Cindy Cooijmans is our latest PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor.

Cindy Cooijmanns Pole Fitness instructor
Cindy Cooijmanns is known throughout the pole dance world as both a pole dance teacher, respected judge and creator of the Pole Move Box. Cindy received her references from PDC Pioneers KT Coates and Elena Gibson.

Elena Gibson said "Cindy is a great asset to our community, amongst other achievements, she has tirelessly worked to produce the Polemove box which I believe is a great product to be used as source of reference for studios, instructors and students.  She dedicates much of her time and effort to promote pole dancing both in her home country and internationally, Cindy is a very ambitious and positive person who I greatly admire."

KT Coates said "She is the nicest, kindest, selfless person in pole. She does pole because she loves it, she never gets involved in any unpleasantness and she is loved by everyone as an instructor, a business woman and a poler. She is a one off!"

Education & Training

Professional Qualifications:

Aerobic and Fitness trainer since 1995
Pole Fitness trainer since 2006

This is besides my normal day job (my husband and I run a large butcher’s shop for 10 years now, and I got my degree in Advertising and Merchandising)

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:

Aerobic Fitness instructor (certificate from Aerobic Fitness Netherlands)
Pole Fitness instructor
IPDFA Basic, intermediate and advanced instructor
Elevated Level 1
On going: IPDFA Master trainer
On going: Vertical Dance instructor and EPIC youth coaching.

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Pole Dance Community 4 star approved instructor
Judges representative for IPSF
PFA Ambassador (2012)
Officer of Terminology for IPDFA

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:

USA: Pantera Blacksmith, Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Marlo Frisken Steven Retchless, BadAzz, Caterina Gennaro, Zoraya Judd, Kelly Yvonne, Natasha Wang, Michelle Stanek, Phoenix Kazree, Lacy Mc Garry
South America: Rafaela Montenaro, Vanessa Costa, Aline Kerber
Europe: KT Coates, Elena Gibson, Sally-Ann Giles, Bendy Kate (UK) Celine Shabba Le Gall (DE) Angy Knight (BE), Manuela Carinairo (FR), Màrion Crampe (FR) Jeannine Wilkerling (DE) Anastasia Akentyva (CZ) Loic Lebret (FR), Alessandra Marchetti (IT) Natalia Tatarinseva (U)
Hanka Venselaar (NL) ElisaJo (NL)
Russia: Evgeny Gresilov, Kira Noire and Anastasia Skuktorova
Australia: SuzieQ and TobyJ, Cleo the Huricane, Andrea Ryff, Carlie Hunter and Jamilla Deville
Asia: Jady Chao (HK), Radjesh Mudki Mallakhamb (India)
Elisa Jo Studio Haarlem
Lasya University Nijmegen
Pole Tricks Zonhoven Belgium
Studio Noxcuse
Hosted and attended Workshops in our studio with:
Saulo Sarmiento 30 december 2018
Jenyne Butterfly, 24 January 2018
Kenneth Kao, 28 July 2018
Andrea Ryff, 15 Sept 2018

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:Cindy Cooijmanns Pole Dancing instructor

KT Coates and Elena Gibson

Teaching History:

Cindy has been teaching group classes: Aerobics, Steps, Callanetics, BOSU, Street dance, Jazz dance and Gogo dance since her certifications in 1995. After the birth of her 3 sons, she wanted a new sport challenge, which she found in Pole Dance. After taking a Pole teacher trainer course  she started teaching Pole classes in 2006.

Student's pole dancing success:

“One of my students; Nicole Beerens has won the title Pole Fitness champion 2010. At that moment that was the highest competition you could enter in the Netherlands. I train/help a lot of national and international pole dancers now a days. Helped Yvonne Smink with her TV debut on ‘Everybody Dance Now’ were she made it to the final show. And I’m Hanka’s helpdesk if she needs advise.”

Continuing Professional Development:

Aside from Cindy's many master-classes she also avidly keeps on top of all that is happening within the pole dancing world.

"I read all there is about the Pole Sport, I think I saw almost every DVD and keep attending and organizing workshop and courses to do with Pole.  I like to work and talk with professionals from all around the world, there is still so much to learn!"


Followed 2 courses in BungeeFly
Tried YinYoga and PowerYoga classes
Trying to keep up to date by training with other Pole studio owners once every month
Still drawing all the Code of Points elements for the IPSF
Teaching Pole (all levels) 3 evenings a week at Sportstudio Ilse Sint Michielsgestel
Teaching short introduction Pole courses at 3 different high schools 2 times a year (Elde college Gestel, Elde college Schijndel and Gymnasium Beekvliet)
And occasionally a bachelor party
Teaching my own Pole instructor refreshment course weekends this year, at 5 different large studios and 2 for in-depended Pole instructors (this is a 6 hour course covering teaching technics to experience pole instructors, not focussed on tricks but on who to teach people and help them grow) References:
Paalsport Venlo
Dancecenter Breda
Sportief Paaldansen Utrecht

Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:

Cindy is not a competitive person; “I don’t like entering in a competition.” She loves to train people to go into competition! And helped a lot of Dutch Pole girls in their preparation for a competition.  She rather helps to organize competitions like the Dutch, Benelux, European and the World Pole Sport championships in London.

Co organised the World Pole Sports Championship weekend in Tarragona Spain July 2018

Professional Pole Appearances:

You will not see many Pole dance appearances from me. I’m mostly behind the scenes, either organizing or judging shows or competitions.

Judging Involvement:

2010-2011-2013 Benelux Pole Championships
In Holland I judged the Beat Gravity competition, The Pole Move Battle and the National Championship.
2010 Taylors retreat cup (UK)
2012-2013- 2015 IPSF World Pole Sport Championship
2011-2014 French National
2011-2013-2014 German Pole Fitness and Miss and Mister Pole dance
2012 Most Pole2Pole competitions
2013 IPC in Singapore, 2015 IPC video entries and awards
2014 Pole Classic Las Vegas USA
2015 HKCH championship Hong Kong
2013-2014-2015 IPSF Nationals in Germany, Netherlands and Sweden.
IPC head judge for the video enteries
Judge at Belgium national championship in Gent, 15 April 2018
Judge at the Norwegian nationals in Oslo, 5 May 2018
Head judged the Chinese Pole Sports nationals in Beijing, 26 May 2018
Head judged the South Korean Pole Sports nationals in Seoul, 2 June 2018
Contesting judge for the World Pole Sports Championships Tarragona Spain, 14-15-16 July 2018
Still volunteer on the IPSF judges committee, main job to find certified judges for all IPSF

Sponsorship (gained or provided):
It is not my goal to gain money with the Pole Move Box. It’s a hobby, so everything I earn goes back into the Pole industry. First by updating the Box every year with more amazing models and the newest moves. And of course by sponsoring events and competitions.
You can find Pole Move Box all over the world. From a small regional or national championships up to the World championships.
From the North and South American, Australia, European to Asia.

Cindy cooijmans Star Fish Pole dancing picturePole Dancing Promotions Involvement:

In the city I live in I started promoting Pole Sport in 2006. I believe everyone in our town is convinced Pole is a Sport now.
I have written may articles for the Dutch press to promote the Pole Sport.
I encourage many of my pole friends to be in television program’s, Hanka showed up in several programs already and one of my friends Flora Gatina, ended in the top 3 of Holland got talent.

Funny story:

In October I was promoting the European Pole Championship, I helped organizing. I phoned the press and television, they said: “ohh but that not news, everyone knows Pole is a sport.” so it looks like we have accomplished that for the Netherland to LOL. (I realise that was only one reporter saying that, so we keep on promotion)

Charity involvement:

Charity involvement:
2007 Guinness World record attempt for Make a wish foundation.
2008-2009-2010 Pole Unity for several charities.
2010 Spring Pole Dance Party for the Pink Ribbon Foundation.
2014 Guinness World record attempt for KWF cancer foundation.
The Pole Move Box donates to charities too. For every Box sold, 5 dollars goes to ‘Timber’s kids’ A great cause from created by a great Pole artist.


Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

I would like to keep on enjoying and teaching Pole, as often as possible. I have 5 full enthusiastic group which I teach every week. And every workshop I give (in the Netherlands and Belgium) is filled to the max. I love to keep it that way by staying updated and innovative.

My personal goal would be to make the pole names universal!!! I think if we join hands we can make it happen!!

Cindy's 2017 Activities:

  • In January I officially become UPA’s Pro Poler of the Year 2017
  • Updated all my IPSF certificates (Code of Points, judge and Head judge)
  • Finally finished the IPDFA Master training
  • Organised the World Pole Sports Championship Weekend in July for the IPSF
  • Created a refreshment course for Pole instructors in the Netherlands to keep try and motivate them to take a real instructor course (in Holland people think they know it all and don’t bother to pay for a teacher training. Which bothers me extremely! So I try to make them aware of that you have to keep learning and that they are responsible for a safe and healthy class environment)
  • Workshops I took this year:  Michelle Shimmy, Sarah Scott, Marlo Fisken
  • Workshops still to come this year: Saulo Samiento (he will be in our studio 29th of December to teach workshops)
  • Judged IPC video prelims as Head judge, and judged several regional and national championships.
  • Still work as technical adviser for IPDFA, judges director for IPSF
  • Visited Pole Theater Worlds and still enjoying life!

PDC Approved Pole dancing Instructor and Industry Pioneer Fawnia Dietrich.

Fawnia Dietrich Pole Fitness Studio US
Fawnia Mondey is firmly established as one of the world's most influential pole dancers and is a true industry pioneer. Fawnia was one of the first ever people to release a fitness based pole dancing DVD and she has been teaching pole dancing since 1994.

Featured New Pole Dancing Instructor - Lauren Kenealy from Lakita Dance.

Lauren Kenealy Pole Dancing Instructor

Lauren Keneally is the principal instructor and proprietor of Lakita Dance in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. Lauren is an accomplished dancer with a long background of dance training starting with A-levels in dance and drama before undertaking a degree in Dance and Physical Theatre.

Lauren pictured left - image courtesy of Claire's Photography (Claire Winters)

Lauren's Education and Pole Dance Training

Professional Qualifications:
A Level Dance and Drama
BA Hons Dance Drama and Physical Theatre Degree
PTLLS Qualified
Assessor Qualified

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
Personal Trainer
Gym Instruction
Zumba Fitness
Bokwa Fitness
Aerial Hoop Instructor - Qualified with Spin City
Vertical Dance Beginner and Intermediate Instructor

Membership of Professional Bodies:
Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
Sam Remmer
Deb Riley
Bendy Kate
Rebecca Butcher
Sarah Scott
Zoraya Judd
Greentop Circus

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:
Lauren teaches private lessons for fellow PDC Approved Instructor Serena Smith from Dance Finesse, Clithero, UK.

Teaching History:
"I started to instruct at JLN Pole Fitness Studio, Westhoughton in June 2010 where I received my first bit of in house instructor training.

 I set up LaKiTa Dance Academy in November 2011 and have been instructing there ever since".

Student's pole dancing success:Lauren Kenealy Pole Fitness Instructor
"We are running our first in house competition on the 24th November with at least 6 entries in all 4 categories.

I have students that have entered DFA’s British Pole Superstar Competition in March 2013."

Continuing Professional Development:
I train myself at least twice a week and have privates once a month with Bendy Kate at Dance Finesse in Clithero. I regularly host workshops, the last 3 being Anastasia, Rebecca Butcher and Bendy Kate. I attended 2 workshops with Sarah Scott on the 2nd November and also had a private session with her. I also attended Zoraya Judd’s workshop in Blackpool on the 7th November.

I also attend Greentop Circus every month when they hold aerial workshops.

I recently went on the first Aerial Hoop Instructor training course with Spin City.

Competition Achievements:
2nd Bucks Pole Fitness Championships 2012 Professional Category
3rd Miss Pole Dance UK Semi Professional Instructor Category

Professional Pole Appearances:
"I regularly perform at events, the most recent being an Aerial Hoop Performance at a wedding. Charity Events, Birthday Parties, Weddings etc."

"We have sponsorship by the Warrington Wolves Foundation who organise dance events in our local area for 16-22 years."

Publicity/Media attention:
"I have recently had an article in Indigo dance Magazine about LaKiTa Dance Academy.

We received press coverage when we opened the studio and again when we opened our second studio for our Aerial Arts and dance fitness classes.

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the UK and to Australia with the US and UK Bokwa team, so I am a part of all of their promotional videos on YouTube. I am part of the training team here in the UK and perform at all of the events."


Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
"Next year I would like to enter MPDUK and UKPPC, hopefully run my own competition and have a showcase for my students. I would like to host and attend more workshops and master classes and carry on with my aerial instructor qualifications."

Contents, page numbers, levels and cross referenced AKAs for the new PDC Pole Dance Syllabus - 2013

front cover of the new pole dance syllabus book

Responding to your feedback, a sneak-peek at the contents pages shows the more structured, user friendly layout for the updated 2013 edition.


This new and larger edition is laid out in levels and has an alphabetical contents section with cross referenced AKAs, so you can always quickly find the move you are looking for.


We have also increased the image sizes so you can more easily see and understand the techniques.


now over 400 pages

new techniques and classifications

bigger photographs

searchable contents section


Even bigger, even better.

Get your copy now!

Inter-University United Kingdom Pole Dance Competition 2013

Inter University Pole Dancing Competition 2013
The University of Essex Pole Dancing Club was founded in October 2011 and competed for the first time at ‘The Inter-University Pole Competition’ in March 2012 at Bristol University. Essex won (see picture below right) and were awarded the honour of hosting in 2013. The competition will take place on the 16th March at Essex’s Colchester Campus and will welcome approximately 150 competitors from 10 Universities around the UK.

The PDC approved judging system for this year is as follows; there will be 3 performance poles, one for each category (beginner, intermediate & advanced). Each pole will be watched by 3 judges, with a total of 9 of the UK’s most respected pole industry people judging the competition.

Sarah Brown from The Pole Studio UK gains 4 star instructor status.

Sarah Brown Approved Pole Dancing Instructor
The Pole Dance Community would like to congratulate Sarah Brown from the Pole Studio UK on her new 4 star status. Sarah Brown received glowing references from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Holly Gibbons (Pole Performance) and Stacey Snedden (Stacey Pole).


Holly Gibbons reference - Sarah is a fantastic instructor; she is very approachable and pushes me with my abilities on the pole. Sarah and the Pole Studio offer a great variation of classes; specifically Sarah focuses on the needs of her students and would not hesitant to promote another instructor if she feels they can offer different tricks or combos. Sarah is very supportive towards my own pole school and has even taught my students in her instructor courses. I hope to continue with my own training with Sarah and her instructors at the Pole Studio for years to come.

Stacey Snedden reference - Sarah Brown has developed one of the most respected Pole Studios in the UK, Her management skills and pole skills are amazing and she is a pleasure to work with. I have worked with Sarah on many events and it has always been not only successful but always a pleasure. Sarah is an asset to the pole industry and so are her Pole Studio instructors. Always friendly and welcoming. Sarah has also given me lessons previously and I have found that she is very precise in her instruction and encouraging during each of her lesson.  

Alex Backhaus receives PDC grading award.

Alex Backhaus Northern Pole dance
Alex Backhaus is the first AAP member ever to successfully complete all current levels of the PDC Syllabus grading system undertaking pole dance gradings from levels 1 to 5. Alex started her first grading at level 1 in 2011 and has undertaken a higher level of grading every three months ultimately reaching her level 5 pole dance grading in August 2012.

Holly Gibbons achieves PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor status.

Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing portrait
Holly Gibbons is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Performance in East Sussex, she has been a PDC member since 2010 and is active within the pole dance fitness industry. Holly is passionate about changing people's views about pole dancing and dispelling the negative stereotypes that surround fitness pole dancing. We spoke to Holly to find out more about her and her upgrade to PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor;


"I am a hard working, well presented, adaptable graduate who is pro-active and motivated in continuously developing professionally. I have solid qualifications and work experience in environments that require self-motivation and a focused approach. I am a dedicated team player who has leadership capabilities, and uses high standards of communication ability.

I started dancing when I was about 2 years old, specifically in ballet. When I was 4 I took up gymnastics, and over the years I attended classes in modern dance, jazz, and hip hop. For my GCSE and A-levels I chose dance as a module. When I started university I was too shy to sign up to any sports teams but felt I needed something to keep my fitness up. I saw pole dancing classes that were taught in a local pub. I learned there for 2 years, when I wanted to take it further, that’s when I found Pole Passion. I received my level 1 pole dancing instructor qualification in November, 2008 and level 2 pole dancing instructor qualification in June, 2009. I have taken part in many master classes run by Pole Passion including training with Felix, Alesia, Maxine Betts, and Amy Richardson.

For 4 years now I have run my own pole fitness classes under Pole Performance at leisure centres in Eastbourne, Hailsham and Falmer. I also run the pole fitness society at Brighton University. It is important to me to get community involvement, and change views towards pole dancing.

This year I organised a master class with Triple XBex, she travelled down to Hailsham, where I invited my students and others from South Pole Akademy and Vertipole to attend. Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing Bomb

I regularly organise pole jams throughout the year, most recently we had one at a nearby studio (Klass) who I teamed up with, so our students could jam together. Pole Performance also hosts an Xmas jam and dinner disco, and yearly garden parties where we put r-poles up and have a BBQ in the garden.

Each year I organise a show case so students can plan then perform routines to their friends, families and fellow students, the last one was on 15th October at Brighton University on their Falmer open day so potential university students could see the type of activities that were available. I also attend Brighton Universities Freshers fairs at the Eastbourne and Brighton campus to do demonstrations and get students involved. Charities are also very important to me, for the Herstmonceux school charity fundraiser I performed at their due and donated a pole dancing class for their raffle.

For the past 6 months I have been training with the Pole Studio at Taylors Retreat with Keem and Sarah Brown, and they have been lovely enough to join me onto their ‘Hire a Dancer’ team.

Future plans are to take level 3 instructor training with the Pole Studio in March 2012, and train some of my students up to become instructors for Pole Performance in the year 2012.

Additional Sporting Achievements:


Sport Relief Mile, 2008
Team Leader for a group of students volunteering

Ball Girling at the Ladies Tennis Championships at the Devonshire Park, Eastbourne
I learned discipline and leadership, for the last few years I trained other girls to be ball girls and I became team leader for many matches at the tournament. I gained confidence as I took part in two finals.

R-POLE Girl at Taylors Retreat Launch
Kay at Pole Passion gave me the opportunity to be an R-pole girl at the opening of Taylors retreat.

Angel at Miss Pole Dance 2011
Pole Performance LogoHolly received her two 4 star references from PDC Approved instructors Sarah Brown and Helen Knox from the Pole Studio in Surrey.

Helen - I support Holly's application for 4 star instructor status as I believe she has a great love for the sport and throughout my time with her and watching her on the pole I admire her determination and passion for each move she does on the pole. Holly never quits when it comes to learning something new and each lesson I have with her she will always know a new move to show and teach us. Her knowledge of the sport is great and I believe she is a brilliant instructor who can pass on her love of pole dancing to her pupils and others around her.

Sarah Brown from the Pole Studio said "I support Holly’s Level 4 instructor status because Holly is a very experienced and enthusiastic teacher. Her pupils adore her and she shows them constant support. Holly is at an advanced level of pole herself and is continually striving to become even better."

Alice Milner achieves PDC Approved 4 star instructor status.


Alice Milner pole fitness picture
Alice Milner is the proprietor and principal instructor at Pole Dancing Bath. Alice is an accomplished fitness professional, pole dance teacher and pole dance performer. Alice received her 2 references from fellow PDC Approved 4 star Pole Dancing Instructors Kate Johnstone and Stacey Snedden:

Reference - Kate Johnstone Spin City- "Having competed against Alice at the Inter Universities Pole Championship we have subsequently worked closely together – especially in setting up Spin City Bath. Alice has a great background in a range of fitness based activities including Yoga and Hula Hooping and brings elements of these to her pole work. Her qualifications including her ETM help her bring a balance approach to her classes teaching an athletic form of pole – focusing on developing both sides of the body and practising safe pole with spotters. I believe she meets all the PDC criteria and would also help work closely with the community to continue developing pole".

Reference - Stacey Snedden Stacey Pole - "Alice has always conducted herself with great professionalism when dealing with us (X-pole), She works hard to make her school the best it can possibly be by attending workshops and teacher jams and passing on her knowledge to her students. I have found Alice to be a great advocate of the Pole industry and she deserves her 4 star status"

Alice's CV.


January -  Pole Perfect teacher training courses: Beginner & Intermediate with Catherine Johns.
September -  Start teaching at Fitness First in Bath,  Start teaching at Burdalls Yard,
October -  Workshop with Pantera Blacksmith in Bristol host Claire at Pole Progression,  Attended Miss Pole Dance Uk final in London.
November -  Host 1st ever pole party at Burdalls Yard
December -  Workshop in Brighton with Pantera Blacksmith


2009Alice Milner pole dancer invert

January -  New Venue Bath Sports and Leisure centre  (took a lot of persuading to convince them it was ok!).
 Appear on ITV for an TV fixer project & also appear in local press, Bath Chronicle & western daily press.
 Help Charlotte set up pole dance society at Bath Spa University
 Feature in Bath Dance Festival appear in Bath Chronicle again.
 Host Pole Party at the Huntsman
 Perform at “Dancing in the streets” a small promotional event for my pole school
 Host & Attend workshop “Intro to Aerial skills” with Mike from Circomedia            
 Perform at the yoga show in Olympia, London with pole pals Eloise, Charly & George                     


 They liked us so much invite us back for The Diet and Fitness Show also at Olympia.
 Take poles out to Po Na Na’s as a part of the Rag week events at Bath University.
 Perform at Revolution for Launch of Stag & Hen Party guide book.
 Take poles out on trip to Dance off at Second Bridge so my pole dancing students can compete in event & they make it to the final round. (Second Bridge obviously liked the idea of poles as they now have one up permanently)
 UKPDD pole-bike 1st outing - I think the only one in the UK!
 Host 2nd Workshop with Circomedia thats it I’m hooked on silks & get myself a regular teacher.
 Perform at Walcot Arts Trail Day
 Help Holly set up Pole society at Bath University
 Perform at Bath Plug Festival at Bath Spa University along with members of the pole society
 Perform at the appropriately named! “Alice Park” in Bath
 Bristol Audition for Got to Dance (Get into next round)
 Attend polejam in Bristol hosted by Robyn of 360° with Channon
 Host Picture session in local Park
 2nd audition in front of the judges who say we look under rehearsed which we are ;-( as I’d been in Turkey teaching a yoga retreat (without pole access) for the 3 weeks b4 the audition
 Workshop with Felix Cane in Stoke-on-trent at Debs amazing studio.
 Compete in Pole Diva’s Bristol heat.
 Perform with my students at charity event “Show on the Go” up at Bath University.
 Host best Pole Party so far at Chapel Arts with Alice & 20 of her students performing.

Alice Milner aerial artst2011

 Attend Becca Butcher workshop at 360 in Bristol
 Host & attend 2 hour Jamie Taylor workshop in Bath
 Perform and help set up fund raising event for pole societies at Bath Spa SU
 Compete along with 8 of my students at the inter University Competition at Cardiff Uni - Mercedes wins a medal in the Advance category.
 Host and perform at “A Right Royale Pole Performance” at Alice Park our nod to the royal wedding ;-)
 Get Pictures I’ve been dreaming of to celebrate UKPDD with classic Bath back drop of the Royal Crescent!
 Perform for Bath Fringe Festival
 Perform at WAT day again
 Attend Acro Balance workshop at Spin City Bristol
 Feeling rejected by my regular practice peeps cheer myself up with a 121 with Robyn from 360pole in Bristol
 Perform at Taylors weekend Retreat hosted by Stacey from Xpole
 Submit Video entry for UKPPD Comp
  Attend Spin city’s Showcase in Bristol with my students
 Perform at show in Olympia again
 Host Bendy Kate workshop in Bath
 Pink Kitten Host Chinese pole workshop for me & my students in Bristol
 Xmas Party at Komedia 70 performers 30 acts certainly bigger than last year!

X-Pole PoleAway - the latest solution for removable studio poles.

For many years the installation and removal of x-poles has been time-consuming for studio owners, whilst one pole is easy to remove and install much more time is needed for pole dancing instructors with multiple poles and this can in turn result in higher rental charges, loss of income and an unintended extra workout!

X-Pole have designed the PoleAway system to solve the issues experienced by some and provide a quick and easy solution for pole dance teachers with satellite venues or studio owners who have multiple activities happening within their studios.

Check out this amazing new system and contact us to arrange to purchase a PoleAway System for your venue.

X-POLE-PoleAway 001

X-POLE-PoleAway 002


X-POLE-PoleAway 003

X-POLE-PoleAway 004


Mother and Daughter Pole Dance Duo.

UK oldest pole dance student
Mother and Daughter team Cecylia and Rebekah (Bekki) Metcalfe have been pole dancing together since 2010 and the unusual partnership has brought them even closer.


Cecylia describes herself as one of the UK's oldest pole dancers and she doesn't just do the easiest pole dancing moves!


We spoke to the duo to find out more about them and their love for pole dancing. 


The PDC Interview with Cecylia Metcalfe (aka CC or Mama Metcalfe) and Rebekah Metcalfe (aka Bekki)

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