To REP's or not to REP's?

There has been an on-going debate within the pole dancing world as to what is the best way to qualify as a pole dancing instructor. For many the ideal route has been the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP's). REP's has a great reputation for its work with aerobics instructors and gym managers but is it the right body for pole dancing teachers?

To become a pole dancing instructor with REP's you need to do 2 things; firstly you need to complete an Exercise to Music course at Level 2 and then secondly you need to do a REP's registered continuing professional development course with one of the REP's pole dancing providers. The problems with this route is that there is often no pre-requisite for any pole dancing experience meaning that anyone could qualify as a pole dancing instructor by merely doing a 2 week ETM course and by doing a 1 day pole dancing instructor qualification.

Emily Smith achieves PDC approved Level 2 pole dancing instructor status.

Emily Smith Pole Divas 2010

Emily Smith, principal instructor and proprietor of Emily's Pole Fitness in Swindon has acheived successful Level 2 pole dancing instructor status, her application was supported by Level 2 pole dancing instructor Anna-Marie Fulbrook and Level 1 instructor Jessica Hofgartner Griffis aka Jessabella Polesista.

Anna Marie said "I would like to put forward a reference for Emily Smith’s Instructor Level 2 Status.  I have known Emily for over 2 years and have spent a lot of hours poling with her on a professional capacity, instructor sessions and fun times.  

She is an inspiring and motivational character; her attention to instructing is precise, patient and realistic, safe and fitness based so very effective.  Emily has also put together some amazing shows for her students to demonstrate their achievements and skills, thus a fantastic Pole Performer.

A very worthy Level 2 Status Instructor."

The Pole Dance Community Syllabus evolves.

  • PDC Syllabus 2011 pole dancers

The Pole Dance Community's first official Syllabus filming day took place on Sunday 17th April at the Spin City Studios in Clifton, Bristol, UK. A huge thanks to PDC approved level 2 pole dancing instructor Kate Johnstone for lending us her lovely studio. A big thanks also to Robyn Rooke from 360 pole dancing, Sarah Scott from Studio 22, Miranda Goldring from Pole Affinity, Emily Smith from Emily's Pole Fitness, Kate Johnstone from Spin City, Sam Remmer, Rosanna Durban and Emma Thorpe from the art of dance, Shelley Neave from House of Pole, Alexander Conley from Spin City Exeter and Clare Rigby from Zig's Pole Fitness.

Kate Edwards from Spin City Pole Fitness achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Kate Johnstone pole dancer
Kate Edwards nee Johnstone received her references from PDC approved pole dancing instructors Dana Mayer (formerly PDC Approved) and Pippa Caesar. Dana from Rock 'n' Roll Pole said "I have known Kate for approximately 2 years through the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party. In this time I have found Kate to be one of the most highly capable and motivated business owners I have had the pleasure to meet. Not only does she possess a plethora of formal fitness qualifications, her enthusiasm for pole dancing is endless, and her ability to think creatively, both in terms of offering interesting courses for her students and solving business problems, is really second to none.  Kate has a tireless work ethic and her ability to turn her ideas into action is really extraordinary.

Last year I had the pleasure to witness Kate's students in action at a performance in Bristol for a charity event. The standard of their skill was testament to the excellent instruction offered by Kate and her Spin City team. Highly, highly recommended without reservation."

Amy Butterworth from Candy and Chrome achieves PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Tiny Pole dancing picture Amy received references for her 4 star application from PDC approved instructors From Jamie Taylor from Defy Gravity and Tracy Huckfield from Pagan's Pole. Jamie said "“Amy is a conscientious instructor, constantly finding ways to improve her classes and make her students happy. Amy is never stuck her ways and is always up to date on new techniques that will make classes better for her students, unafraid to ask anyone she can for their opinion. A confident instructor with a strong passion for everything Pole, which anyone would be lucky to have as their teacher.

Penny Howarth from BodyBarre in Manchester achieves PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Penny Howarth pole fitness

Penny has been dancing since the age of 4 and has worked in a variety of roles, including teaching and performing.  Penny’s background includes training in many dance disciplines from ballet and tap to break dance!  Much of her career has involved choreographing and dancing in theatres up and down the UK, with her first professional dance appearance at the age of 11.

Official Press Release for UK Pole Dance 2011.


On Sunday 1st May 2011 the Equity Pole Dancers working Party (EPDWP) celebrate our third official pole dance day (UKPDD). The UKPDD allows pole dancing schools across the UK to demonstrate their art to members of the public. In addition to the satellite events happening nationally the EPDWP are proud to announce the biggest UKPPD showcase to date in London featuring some of the UK's top pole dancers performing at the Riverside Studios in London. This amazing showcase will demonstrate pole dancing at its finest and will aim to challenge the negative stereotypes that surround this beautiful dance genre.

Maxine Devis from Pole Fitness Windsor achieves 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Maxine Holmes pole dancerMaxine is the principal instructor and proprietor of UK pole dance school Pole Fitness Windsor.

Maxine recieved professional references from PDC Pioneer KT Coates from Vertical Dance and 4 star pole dancing instructor Anna-Marie Fulbrook from BAD studios.

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Aimee Lawson from PDC approved pole dance school Northern Pole Dance achieves 4 star pole dancing Instructor Status.

Aimee Lawson Stagragzer pole dancing picture

Aimee received references from PDC approved pole dancing instructors Jess Leanne Norris (no longer PDC Approved) from JLN Pole Fitness and Becky Campy from Blush dance.

Becky said "I support Aimee Lawsons request for PDC 4 star instructor, I have met Aimee only a couple of times, the first was whilst visiting Newcastle to judge the PoleDivas Newcastle Heat. During the time spent with Aimee in Newcastle I saw she was very friendly, she openly welcomed all entrants, competitors and myself to the heat appropriately and got on with everyone involved fast. Aimee co-ordinated her staff, helpers in a professional manner and it was clear they respected her as a friend and a teacher. I met a few of her students who were competing, their ability was good and it was clear there training was built on good foundations. Every time I have met/spoke with Aimee since I have found her friendly and easy to work with. I have no hesitation to refer Aimee as I feel she has a good reputation as a pole dancing instructor and business owner."

The Becca Butcher Interview by Tiny from PDC approved pole dance school Candy & Chrome.

The Samurai Queen of Pole!

I have just completed a Masterclass with Becca Butcher, this year’s international trixpert – winner of ‘Polarity’.  At this point, all I know about Becca Butcher is what the internet tells me : – that sometime in 2009, she sprung from the ground and entered a high profile pole dance competition alongside some of the current greats.  Becca’s pole dancing made people gasp with awe, after only pole dancing for a short time this is a rare thing.  I wanted to see more so I started looking around for all things Becca,  THEN I found one of the coolest things ever:

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