The Big Felix interview by Tiny from Candy Chrome

For those of you who don’t know who Felix is, here’s a little bit of history about this AMAZING woman, taken from her website.

Titles Felix has won:

   1. Miss Pole Dance World 2009
   2. Best Female Stripper 2008 – Australian Adult Industry Awards
   3. Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008
   4. Miss Nude Australia National Final 2008 – Pole Dance Champion
   5. Miss Nude Australia WA Final 2008 – Entertainer of the Year & Hottest Body
   6.  STAR Awards – Best Female Performer 2007
   7. Miss Hustler Centrefold Oceania 2007 – 1st Place
   8. Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006

felix pole dance picture

Felix’s Biography

Before discovering her passion for pole dancing, Felix was schooled extensively as a dancer firstly in Perth, from the age of 11 until the age of 15, when she moved to London where she continued to study many forms of dance, but predominantly contemporary and classical. Felix has experience performing with professional contemporary and classical dance companies, working in many different venues including theatres in and around London.  Whilst in London she also worked in television and film.

In January 2006, Felix started pole dancing lessons in Perth, WA.  In September of that year she won the WA heat of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006, later that year, she then went on to compete in the National Championships competition in Sydney. After pole dancing for only 8 months, Felix Cane won the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2006. The rules of Miss Pole Dance Australia state that the winner of the competition cannot enter the following year, so in 2007 Felix was selected as one of the judges to adjudicate the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2007 competition. During that time, she trained very hard in preparation for the 2008 competition when she would again be allowed to compete.  All her training, blood, sweat and tears paid off as Felix again claimed the title of Miss Pole Dance Australia 2008.

Earlier this year (2009), Felix went on to win the EPIC title of Miss Pole Dance World, which was held in Jamaica.  Her competitors Jenyne Butterfly of USA was awarded second place, and Britain’s Alesia Vazmitzel claimed third place.

Felix is currently residing in Las Vegas where she performs with the world famous Cirque Du Soleil’s Zumanity show, as well as working exclusively for the performance agency Perth Stripper in Australia. Recently, Felix has toured the UK, offering pole dance Master Classes to a very lucky select few, and would you know it – Candy & Chrome are among these privilaged few! Felix very kindly took some time out to allow me (Tiny) to ask her some questions about herself, pole, and those IMPOSSIBLE moves she does!

Candy & Chrome’s Interview:

Tiny: Hi Felix, as you know I love your dancing and you’re a big influence on all of my students and so we have put together some questions that we would like to ask you, most of which are pretty straight forward but we would like to ask one naughty question first.  It’s rude to ask, but we are dying to know……..How old is Felix?

Felix: Felix is 24 (the girls shreik with disbelief).  People think I’m younger though, some guess my age at even 17 or something!

Tiny: Great!  I feel like such a hag!  Oh well, at least that’s the naughty question done with!  So, we read on your website that you have done some work in the media and we wanted to know what T.V and Film work have your done?

Felix: Oh it’s very boring stuff from a very long time ago, I’m mostly in the background – I don’t think you ever see my face, I’m just doing backing dancing or something so nothing very exciting at all. (Deb chips in and says that we wanted her to say she’s been in Neighbour’s or something!)

Tiny: So what made you want to learn pole dance and how did you start out?

Felix: Well I have been dancing since I was 4 and always loved dance, but I stopped all that when I was about 18 as I really didn’t enjoy working as a dancer.  So I got a bit lost and went to Uni and was all ‘what am I doing with my life?’  So then in 2001 my Mum came to visit me in Australia and SHE tried a pole dancing class with my sister, and they came back raving about how much fun it was and how I would love it!

I thought – Ohmygod, I can’t believe my Mum is officially upstaging me! So I literally tried it to compete with my Mum because she just cannot be COOLER than me! Or more open minded.  I just fell in love with it after that, I went on just a beginner’s course and I wanted to be there all of the time, I started at Bobbi’s Pole Studio too and I just fell in love with the whole thing!

Tiny:Wow, ok and then after that you won your first title after only such a short time from when you first started to learn poel dance. How often were you training on the pole before the 2006 competition?

Felix: Well, after I went on that beginner’s class I then went to every single class that I could, like 5 times a week so at the beginning with practises too – maybe 6 or 7 times a week, then before the competition I trained about an hour a day just on my routine, but then I was teaching for 2 hours after that too.

Tiny: So you were teaching classes at that point?

Felix: Yes, I started teaching classes 2 months after I had started to learn (girls gasp and go ‘meeeep’), Yeah, but I was pretty good!

Tiny: And so what was your training regime like for the 2008 competition?

Felix: Same sort of thing again really, an hour a day training for myself, then 2 hours teaching so it was a lot, I trained very hard leading up to the competition BUT then 3 weeks before the competition it would slowly taper down, then 3 days before the competition I trained very lightly, the day before the comp I won’t touch the pole because if you train for at least 2 months before a competition your boday and your brain will know what to do when you’re on there, but if you tire it out, it won’t work out so well.

Tiny:Cool, that’s really handy to know!  So studying dance and perfoming arts, what would you say makes a winning performance?

Felix: I think preparation, creativity, athletisism, good execution of moves and a performance that’s enjoyable to watch – you gotta see someone really enjoying themselves and performing from the heart.

Tiny: As soon as you are on the pole, you are instantly recognisable, this is unique to you but do you have any tips you can share with us to help us improve the quality of our pole work overall?

Felix: I would say always train with a mirror, video record yourself – that’s probably the best way to understand how your body works and how it looks.

Tiny: So who is YOUR pole inspiration?

Felix: I like watching a lot of power moves that people do like Pantera does, coz I don’t really do that stuff, I’m more about flexibility and fluidity that’s more me, so to see people do things that I can’t do or don’t do – that’s what I like to watch.  But also everyone I meet inspires me, like a beginner could walk into class and do just a little thing with their head that inspires me, it’s not one particular person it’s everybody.

Tiny: So let’s talk about your moves, there’s one that you do called the Stag I think (that’s what we call it)…

Felix: Ah I call it the Eagle coz it’s kinda like I’m flying!

Tiny: That one! well I just wondered, are you the first person to perform that move on the pole?  I have seen it in ice skating and such but I can’t remember anyone doing it on the pole before you that I’ve seen.

Felix: I’ve learnt it as the fish hook, but you didn’t catch the back leg and take it above your head, I kind of push it to the extremes of flexibility, so I think it has been done but I have just jacked my leg up even higher. (Debs says ‘I’ve seen it on the pole, but it’s not the same as how you do it’).

Tiny:So what about the Spatchcock (see picture below) – it THAT yours?  Did you invent that one would you say?

Felix: I’ve never seen anybody do it before, I don’t KNOW if I’m the first person to do it, but I’ve not seen anyone do it before.

felix pole dance picture

Tiny: I think probably not!  I’d love to see both of those today before I go, this is what I’m dying to see in the flesh!

Felix:I can’t do the Spatchcock today coz I’ve injured my back a bit but I can definitely do the Stag for you.

Tiny:YAY!  Ok, can you maybe also show us some leg stretching exercises for splits training today too because my hamstrings are really tight which limits my splits, but I’m too lazy to commit to internet stretches – if it comes from Felix’s gob I will follow it!  That’s good enough for me!

Felix then proceeds to demonstrate some exercises for us to work on, please read the ‘Splits Training – Felix Style!’ article, found in the ‘Pole Bible’ section of the website.

Tiny: Are you now working on any new Felix only impossible moves?

Felix:YES!  And it’s so frustrating! It’s funny when you are making up new stuff, the Spatchcock took me 3 years to get right!  Getting a new move is so hard, you just grunt and cry, and have outbursts of ‘Shit, Fuck, shit shit fuck’! And you can quote me on that!  See if you can get a double shit in there!  (Just about EVERYONE giggles).

Tiny: Do you teach pole outside of these master classes? I mean, do you think you will have a school of your own one day?

Felix:Probably not in Las Vegas I think, I am enjoying what I’m doing right now but I won’t do it permenantly, but I do wanna start a school one day, but probably not in the next 5 years.

Tiny: Yeah – right now you’re running away with the circus?!

Felix: Right?!  Did you see the video on the Tonight Show?

Tiny:YES!  I was DEVVO’D when they took it off Youtube (because of the copywright)!!!  Now…..what do you think the future holds for Felix?

Felix:Ooooohhh…..erm….Diamonds!  Diamonds and a puppy!  (Nudge to Chris!! wiiink…..nuuuudge).

Tiny: What dog do you want?

Felix: One of the Chinese bald ones!  (giggles)

Deb: Oh Jamie from Defy Gravity, has those!

Tiny: Really?  I always imagined her having big fluffy dogs!

Deb: Oh I have one of them!  Dylan!

Tiny: (sniggers)

Felix: I dunno, probably I will be performing a lot over the next 5 or 6 years, then when my body falls apart a bit I’ll open my own studio then, hopefully something like this place (Iosis) it’s beautiful!  Liverpool is great too, maybe Felix will move to Liverpool!

Tiny: What do you think will happen with pole dance in general in the future?

Felix: I hope that it will become more widely accepted, I don’t think pole dancing in all the gyms will benefit dancer’s like myself who do it at a professional level, so although I would like it to become more widely accepted, at the same time I hope it doesn’t water down the art.

I think it would be good though for people to start to recognise that there are different levels of pole dance, some consider it sport, some for fitness, some for professional level, pole has a really huge umbrella which covers so many different styles and interests so I hope people become more educated to that, but also THROUGH that I hope it doesn’t get too standardised and turn into something that I don’t like anymore.

Tiny: You’re not on your own there.  Well, my last question is will there be a Felix DVD?

Felix: YES!  It’s coming!

Tiny: When, how much is it?  Where can I buy it?  I must have it now!

Felix: I’ll let you all know, I promise, but it’s coming…

Tiny:That’ll do me!

Felix with Candy & Chrome girls; Zoe, Felix, Tiny & Fariba.

felix pole dancing picture

For more information about Felix, please visit her site  and whilst you’re at it  sign up to her regular updates!

Special thanks to Pole Passion for organising the Felix tour.  For more information about Pole Passion’s ‘Miss Pole Dance’ competitions, please visit their website.

This article was written by Candy & Chrome for Candy & Chrome’s own use.  Unless otherwise agreed, it is therefore NOT permitted for anyone to use this article, or material from this article to make a reproduction. Thanks to Tiny for allowing the pole dance community to share this article.



Tiny x

Candy & Chrome.

 Pantera pole dancing picture

If you haven't heard of Pantera Blacksmith then where have you been? Pantera shot to pole dancing fame when she released her first instructional pole dancing DVD - PoleTricks 101 (see picture below). I first saw the DVD in 2004 when I had just been introduced to an x-pole and I marveled at the moves demonstrated. Pantera is a regular on the competition and exhibition circuit. Click here for an archive video of Pantera pole dancing in 2005, click here for footage from 2007 or click here for 2009 footage.

pole dancing DVD picture pole tricks 101

Pantera recently won best tricks at the Miss Pole Dance World 2009 Competition in Jamaica and is rumoured to be releasing another instructional pole dancing DVD very soon.....I sincerley hope the rumours are true!

Picture below of Pantera exhibiting at the Miss Pole Dance UK 2008 competition - (move being performed is the Crescent. Pantera is renowned for her originality on the pole and for her extreme strength and flexibility. 

Pantera Blacksmith pole dancing picture


For more information on Pantera why not visit her blog, website or click here for another Pantera video.

Pantera was hoping to visit the UK this year for a tour but unfortunatley we will now have to wait until 2010!

Jolene - Purity Pole



pole dance image



Jolene began pole dancing back in January 2003 when classes were very much few and far between.  In fact, she was also the only student in her first classes, not going on to work in the strip clubs, focussing instead on the fun and fitness aspects of using the Pole.

Although Jolene didn’t have a dance background from childhood, she used to run club-nights under the ‘Redtrip’ label, and began initially using her skills on the pole with existing gigs as a Podium Dancer at various nightclubs around London.  It wasn’t long before finding that, without the pole, she was restricted with what she could do on stage.

Whilst working a full-time office job, Jolene was also teaching part time for another pole company.  However, after around 18 months, she became increasingly despondent with their lack of training, lack of support, high class numbers, and low pay.  So in July 2006, she set up her first pole venue in Twickenham (a location that’s still in use by Purity to this day), taking on a second venue just a few months later, and being regularly called to perform at various clubs and events around the UK, and internationally.

Jolene has also competed in, performed in, and judged various pole competitions around the UK throughout the years.  Appearing on TV and radio, and being asked to work with various ‘celebrity’ and high profile clients for private training.

On taking on her third venue, Jolene left working for others to work full-time on Pole classes: Establishing a name for herself in being accessible to all levels, and in her skill for breaking down complex moves for her students. now regularly has new students coming to Purity who have spent months trying to get a move elsewhere, but through subtle alterations and clear instruction, are able to nail a complex move in just one or two tries.


Jolene - pole dance


Something which also sets Jolene’s classes apart is the regularity with which they run:  Rather than merely running a series of short courses every couple of months, Jolene restructured her whole training program, and has arranged over 2 years of classes at the intermediate level, with students coming back week after week to progress (in fact, she still has some students from her very first class working with her).  She also runs beginner classes, advanced classes, and of course parties for various functions and events.  In the near future, you will also see more from what Purity has available to offer.

The Purity classes continue to go from strength to strength, with waiting lists at most of her venues across the South East.  Jolene currently three teachers working with her at various locations, and a further three new teachers in training to take on new venues later this year.  Her passion is for doing things the best way she knows how, and spending hours per day researching and developing new ways to make her classes as good as they can be.

I was fortunate enough to properly meet Jolene in July 2007 through my early work on the pole, during which time Jolene has helped me progress to become a professional pole dance performer and a member of Equity. I might still be a little biased though, as we’re due to be getting married later this year J

This article was written by pole performer, Jason of

Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd.

ETEDance first opened its doors in November of 2005 and was the first pole dancing school in the Chicago area.

Mary Ellyn Weissman, the owner and creator of ETEDance, is married and a mom of 2 grown boys. She began her pole-dancing career after receiving a short lesson on pole dancing while traveling abroad in 2004. Prior to that time her pole dance experience was limited to brief and hesitant attempts in local nightclubs.

She started up her school through self-training with much encouragement from the community and friends after having offered a few parties and private lessons.

Since that time, Mary Ellyn has studied with Katie Coates, Sharon Polsky, and Jenyne Butterfly and has received her Pole Dance Instructor certification as a Master Instructor through Pole Fitness Studios with Fawnia Mondey-Dietrich,

Mary Ellyn has also developed the first pole dance instructor certification course in the Midwest to be approved for CEUs by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.

All instructors at ETEDance are first aid and group fitness instructor certified, as well as have successfully completed the ETED Pole Dance Instructor Certification course.

ETEDance offers group and private pole dancing classes. Our group classes are multi-level, divided into basic/intermediate and advanced/experiences programs.

In the group classes, students progress through 6 levels and are taught choreographed routines with emphasis on form and safety to maximize their learning ability as well as to minimize risk of injury.

At the advanced level, classes are on-going but continue with multi-level instruction adjusting the dance routines to fit individual progress.

Empowerment Through Exotic Dance, Ltd. has two locations:

Main Studio:

445 South Halsted Street
Chicago Heights, Illinois, 60411, USA

Satellite Location:

663 North Lagrange Road
Frankfort, Illinois, 60423, USA

Phone: 815-341-6607



Mary Ellen Pole dance

LoveSpin was set up in August 2007 by Polly Harris after she couldn’t get any advanced lessons close by. It was started in her spare bedroom and has gone from strength to strength.  In March the following year Leah Campbell, Polly’s childhood friend, joined the company.  Both shared a passion for pole dancing and an ambition to make it recognised and respected the same as any other dance genre.  

Since the early days Polly and Leah have gained their Exercise to Music, Vertical Dance Instructor qualification and first aid certification, with this LoveSpin have taught in gyms throughout North Wales and Chester.  In March 2009, after a lot of hard work and dedication the LoveSpin Pole Dance Studio was opened.  This was a culmination of both girls’ aspirations and determination to create a place where everyday, normal people can learn to pole dance in a friendly, yet professional atmosphere.   The LoveSpin studio has 7 fixed x-poles, a full wall of mirrors and the use of crash mats, towels, wet wipes and chalk.  

Since moving into the studio LoveSpin has taken on their first employee, and taken part in Pole Unity 2009.  The North Wales school is yet to reach its peak, and both Polly and Leah show no sign of slowing down.  LoveSpin still has plans to expand and are more determined than ever.  Watch this space….

Please visit our brand new website:

Love Spin Pole dancing

The History:

For those of you who don't know me my name is Sam Remmer and I have been pole dancing since March 2004. I also run my own pole school called The Art of Dance where I employee 6 other pole dancing instructors and 2 Burlesque instructors. Having been involved in the pole dancing industry for over 5 years I have seen many changes and have been pleasantly surprised at how popular pole dancing has become.  However, that popularity seems to have come with a price: As the number of pole schools has been increasing, I have become aware that not all of them seem to be passionate about pole dancing and many seem interested purely in cashing in on a growing trend.

My first real concern arose when I found out about a local university that was teaching classes with 8 people per pole!  The instructor did have a massive amount of knowledge physiology and anatomy - but had no real knowledge of pole dancing. I met up with some of her students and found them inverting in a very dangerous fashion and with 8 per pole they are rarely supervised. My next concern came about when I heard that someone was teaching pole dancing from their bedroom.  They were charging £10 per hour and apparently there was barely enough room to swing a cat.  One student explained to me that on her first lesson she paid £10 and then spent the first 10 minutes watching a YouTube video before being told she could then go into another room containing a pole and practice what she had just watched.  The student was then left on her own, unsupervised for most of the remainder of the hour.

In 2006 I entered my first national pole dancing competition - Miss Pole Dance UK - where I qualified for the finals.  Entering such a competition gave me the opportunity to meet up with other dancers from across the UK so we could chat and share ideas. In 2007 and 2008 I again entered the Miss Pole Dance UK competitions and Pole Divas championships and qualified for the finals, on each occasion meeting more respected dancers and establishing close friendships too.

In 2007 I attended the International Pole Federation (IPF) meeting which was an attempt to form a governing body.  I was selected to be on the board but unfortunately the IPF never got established.  Despite the failure of the IPF, those who attended the meetings continued to fight for what they believed in and we were determined to push things forward  Subsequent attempts have been made but it has proved difficult to unify the pole dance industry.

My concern was that no one actually wanted a governing body that would dictate how they should teach or what qualifications they should have - yet everyone was agreed that they wanted better standards.  Achieving this was not going to be easy and as with any industry, divisions were already occurring.

My idea was to establish an advisory body rather than a governing body.  That way individuals could have some freedom to make their own decisions. The Pole Dance Community idea was not only to set standards and give advice but to be a portal and networking area so that anyone could use the site for free advice, promotion or fun. I also wanted to use my existing contacts within the industry to make democratic choices about how the site is run and what the codes of conduct contain otherwise it would just me me dictating to the rest of the industry and that was unlikely to succeed.

It is as a result of these (my history and my passion for pole dancing) that I started to work with people such as Genevieve Moody from The Flying Studio and Dana Mayer from Rock n Roll Pole who are responsible for setting set up the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party. The Equity group has been a brilliant opportunity for pole people from across the UK to meet up and share ideas and set actions into place. The Equity group were responsible for the first official UK Pole Dance Day which happened on 1st May 2009.

Working with the Equity group further highlighted the need for an advisory body as well as allowing us to share ideas and discuss how we could make the pole dancing industry better for those who are passionate about it.

So in May 2009 the Pole Dance Community (PDC) site was launched.  It  will continue to be a work in progress and will continue to rely on the support of it's members and the input of groups such as the Equity working group.

My hopes for the future are that the PDC site will continue to grow and gain support and will prove increasingly valuable to those involved in modern pole dancing. I also hope that through sites like the PDC and through the hard work of many pole dancers across the globe we will help to educate the public about our art so that pole dancing can be recognised for the amazing gymnastic dance form it really is.

Sam Remmer x

The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory body for the UK and international pole dancing industry. We offer advice to pole dance schools and individuals who choose to pole dance for fitness and recreation. Pole dancing is a modern day phenomenon undertaken by both men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

The Pole Dance Community consists of a group of independent pole dance schools, pole dancing instructors, pole dance competition promoters and pole dancing photographers who democratically follow a code of conduct and who work together to provide best practice.

The Pole Dance Community site is administered by Sid and Sam Remmer.

The Pole Dance Community (PDC) provides a series of codes of conduct promoting good practice within the pole dancing industry.

Compliance with these codes allows industry professionals to proudly display the PDC Approved logo.


Is the PDC a governing body?

Can anyone join the PDC?

How can the PDC benefit me?

How do I become a PDC approved school?

Why use the PDC shop?

I live outside the UK, can I buy items from the PDC shop?

I want to register to join the site but live outside the UK, can I still join?

I run a school outside the UK and would like PDC approval, is this possible?

Is the PDC a governing body?

No the PDC is not a governing body, it is an advisory body. The PDC aims to set standards within the industry and to encourage a safe working environment for all pole dancers. Check out our Code of Conduct for full details.


Can anyone join the PDC website?

Yes, anyone who has an interest in pole dancing can join the site as an interested individual. The PDC will remove any members who do not follow the PDC Code of Conduct or who upload inappropriate content.


How can the PDC benefit me?

If you are a school / teacher then the PDC can provide help and support as well as guiding you towards cheaper insurances, free promotion and marketing, acces to the Advancment and Accreditation Programme, free on-line syllabus, the latest news and updates and so much more.

If you are a promoter then the PDC can promote your event on the newsflash sections of the site and can link directly to your website.

If you are a student then you can get advice on choosing a school, and you can report any bad experiences you have had as a student. You can check out the fabulous PDC approved videos rather than spending hours trawling through YouTube. You can also view our free on-line pole dancing syllabus and use our Pole Dance Shop to buy tried and tested pole dancing products.


How do I become a PDC approved school?

To become a PDC approved school you simply click the 'Register Your School' link and follow the onscreen instructions.  You may apply online or by post.  There is a one-off £10 application fee which covers the PDC's time taken to review your application.  Please note that this is a non-refundable fee, regardless of the outcome of your application.

Once your application has been approved, you will be able to use the PDC logos and will have access to the Approved Schools only forum.  You will also qualify for the PDC instructors insurance.  As an Approved school, you may integrate the AAP syllabus and conduct gradings if you wish.


Why use the PDC shop?

The PDC shop only features products that are tried and tested by established pole dancers. All PDC products are genuine so you will not find fake x-poles or fake consumables.


I live outside the UK, can I buy items from the PDC shop?

Yes, we can ship to almost any destination, just e-mail us to let us know what items you are interested in, we give you a free quote and then if you want to proceed with an order we can send you a payment request. On receipt of payment we can ship your items straight out to you.


I want to register to join the site but live outside the UK, can I still join?

Yes, anyone can register. The site was originally set up for the UK market only but we soon realised that the site was of interest to the international market.


I run a school outside the UK and would like PDC approval, is this possible?

Yes, as long as you are abiding by the PDC code of conduct for approved dance schools then you can register with the PDC, we have already approved schools in the United States and Singapore as they have demonstrated compliance with our codes.


If you can't find an answer to a question you have about the site just e-mail us and we will be happy to help you.

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