Discoveries Dance - a PDC approved pole dance course.


Professional, scientific and designed by a certified educator with 15 years teaching experience.

This pole dance training program was developed to provide professional guidance and quality education for both budding and seasoned pole instructors. This course is designed to assist the experienced* pole enthusiast in developing her teaching and safety skills.  With an emphasis on anatomy, proper alignment, and instructional technique, this certification program aims to awaken the natural teacher inside each dancer.  Students will leave the training prepared to lead pole dance classes with confidence and technical know-how.

This dynamic twelve hour training will consist of lecture, group exercises, demonstrations, hands-on learning activities and practical teaching experiences.  Each participant will receive an extensive training manual and will leave the training with a new found confidence in their teaching skills.  Students will need to pass a written and practical exam to receive their certificate of completion.

Home study is also an option for completing the Discoveries Dance course.

This pole dance course has been approved for 1.2 ACE and 10.5 AFAA CEUs!

* Students taking this course should have the ability to execute beginner, intermediate and some advanced pole dance work.

For more information or to book visit the Discoveries Dance website.

PDC approved event United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2011 - Latest news!!

UKPPC pole dancing logo
The eagerly awaited results of the on-line heats of UKPCC are now out!!


The professionals that will be going forward to the Semi Final on the 9th of October in Birmingham are:

Featured Pole Dancing Student Laura Hodgkins from PDC approved pole dance school Pole Control.

Laura Hodgkins Helen Pole Dance Grading
Pole Dancing Student Laura Hodgkins has just successfully graded at Level 5 under the watchful eye of her PDC approved instructor Helen Bishop.

We spoke to Laura to find out more about her and her passion for pole dancing.

When did you start pole dancing?

Featured Pole Dancing Instructor Angel F from Discoveries Dance, Maryland, USA.

Angel Farthing Pole Dancing Portrait

Discoveries Pole Dance was launched by Angel F in 2010 to help fill a need for professional and safety-aware pole dance instructors.  She developed this course using knowledge gained from fifteen years of experience as a professional educator and from extensive research on the impact of aerial dance on the upper body and the joints.  A lifelong fitness enthusiast, she fell in love at first spin and hasn't been to a traditional gym since. With a belief that a well taught pole class can be safe, healthy and downright FUN for men and women of many ages, Angel's mission is to help promote pole dance as an acceptable form of fitness.   

PDC approved pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin from Polelatis achieves 4 star status.

Ally OReilly Pole Dancing Picture
Ally Franklin is the proprietor and principal instructor of Polelatis in Bridport, Devon, UK. Ally received references for her Level 4 status from fellow PDC approved instructors Karen Currie from Princess K and Jenni Gooch from South Pole AKademy.

Level 4 references:

"Ally is well respected along the south coast as a Pole Fit Instructor combining her extensive knowledge of both Pole Fitness and Pilates; bringing her own fun style to her classes and enabling students to build their fitness whilst promoting core stability.
As a trained dancer, she makes Pole Fit moves flow beautiful together when combined into a routine and it is lovely to watch her perform.
Ally is a great ambassador for Pole Fitness as a physically strong, flexible and confident instructor whose interest in furthering her students’ ability is clearly her main focus.

Polelatis pole dancing students pass their AAP gradings!

AAP Pole Fitness Grading Polelatis

PDC approved pole dancing instructor Ally O'Reilly has been guiding her students through the Advancement and Accreditation program resulting in 10 students passing their pole dance gradings!

The successful students were:

Level 1 - Katie Goodall, Natasha Macdonald, Diana Takezoe, Louise Ward.
Level 2 - Pixie Clift, Becky Laing, Sarah Bullen, Lindsay Harding.
Level 3 - Jo Smith.
Level 4 - Rachel Begley.

PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Stacey Snedden.

Stacey Snedden Pole Aerial

Stacey Snedden is the principal instructor at Herts Dance and Fitness.

Stacey has been in the industry since 2004 - she has worked for XPOLE International since 2005 and is now the international sales manager for XPERT Pole & Aerial Teacher Training, the worlds largest Pole & Aerial Teacher Training programme.

Stacey is the organiser and co-owner of Pole Theatre UK, Pole Theatre Ireland and Dance Filthy UK, and the owner of Herts Dance & Fitness training centre in Welwyn Garden City.

Jolene Whiting achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Jolene Parlour Pole Dancing image

Jolene Whiting of Purity Studio has been pole dancing since 2003 and is well known within the industry as a teacher, performer and judge. Jolene received her 2 references from fellow 4 star instructors Kate Johnstone from Spin City and Sam Remmer from The Art of Dance.

Jolene Whiting's Pole Dance CV:

I started learning to pole in January 2003 and have been teaching pole dancing since January 2005. I love teaching pole so much that I wanted to go full time so I set up Purity in 2006 and a year later gave up office work. I have never gone into the stripping industry, which has inspired my students a lot, and keeps them coming back for more.

PDC approved pole dance school Emily's Pole Fitness expands!

Emily's Pole Fitness Pole Dancing Students group

Emily's Pole Fitness is run by our Level 2 approved pole dancing instructor Emily Smith and is supported by PDC approved Level 1 instructor Leila White who also teaches at Emily's Pole Fitness (EPF). EPF has now upgraded to a bigger and better new pole dance studio!

Emily has been teaching pole dancing classes for around 4 and a half years and decided to set up her own school in April 2010. Emily started in a pub function room and after only 10 weeks moved to her first studio with 3 poles. As Emily’s classes are so popular she decided it was time to upgrade and open a bigger and better pole dance studio which she has successfully achieved and is now based in BSS House in Cheney Manor Industrial Estate in Swindon. Emily’s new studio has 8 X-poles in total, 6 of them are 12ft high poles fixed to the ceiling and the floor, the other 2 poles are X-stage poles.

Candy & Chrome Charity abseil for Wrexham Special Care Baby Unit.

Candy Chrome pole dancers

On 26th June 2011 Amy Butterworth aka Tiny took a selection of Candy and Chrome pole dancing students on a 150 foot abseil down the aptly named Devil's Gorge.

We spoke to Tiny to find out what on earth possessed her and her students to throw themselves down a solid stone cliff face!

To REP's or not to REP's?

There has been an on-going debate within the pole dancing world as to what is the best way to qualify as a pole dancing instructor. For many the ideal route has been the Register of Exercise Professionals (REP's). REP's has a great reputation for its work with aerobics instructors and gym managers but is it the right body for pole dancing teachers?

To become a pole dancing instructor with REP's you need to do 2 things; firstly you need to complete an Exercise to Music course at Level 2 and then secondly you need to do a REP's registered continuing professional development course with one of the REP's pole dancing providers. The problems with this route is that there is often no pre-requisite for any pole dancing experience meaning that anyone could qualify as a pole dancing instructor by merely doing a 2 week ETM course and by doing a 1 day pole dancing instructor qualification.

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