-InstructorElizabeth Markham is the manager and principal instructor at Blush Dance Sheffield where she teaches students pole fitness and aerial hoop. Elizabeth has been teaching since I started my business in January 2013.

Elizabeth has an extensive background in dance and fitness having danced since the age of 3, but her love for pole and aerial fitness started in 2012 when she started pole and was given her own franchise from Bex Campey (Owner of Blush Dance). Since then Elizabeth has taught and prepared my students for various competitions, auditions and company showcases. Elizabeth says "This, as I'm sure many of you will agree, makes me very proud!"

Let's find out more about Elizabeth and her pole journey;

Inspiring Pole Dancers - Pole Dance Instructor at just 16 years old.

As part of our inspiring pole dancers series our features writer Sophie Eminson speaks to PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Sophie Rebel.

Sophie Rebel Pole Dancer
Sophie Rebel, at just 16 years old is currently the youngest Pole Dance Community approved instructor. Starting pole dancing at the young age of 12, Sophie never questioned why it was so exhausting and trained hard without complaint because she loved the sport. As a sporty person, Sophie had been involved with martial arts since she was 5 years old, and had started hip hop just a year earlier than pole dance and so she understood that training meant work, which is something many older pole dancers still do not fully realise.

Taught by her mother, Nadine as her first ever student, Sophie progressed quickly as she shared a special bond with her instructor. Nadine states that "99% of the time, she has been great - otherwise she would not be at the point of development she is now", and that the two  have forged a stronger bond than ever before. Nadine has loved watching Sophie develop into a young woman, and Sophie feels that pole dancing makes her mother younger in her eyes, as she is "no longer being a typical mum". It appears as though pole dancing makes Nadine a happier, more humorous person, and that it has changed her as a mother in Sophie's eyes. "She is much cooler now, I think!"

Inspiring Pole Dancers - Using pole to overcome disability.

Inspirational Pole Dancers Bree Invert

As part of our Inspiring Pole Dancers section our features writer Sophie Eminson talks to an inspirational young lady who used Pole to overcome illness and disability.


How did you start pole dancing? Did a friend drag you along to a class, or did you go for a laugh, or was there just a pull towards it in your brain that you could not explain? Well, whatever it was, I'll bet it was quite different from Bree's story, which she has told Pole Dance Community, and we now want to share with the world.

Stages Pole Fitness Showcase Success

Feature - PDC Approved 3 star Instructor Alex Copley - Stages Pole Fitness.

Alex Copley Pole Fitness Showcase

On Friday 22nd May, Stages Pole Fitness (SPF) opened its doors to friends and family for a one night only showcase. The showcase included 13 performances, made up of solos, doubles, a guest performance and a Superhero themed group piece! There was also an awards ceremony to highlight students for achievements such as: best attendance, most improved, most determined and best pole kisses!

"Pole is sometimes a misunderstood sport and so we really wanted to reach out to people and tell them about this fabulous community and the fitness aspect of the sport."

Zorena Roe - PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor.

Zorena Roe Solent Pole Aerial
Zorena Roe is both an accomplished pole dance instructor and performer who has worked hard to achieve her 4 star position, she runs Southampton Aerial Arts School in Sholing, UK. Zorena received her references for her 4 star status from fellow PDC instructors Julie Burns (Southampton Aerial Arts School) and Angela Hawkes (Paradise Fitness).

Julie said "I have supported Zorena in all aspects of her career since she started poling with me in 2008. Zorena completed her language degree and came straight to work for me, My studio would not be a the success it is today without Zorena’s support. Zorena now runs Southampton Aerial Arts school and it is continuing to grow.

Pole Instructor Training from PDC Pioneer Elena Gibson.


Elena Gibson Pole Instructor training

PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training from one of the world's finest pole dancers. Elena Gibson has an impressive background in pole and is the first ever World Champion Pole Dancer. 


"I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training" Maya Velvet, PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor."

Pole Dancing School Instructor training is available in house or on-line. The training includes a 36 page manual accompanied by a mix of practical and written examinations. The course is broken down into several sections including the following:


Solent Pole and Hoop Competition 2015.

Solent Pole Hoop Competition

Introducing... The 5th Solent Pole and Aerial Hoop Competition!!  This is a PDC Approved Event.

Where and when?

Inspiring Pole Dancers - Pole Dancing During Pregnancy

Caroline Hardinges Pregnant Pole Dancer

Pole dancing while pregnant is a constant concern in the industry right now, as doctors know little about the sport, and information out there is often focusing on one person who may be having a different kind of pregnancy to the one you or anybody you know is having. This section of the Pole Dance Community blog seeks to interview different kinds of pole dancing women who are expecting, in order to get the information you need to you. To kick things off, I have interviewed Caroline Hardinges from Polepatations studio in Kent who wanted to share her story with all of you.

Featured PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Laura Hodgkins

Laura Hodgkins pole dancing instructorLaura is an instructor at Pole Control school in Essex, UK. Laura started dancing at age 4, taking Ballet, Tap and Modern lessons at her local dance school on a Saturday morning.

Laura continued dancing throughout her childhood and teenage years. She has performed in numerous shows and competed in dance competitions at local and national levels. She was also nominated for scholarships by the BATD on numerous occasions during her teens. After completing her A levels, Laura chose a more academic route and went on to study English Literature and Spanish at the University of Roehampton, where she graduated with a First Class Honours. Even during her studies Laura continued dancing; she regularly attended various classes at the campus gym as well as joining the cheer leading squad and Pole Dancing society. In 2010 she took her first of 4 teaching exams and passed with the highest mark. Laura is always looking for the next challenge and will continue to study for lots more dance and fitness qualifications over the next decade.

University Pole Stars 2015 Review

University Pole Stars 2015Article by PDC Reporter Sophie Eminson.

University Pole Stars is an inter-university pole dancing competition held by Nottingham Trent University at The Forum nightclub in Nottingham. It has been running for two years now, and the event is well-attended and is continuing to grow in awareness in the pole community. The event was set up and run by two of Nottingham Trent's pole dancers, Shell Ashton and Molly Redmond, with lots of assistance from the other members in their society. Unfortunately for them, the event did not run as smoothly this year as it did last year due to the club not being able to move the DJ box from the stage. This meant some very last-minute rearranging, however once this kerfuffle was dealt with, everybody pretty much forgot it had ever happened.

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