PDC Approved 3 star Pole Dancing Instructor Shelly Cainey.

Shelly Cainey Pole-Fitness teacherMy parents would tell you that I was a child full of energy with an interest in all sports.  Dance has always been a passion in my life which started from a young age; taking part in shows and taking exam grades in Modern/Jazz and Tap.  This came to a close whilst I had my three children.  I wanted to return to some sort of exercise which had an element of dance or performance and at the age of 29, unfit and a lot larger I discovered a local class in my village that taught pole fitness called Pole Krazee and decided to give it a try accompanied by a friend for security! 

Midlands Pole Championships 2013

Midlands Pole Championships logo
Date: 5th July 2014
Times: 12pm-8pm
Venue: Festival Hall, Hodgkinson Road, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, NG17 7DJ

This is the second year we are running the Midlands Pole Championship. Our aim is to bring both professionals and amateur pole dancers together to compete in 5 different categories/levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced, professional and doubles to provide the opportunity to prove that they have what it takes to become the Midlands Pole Champion.

We hope to promote the fitness side of pole dancing but the competitors will be expected to perform a well-rounded routine that encompasses dance, flexibility, strength and fluidity. We have 6 experienced judges who will judge the applicants every step of the way through both the video entry and at the grand final.

The categories are for people from the midlands or who go to university in the midands only until after the video entry date on the 8th February. After that if we still have spaces we will open them up to everyone. The groups category however is open to everyone regardless of location.

The MPC is open to men and women over 16 years old. The MPC is a PDC Approved event.

Tickets are available through the Midlands Pole Championships website. Tickets are non-refundable. You will not get a physical ticket but your names will be put on a list. Type names of ticket holders at checkout. If you have trouble using paypal then please contact us.

Lauren Red, Pippa Loveridge, Jess Leanne Norris, Donna Gant, Lorna Thomas, Pantera

Beginner,  Intermediate, Advanced, Professional, Doubles

United Kingdom Professional Pole Championships 2014.

ukppc logo pdc approved

The UK's favourite national pole dancing competition is back.

The Grand finals will be held on this Sunday 30th November 2014 at the International Conference Centre in Telford. 

PDC wishes good luck to all involved :-)

Featured PDC Approved 3 star Pole Instructor Michelle Birks.

Michelle Birks Pole Fitness Tenerife
We spoke to Michelle Birks from Polercise Tenerife to find out about her journey into the fabulous world of pole.

After going to my first pole class,  a little over five years ago, I would never in my wildest dreams have dreamt that I would be here now – a grade five, three star approved instructor!

Gradings at Stages Pole Fitness have begun!

Stages Pole Fitness Pole Dance Grading
On Sunday 11th May, Stages Pole Fitness congratulated it's first grader. PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing Instructor, Alex Copley, recently obtained her AAP grading examiner licence and has been keen to get her students to take part in gradings.

She said: "I really want my class to experience all the fabulous opportunities that the pole world has to offer! Gradings provide great performance experience (even though it's just a short exam) and give those who have never had the chance to perform a little taster. I believe it also gives a wonderful sense of achievement as you can really show your progression by achieving each level. I'm extremely proud of all my students and how much they have learnt, I wanted to become an examiner to make sure that they had the opportunity to showcase how far they've come, give them new direction and motivation in their poling and of course, get their names of the PDC graders wall- which I think is a huge honour!"

Two of Alex's most dedicated students took part in this first session: Danielle Searle (pictured left) and Leanne Egalton (pictured below). Danielle completed her first grading in this session:

Danielle said: "I completed my pole grade 1! and I'm extremely happy that by doing the classes and my gradings I'll have something official to show my advancement in pole. Alex is a fab teacher and its always a pleasure to go to her classes"
Stages Pole Fitness AAP Grading
Leanne said: "Really enjoyed my practice session for my pole grade 1 with Alex. We went through a lot of the moves and now feel a lot more confident and ready to do my grading. Alex is an amazing teacher and thoroughly enjoy going to lessons and am extremely happy with my progression and this is all thanks to Alex's support and encouragement."

Alex: "I would like to personally congratulate the girls again, Leanne, who is progressing so fast with every class and demonstrated a very high standard in the first grading session- she will be ready to grade soon I'm sure! And Danielle, who passed her level 1 with Merit which is absolutely fab! she was so professional in her execution of her individual moves and showed a real creative streak in the routine section. I am really impressed with them both and want to thank them for coming to my classes and being such fantastic students."

Alex is planning to run more grading sessions tri-weekly and hopes that many more of her students will take part and enjoy getting some real recognition for the hard work they put in to pole classes.

Find out more about the AAP Pole Dance grading scheme. To find a PDC Approved grading assessor near you just use our school finder map. You can also submit on-line gradings and each AAP membership comes with a free syllabus DVD-ROM, a free on-line grading and plenty of AAP members discounts. Buy your AAP membership today!

Featured Member - PDC Registered 2 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Gwen Burns.

Gwen Burns Discoveries Dance Pole Teacher
Gwen Burns is one of our latest instructors who is setting up her new studio in Edinburgh in Scotland. Gwen has successfully undertaken PDC Approved Teacher Training Course Discoveries Dance as well as completing a level 4 AAP Pole Dance grading. We spoke to Gwen to find out how she discovered pole dancing;

"Before I had even left the cinema from seeing ‘Rock of Ages’ I was on my phone asking my friend to come to pole lessons with me. Just one scene of those gorgeous girls doing jaw dropping moves had me wanting to be a part of it. Not long after the cinema showing I was in my first class, shorts and all. While walking out of my first class I was, once again, on my phone, this time searching for poles online. I returned home to try and show my mum what I could do on a lamppost but it would seem a moss covered lamppost does not allow for spins. I was hooked.

I have always suffered from back pain and this was a way to have fun but give myself strength and help out my back in a big way. I began attending regular classes building up my strength and skills and enjoying every minute. As a keen student putting my all into every lesson I soon became a substitute teacher and then began teaching my own lessons. In Edinburgh there are no specific studios aimed at pole fitness and soon this became a dream of mine.

Gwen Burns Pole dancing Instructor
I travel frequently to Newcastle to be trained by the fabulous Cherry Slane (Toxic Cherry) (PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor).  Having someone so talented to train you can be very inspiring and I hope to have the same influence on my students.

The Watermelon Studio will be opening in the summer of 2014. This is a fitness studio I am bringing to the city of Edinburgh where we will be specialising in pole fitness. I hope to create a positive atmosphere welcoming all shapes and sizes. I want to bring a safe and professional environment all while having fun."

Gwen's Pole Achievements:

  • PDC AAP Level 4
  • PDC Registered 2 star pole dancing instructor
  • Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification Course

To contact Gwen for pole lessons on Edinburgh just visit the Watermelon Studio website or find them on the  Watermelon Studio facebook page.

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Alex Copley.

Alex Copley Pole fitness instructorAlex Copley currently runs PDC Approved weekly pole fitness classes at Stages Performers Academy in Romford, UK. She runs a facebook page to promote these classes called 'Stages Pole Fitness' which has over 288 likes and has been rated with 5 stars by many of the students!
Alex found her passion for pole back in 2010 during her time at Palmer's College, she has been dancing since the age of 5 and tried many different styles including ballet, tap, modern, jazz, Irish, street/hip hop, Latin & ballroom, bollywood, contemporary and lyrical! She felt she wanted to try something a bit different.

Alex said "Pole just popped into my head as an idea one day while I was researching other dance styles to try and it just seemed perfect, an alternative form of dance and fitness which was completely different to anything I had done before, I was desperate to have a go and so joined 'Pole for All' in Wickford with a couple of friends. I loved it immediately and as soon as I got in the car with my mum after class, I turned to her and said 'I want a pole, I would give up all my dancing to do pole I loved it so much!'
"After that I attended the classes regularly and bought my first pole to practise at home."

Alex Copley Pole-Dance teacherAround a year later Alex went the University of Essex in Colchester to study Psychology, she joined the dance club SXDance and was disappointed to find out that there wasn't a pole club. In her 2nd year at Essex, Alex teamed up with a fellow pole dancer Sophie Logan and together they founded the Essex Pole Dance Club in October 2011. Now in its 3rd year, the club has been a huge success- attracting over 150 members and winning the Inter-University Pole Competition 2012 and 2013 (bringing the competition onto home ground after only a year of the club being born!)

Alex took her Level 1 Pole Fitness Instructor Course in November 2011 and started teaching the students of her Uni pole club. Alex competed in the 2013 competition and placed 2nd in the advanced category which she feels has been her biggest personal pole achievement to date. Alex also competed in the University's Derby Day pole competition and performed in the club's first end of year showcase with her duet partner Rebecca Diggins.

Since graduating, Alex has been back to visit the Essex Pole Dance Club to teach a contemporary pole dance routine workshop and to support her friends and previous students in the 2014 Inter-University Pole Competition.

Alex's favourite pole spin is the reverse grab spin, she said "I love to run across the room to do this spin, flying around and then finishing gracefully just feels so wonderful and I generally get a round of applause from my beginners!". Alex's favourite pole positions are the hood ornament and the Q, she said "I have adopted the hood ornament as my class logo, I think its an underrated and underused move which really is very beautiful especially as a silhouette, I love the move called 'Q' I think its so pretty and have definitely used it in all my routines!". Alex is currently working on the Ayesha and said "I have been avoiding this move for a long time and its time for that to change! I really want to get it but have been a little nervous to try after a close call a couple of years ago- I've really grown as a pole dancer since then and know I need to get back up and try again... watch this space!"

Alex's qualifications:
Pole Fitness Level 1
Pole grading examiner licence
Emergency First Aid
BSc Psychology
Level 4 Diploma in PR (complete Dec 2014)

Alex Copley Stages pole fitnessPole - Quick Questions:
Best pole memory? "Competing and coming 2nd in the Inter-Uni Comp 2013!"
Funniest pole moment? "I have so many, I couldn't pick one but would say some of the dismounts I have seen from my students would be right up there!"
Favourite type of pole? "Chrome X-pole 45mm static."
Favourite music to dance to? "Something edgy with some quiet sections and some drops, I loved dancing to Alex Clare - Too Close and cant wait to make an advanced routine to Imagine Dragons - Radioactive one day when I have achieved all my dream moves"
Which pole dancers inspire you? "All of them, all the pro's are so incredible! But my top 5 would be: Sarah Scott, Bendy Kate, Justine McLucas, Sam Remmer and Nico ModeStine"
What hobbies do you have aside from pole dancing? "Dancing all different styles, I also plan to take up Ariel Hoop and Silks"

Final word:
"Pole dancing/ fitness really has changed my life. My physical strength has never been better, my confidence has never been higher, and my friend list has never been bigger. Pole really is an extremely unique sport, not only in its execution but also in the community which surrounds it. I can honestly say I have never felt more at home in a sport, everyone is supportive and appreciative of everyone else regardless of level, age or club membership. Its extremely special. Pole love to all. x x x"

PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Angie Montgomery from Flying Angels Fitness.

Flying Fitness Pole Dance Teacher Angie MontgomeryAngie Montgomery is the owner and instructor of Flying Angels Fitness situated in Denver, North Carolina, USA. Angie has just joined the Pole Dance Community as a PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor.

Angie has twenty years of experience in dance and she discovered Pole Fitness in 2008. Angie started teaching Pole Fitness later that same year and has been teaching and training ever since.

Until recently, she was a paralegal in the Charlotte, NC area for over twenty years, and now she is getting to share her love for Pole Fitness with others.

Flying Angels Fitness opened in April 2013 and specializes in Pole Fitness.  We also offer Chair Dance, Body Rock Cardio, Kickboxing, Strength & Stretch classes, Zumba, Aerial Silks and more.

THE POLE STUDIOFlying Fitness Pole dance studio

Flying Angels Fitness opened in April 2013. It is a beautiful fitness studio, exclusively for women, that caters to women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and fitness abilities.

Featuring 6, 14ft CHROME 45mm Studio X-Poles, with plenty of dancing room around each pole. In addition to Vertical Dance Classes, Flying Angels Fitness also offers Kickboxing, Body Rock Cardio, Zumba, Aerial Silks, as well as other fun non-pole classes.

Statement from Flying Angels Fitness "No matter what brings you to try vertical dance; to feel sexier, to learn it as an art form, to be a professional competitor or performer, or to just whip yourself into shape we provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment to empower you through every step of your vertical dance journey!"

The Pole Dance Community Syllabus Steering Group - Spring 2014.

sml front cover
The PDC Syllabus has been constantly evolving since the conception of the Pole Dance Community in May 2009. PDC members had no set syllabus to work from and this made things difficult so we set about creating a syllabus which we use to help us classify pole dancing moves so we could understand not only the levels of difficulty but also the various names used to describe different moves.

The Syllabus currently has 6 levels of difficulty and dancers can undertake pole dance gradings to certify their skill at each level. So how does the syllabus work and who decides on the names and levels of difficulty.

The PDC Syllabus Steering Group consists of PDC Approved instructors who have volunteered to help assist the development of the syllabus. Each time a move is submitted the members discuss the names and AKA's known for each move and decide what level of difficulty it should be listed under.

The group establishes what is the most commonly used and/or most descriptive name.

Development of the syllabus is not restricted exclusively to the Syllabus Steering group and anyone can put forward their thoughts and ideas, anyone can submit videos forward so the syllabus group can assess them. We will also add any of your AKA's (Also known as names) to forthcoming editions of the syllabus. Just e-mail us with your videos and alternative names so we can add them to the syllabus.

Who are the PDC Syllabus Steering Group:

Alex Tait Pole Dancing Teacher
Alex Tait - Alex is the principal instructor at Spin City Exeter based in Devon, UK. Alex was also the joint promoter of the much loved South West Amateur Pole Championships 2013 held in the South West of England each year.Alex attended the first ever PDC syllabus filming day in Bristol, UK in 2009 and was one of the first ever pole dancers to appear on the PDC Syllabus.


Alex said "When I first moved to a new pole school I was baffled by the fact that all the moves had different names, I soon found out that this was a common problem and wanted to help to get our pole community united and using a common syllabus. This is why I joined the PDC syllabus steering group.

Since then we have managed to do a lot of work collectively ensuring moves are in the correct levels and that the most common & descriptive names are used for the primary names, but even better all the AKAs are used as well."



Ally franklin Pole Dancing Syllabus
Ally Franklin - Ally Franklin is a PDC Approved 4 star instructor who runs her own studio, Polelatis in Bridport, Dorest UK.

"I was a professional dancer before I started in the fitness industry. I danced on msc cruise ships, pirates adventure and son amar in Mallorca, casino st Vincent, casino Slovenia, casino Estoril and various other dance contracts. I returned to the uk in 2007 where I started instructing etm and started my own salsa fit along with other typical classes, lbt etc. I then discovered pole. I had trained a little bit in Aerial work on the ships and at pirates such as silks, ropes and hoop but never pole. I loved it, the strength and core stability that you need for it just continues to grow, and no matter what level you have reached there are always progressions.

I now have my own little studio, Polelatis is Bridport Dorset,  am currently trying to endorse my own training course as well as being a mummy to my daughter Maisy who is 4. Along side the pole, I teach Pilates, Zumba, ante and post Natel, circuites pop dance, spinning and many more as well as being a personal trainer. Pole is my passion though and I am really happy to be part of the steering group to move the grading system forward and progress it in the future."

Bexiita Pole Dancing Syllabus

Bexiita Ackland - Bexiita runs Revved up Pole in Kent, UK and also sells her own range of pole dance clothing. Bexiita said "I've been pole dancing for since 2009 and have my own pole school with two studios in Kent. I was never a "natural" at pole but I loved it so much it wasn't exactly a chore to practice and improve! I like being part of the steering group as I'm fascinated and passionate about pole and how it is constantly evolving, with new moves,variations of moves and ever-changing levels of awesomeness!

I am constantly refer to the syllabus, especially when I'm looking to revisit moves that may have been forgotten or need refreshing. There's always something I have forgotten about. It's so user friendly and suitable for all levels. My favourite moves are anything that uses leg grips and I love splits moves, such as extended butterfly, allegra and jade




Cindy Cooijmans Pole Dancing Syllabus
Cindy Cooijmans - Cindy is internationally renowned within the pole dancing world and she is both an accomplished pole dance teacher as well being an experienced pole dance judge. Cindy is based in the Netherlands, she has been in the fitness industry since 1995 and has taught pole since 2006.

Cindy works closely with the syllabus steering group sharing ideas from her fabulous Pole Moves Box.

Cindy said "Why I’m I in the steering group? I love to keep track on new moves and think it’s important to create a universal pole language."




Julie Swart Pole Dancing Syllabus

Julie Swart - Julie is the founder of Vertical Vixen®, co-founder of The Pole Fitness Association of South Africa and co-owner of Aerial Yoga®.

She placed 2nd in the Miss Pole Dance SA Professional Division 2012, won the title of Miss Trixter and the Duets title with pole partner Alicja Gralewska. She took a break from competing in 2011 but prior to that she had won the title of Pole Dance Champion 2010, Pole Dance Champion 2008 - 2nd Place and Miss Pole Dance 2007, 2nd Place. Julie and pole partner Alicja were placed in the Top 100 for SA’s Got Talent 2012 and the dynamic duo placed 4th in the World Pole Sport Championships in July 2013.

Julie is committed to sharing her passion for dance with her students, and states that her most satisfying moments as an instructor include watching the transformation her students undergo as they become more confident, more self-assured and happier within their bodies.

Robyn Rooke Pole Dancing SyllabusRobyn Rooke - Robyn Rooke is a PDC Approved 4 star instructor who runs her own pole dancing school, 360 Pole Dancing, in Bristol, UK. Robyn is an accomplished teacher, pole performer and judge.

Robyn also manages the PDC Syllabus channel on Youtube and has done lots of filming for the PDC Syllabus.

Robyn is an advocate for stripper style and she embraces the sensual, fluid movements of pole in all her routines and performances.

Since starting pole dancing in 2005, I have been fascinated by the evolution of moves, and the language we use to describe them. We can all use different names for moves, but it’s not helpful if we can’t translate! The PDC syllabus enables students and instructors to understand each other, and this in turn pushes our industry forward. I also think I have a bit of OCD with wanting things to be catalogued and recorded. There are so many simple moves that are easy to forget once we complete our beginners’ lessons, and the syllabus can help keep them alive.
I love beautiful lines and smooth, efficient transitions between moves, no matter your background, or style of pole – the syllabus has something for you.
By separating the moves into levels, we can encourage safe progression of moves, hopefully avoiding injuries with polers trying moves too soon!





Mary Ellyn Weissmann PDC Syllabus Steering GroupMary-Ellyn Weissmann - Mary-Ellyn has been pole dancing since 2002 and opened her studio, Empowerment Through Exotic Dance in Chicago, Illinois in 2005. Mary-Ellyn is one of our PDC Pioneers. She is the organizer of the Midwest Pole Convention and the North American Pole Dance Championships and has judged a large number of competitions across North American over the past 5 years. She has also developed a pole instructor certification course as well as one of the first judges training courses offered in the US.

Through her involvement in many events, especially competitions, and while working with many pole dancers world-wide she has seen the problems that arise when pole dancers do not use the same terminology in naming moves and while several groups have set out to develop a standardized list, few have been able to keep up with the rapid growth. Additionally, many are not willing to standardize the names they use so that they all can communicate using the same terms.

She joined the PDC syllabus steering group with members who were dedicated to this ongoing task of naming moves as well cross-referencing known names from around the world in the hopes of helping pole dancers world-wide to at least understand each other if not necessarily "speak the same language".

Natasha Williams Pole Dance SA
Natasha Williams
- Natasha is a PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor based in Gauteng, South Africa. Natasha said " I joined the PDC syllabus steering committee because I have spent many years compiling a database of moves and it has been confusing when there have been so many different names used to describe the same/similar moves. I also saw that there was no proper standard when it comes to the level the moves should be taught at.
I think there is a need to standardise the names and the levels across the board to help the pole industry get clarity and understanding. Coming from South Africa we have had to make up a lot of our own move names, or we have borrowed from America, Australia and Europe. I can contribute towards the uniformity of naming as well as the levels they should be at.
I also like being part of a team of fantastic leaders who are setting standards for the industry as a whole.
I think that the collaboration between the countries has made a great deal of progress and that the work of the PDC is invaluable to many."


Sam Remmer Pole Dancing Syllabus

Sam Remmer - "Ever since we did our first filming day in 2009 it was apparent that we were all using different names to describe moves and this caused problems with students coming from other schools asking to learn moves and being unable to fathom out what move they are trying to explain, this also caused problems in competitions where restricted moves may be confused with other moves of similar names.

It is amazing how much the syllabus has changed over the years but it is definitely for the better. I am still surprised at the increasing level of difficulty of some of the moves on the syllabus but I hope we don't lose sight of the basics of pole. The moves in the lower levels of our syllabus are beautiful and I would rather see students/dancers perfecting lower level moves rather than rushing to attempt the moves at the other end of the syllabus.

Susie Q Pole Dancing Instructor


Suzie Q - Suzie Q is a household name within the pole dancing industry and is known for her stunning doubles routines with partner Toby J Monson. Suzie Q holds the following titles 2013 Australian Pole Champions (Doubles) and 2013 IPC Pole Art Champions (Doubles). Susie is based in Sydney in Australia but regularly travels the world performing and teaching.

Suzie Q said "I have been pole dancing since 2000 and now own my own pole dancing school "Suzie Q Pole Studio" in Australia. I am an X-Pert Master Trainer and as a former exotic dancer and qualified PT and Group Fitness Instructor I feel I am easily able to bridge both the "sexy" and "Fitness" aspects of pole dancing. I joined the PDC Steering Group because I felt I could offer unique a perspective from "Down Under" and I wanted to be involved in this important project."

Ley Jackson Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.


Ley jackson pole fitness instructor
Lesley AKA Ley Poleguns started her pole journey at NPD as a student then took on the running of the studio. After an amazing 2 and a half years she then moved on to being a mobile instructor teaching a pole schools and gyms including tempestdancestudio, NE33, freelance dance studio, Gateshead leisure centre, Bodyblitz, Big Als, to name a few. During this time she also travelled to teach workshops and train up new instructors with Pole Passion.

As her students base got bigger then the move to open a studio became a inevitability! This brought about the opening of Poleguns & Unit44.

Ley received her two PDC Approved Instructor references from Natasha Payne and Jo Lawton.

Reference from Jo Lawton "Ley is one of the most hard-working instructors I have ever had the privilege to work with and know.  Ley is always striving to improve, whether it is her own strength and ability or advancing her classes to get the most out of students.  She is adventurous with her creativity and is excellent at choreography of routines and events.  In the last year she has taken a lead role at NPD and has made changes to improve the business and expand into new areas, she has clear plans for the future.  The feedback she receives is testament to her teaching ability; she is motivational, supportive and leaves students eager to return.  There is no doubt that she fully deserves 4 Star Status, Ley sets a high standard at NPD that we all respect and admire."

Reference from Natasha Payne "The most notable Pole virtue of Lesley is her sheer determination to conquer the unknown.

If there's a new move she'll break it down until she gets it, her energy and determination is second to none. Once mastered her students are the first to benefit.Ley jackson pole dance portrait

She's not the first in the queue to do a show routine, but has on occasion when coerced! She's modest about her achievements, but I know she gains her own personal satisfaction from them, together with ensuring she helps & progresses others.

I've found her a great help in my progression, as there now probably only 2 pole instructors in Newcastle who are able to help me in what I achieve, Lesley being one of them.

I know Lesley personally has a deep affection for what Pole has done in her life, and will always cherish the opportunities it has given her that she never had before."

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
PDC AAP graded pole dancer level 1 to 6
(Lesley Jackson was the first person ever to grade successfully in all 6 levels)
PDC 3 star instructor 2012-2014
PDC 4 star instructor 2014-present
Spin City Advanced Instructor
Pole Passion level 1, 2 & 3 instructor
Xpert Instructor Training level 1 and 2
Youth Pole Instructor training with EPIC
Spin City Flexibility Instructor
Spin City Anatomy and Physiology
Diploma in Nutrition
Sports Coach Certificate
Personal Trainer certificate
PETLLS Level 3 edudation and training

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
Rebecca Butcher 2012
Anastasia and Evgenys 2012
Zoraya Judd 2012
Dan Rosin 2013
Sarah Scott 2013
Nico Modestine 2013
Zoraya Judd 2013
Heidi Coker 2014
Alex Schukin May 2016
Bendy Kate 2017
Lindsey lithe 2017
Sarah Scott 2017
Tiff Finney 2017

Ley jackson pole dancing teacher
The first ever UK instructors meet 2014

Ley hosted a three day event with instructors from round the country all helping each other and building amazing contacts. Ley has successfully run this event annualy since 2014.

Teaching History:

"I'v been teaching for since 2011 now and love it, I started as a helper in the class and as im so crazy about pole I keep going I have gone from helping two nights a week to running a studio with easy 300 plus students working 5 to 6 days sometimes taking as many a 7 classes in a day with up to 19 students in a class."

Student's pole dancing success:

James Burman - 2013 - Peoples choice - Pole Princess.
Sarah Garrity - 2013 - EDP, Edinburgh - 3rd in advanced.
Den Smith - 2013 - EPDC competition - 3rd place.
2013 - EDP, Edinburgh - 1st place advanced freestyle.
2013 - Pole Princess - 3rd place.
2013 - Northumbria’s got talent - 1st place.
Debs Jones - 2013 - Pole Princess - 1st place beginners.
Tarren Token - 2012 - pole to pole- 2nd place intermediate -3rd at the Glasgow heat pole to pole 
Sarah Jane Augustine - 2013 - Malaysian studio competition - 1st place Amateur category.
Rachel Britton came 2nd in the University Pole Stars advanced category in 2015.
Newcastle Pole Society won the Inter-University Pole Competition 2016.
Rachel Britton won the University Pole Stars Advanced category in 2016.
Yasmin Awan came 3rd in University Pole Stars Intermediate category 2016.
2017 - Inter-University Pole Dancing Championship - Newcastle Pole Society Overall Winners.
Kirsty Webb - 2017 Advanced Category 1st place Loughborough uni comp
Jadine Scrag - 2017 Intermediate Category 2nd place Loughborough uni comp
Jess Lackenby - Youth Category 2nd place pole sports 2018
Jess Lackenby - Youth Category 3rd place BPSC 2018
Aaron McNerlin - 2nd place Men northeast champions 2018
Gemma Jackson - 2nd place North-east champions 2018
William Henry - sparkling penny awards 2019

Professional Pole Appearances:Ley jackson pole dancing media
Joint Organiser for Northern Pole Dance Schools Showcase and Pole Princess Competition
Organiser of UK's 1st ever pole instructors networking meeting.


Ley has worked with the following sponsors:
Pole sleeves
Natural hero
Pole move box

Charity events:

Pole and hoop performance to raise money for British Heart Foundation.
Xmas Show to raise money for Combat Stress Disorder.
Guiness World Record Pole Dance raising money for Northeast Children’s Cancer Research.
Media attention gained:

Male Pole Dance Class featured on Sky TV.
Feature in the Journal discussing Keilder 10K and pole dance.
Take a Break magazine pole dance interview
Sunday Sun Guiness Pole Dance World Record.

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
"My main goal is to learn as much as I can, as I have 5 year plan to start helping instructors and supporting the industry as much as I can I love pole and feel it dose not get the acknowledgement it deservers." 

Ley also received support for her 4 star application from Zoraya Judd and Aimee Lawson who wrote the following:

Aimee said "I actively support the growth and self improvement of my instructors and since becoming my first full time instructor, Ley has progressed from strength the strength. The respect that is shown to her by her students is a measure of how professional and well thought of  she is at ‘NPD’. Her tireless work in promoting pole fitness in my studio, has presented pole classes as a viable, fun & alternative fitness regime to people who I have not reached out to before. Ley constantly pushes herself within the industry and hopes in the future to help people in situations similar to herself and enable them to realise their full potential."

Zoraya wrote "I have taught Lesley a few times in my speciality master-classes, she was an excellent listener and picked up all my teachings quickly. Knowing Lesley was an instructor I paid special attention to her when i taught her correct from and technical movements to achieve pole and fitness goals in a safe productive manner I felt confident she is able to help others the way I have helped her."


UK Pole Dance Day Thursday 1st May 2014

UK Pole Dance Day 2014
What is UK Pole Dance Day and how did it start?

• UK Pole Dance Day is a national, annual event held on 1 May that celebrates and promotes understanding of pole dance as a legitimate art form and form of exercise.
• UKPDD is a non-profit event and participation is open to all.
• Founded in 2009 by the Equity Pole Dancers’ Working Party.
• May Day was chosen as the date to encourage a better understanding of pole dance. Traditional maypole dances form part of the May Day celebrations and UKPDD builds on this great tradition.

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