The IPSF presents the World Pole Sports Championships 2015


World Pole Sports Championships15 flyer
The World Pole Sports Championships was created by the International Pole Sports Federation in 2012. The IPSF was the brainchild of PDC Pioneer KT Coates.

Held every July in London, the weekend’s events sees over 150 competitors from 30 different countries competing against each other in the following categories:

- Men

- Women

- Doubles

- Masters (40+ and 50+)

- Youth (10-14 and 15-17)

- ParaPole (NEW Category for 2015)

IPSF judging rules, regulations and scoring have been careful created within the IPSF technical committee to promote a fair and transparent judging.

if you are an athlete and you would like to enter simply visit the WPSC15 website to see if you can qualify.


Buy your tickets now.

The IPSF is a not for profit organisation for educational purposes designed to foster the development of the sport of Pole Sports throughout the World. The IPSF offers institutes and individuals who desire to join in membership for the advancement of pole sports, an opportunity to participate and contribute to that growth. These purposes are fulfilled through the following aims and objectives.

    To perpetuate, improve, and extend the sport of pole sports throughout the world.

    To stimulate the interest of people in healthy sport participation through pole sports.

    To supervise and administer a continuing pole sports programme for the purpose of stimulating interest and developing athletes through careful preparation and planning, utilising existing facilities, resources, and coaching.

    To unify and coordinate, the efforts of all agencies interested in promoting pole sports, and permit all interested parties to have a voice in the development of the sport in the entire world.

    To create and maintain research projects that will benefit all parties interested in pole sports.

    Set in place a format that will be accepted by international governing sporting bodies such as The Olympic Committee which will be recognised as being a high level of excellence for

    To encourage each country to contribute to and adopt our criteria and have a national federation offering the same high level of support to their own pole sports athletes, judges and supporters with our sponsorship.

    To give prompt attention and consideration to valid suggestions on how to improve the conduct of administration in pole sports throughout the world.

    To maintain records and disseminate information pertaining to all phases of pole sports.

    To train and certify competent pole sports officials.

    To raise money and finance improvement in the sport of pole sports.

    To operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

    To follow and actively support the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and its principles and goals.

                      World Pole Sports Championships15

What we do:

The IPSF is working towards the improvement of safety standards, rules and regulations, competition criteria and judging within the pole sports industry. Working with leading pole sports members around the world; the main priority is to develop and implement the rules and regulations of the sport including everything from anti-doping, health, safety and welfare to training and education for coaches and officials.

We believe in order to reach high standards we must set the bar high. We are aiming to have pole sports recognised as a sport nationally and internationally around the world so we can have our athletes compete in high calibre sporting environments.

We also offer an accreditation programme to national federations and organisations who hold championships within their own countries. This will give them the right to show they are an organisation of sporting excellence and their winning athletes will automatically be eligible to enter the WPSC.


The IPSF is committed to improving and developing the sport from grassroots right through to podium and we are proud to run a competition structure that meets the needs of athletes who wish to have their sport taken seriously.

By having a balanced number of leading members of the pole industry on the steering committee, the IPSF can grow to become the leading authority on pole sports around the world.

By introducing our youth division we will be nurturing and preparing athletes of all ages for the world stage by investing continually in promoting our main overall goals. We will need to ensure we have excellent coaches and officials and are able to offer expertise that is the best.

PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Franzi Giehl.

Franzi Giehl Vertical Arts
Franzi Giehl is the owner of VerticalArts Pole & Hoop Stuttgart, Germany. Franzi opened the studio in April 2013 and has been growing steadily. She currently employs three other instructors. Besides offering regular pole, hoop and fitness classes such as body weight training, TRX and Stretching, the studio organizes workshops and events with international artists.

Franzi started pole dancing in 2011 at Spin City Bristol through the Bristol University Pole Society and fell in love with it straight away. When moving back to Germany, after finishing her degree in Electronics Engineering, she couldn’t find a studio that was offering classes in the way she was used to, where pole was taught as a fitness and fun form. That’s when she decided to open VerticalArts.

In August 2015, Franzi will organize the VerticalArts Show for the first time. The show wants to showcase pole, hoop, silks and any other aerial art in a non-competitive way and give artists from all over the world the opportunity to perform in an environment where the love to this art form is celebrated and an evening of performances without a judgemental eye can be enjoyed.  Additionally, internationally known artists are guest performing at the event and holding workshops.

Franzi holds several certificates such as a fitness instructor license and the Xpert pole instructor certificate. She was also recently selected to become a trainer for Xpert.

Franzi Giehl Vertical Arts Pole Teacher
Spin City Beginner’s Pole Instructor Training
First Aid Course for Fitness Instructors
Spin City Anatomy & Physiology course
Xpert pole instructor certification Level 1 & 2
Fitness Instructor Level-C License
PDC approved level 3 instructor
Xpert trainer assistant

Performances /Competitions/Student success:
Finalist of German Polesports Championships Professional Category
Two students were finalists at German Polesports Championships Amateur Category
Performing in music video of Freedom & pain  “Soul Corrosion”

Workshops attended:
Frederick van Laak
Sarah Scott
Bendy Kate
Jamilla Deville    
Doris Arnold
Heidi Coker
Alex Schchukin
Sergia Louise Anderson
Amy Williams
Leah Rose Clarke
Sophie Geldeard


Congratulations to Franzi on her successful PDC Approved 3 star instructor approval and on being selected as an Xpert trainer.

Alina Schmidt Achieves PDC Approved 4 star instructor status.

Alina Schmidt Buttke Pole dance performer

Alina Schmidt
teaches at Crazy Pole in Eisenach, Germany.  Alina received her two references from Angel F and Nadine Rebel.

Crazy Pole Augsberg Win at STAC Festival

Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole-Dancing Competition

Congratulations to the Crazy Pole Augsberg troupe on their recent win at the STAC Festival.

The STAC-Festival ist organized by Thomas Walk, begins friday and ends sunday and gives a stage for artists of all kind:
Musicians, Choirs, Poetry slam, Kids dance contest, Adults dance contest, Rappers and a lot more.

All artists show their abilities without being paid, the whole festival is organized with a not for profit approach. The entry fee for each day is only 1,00€

Every day there is a contest and the audience decides who the winner is.
Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole Dancing Troupe

On Sunday there was the dance contest and CrazyPole Augsberg attended with 6 pole dancers who included PDC Approved 4 star Pole dancing Instructor Nadine Rebel, her daughter and 4 students who won the competition (pictured above and right).

Nadine said choreography had been undertaken once a week over a 6 week period. Nadine choreographed the routine and selected the music.

Watch the Crazy Pole winning routine.

Crazy Pole Augsberg Pole-Dancing Competition winners
The Crazy Pole Troupe performed a blend of pole dance and pole tricks to wow the audience. 

It is great to see pole dancing on a large stage promoted to those outside the pole dancing industry. The Pole Dance Community would like to thank Nadine and her pole dance troupe for taking pole to the masses and for promoting pole dancing in a positive light.

Well done to Crazy Pole Augsberg.





Nadine Rebel Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.

Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor
Nadine Rebel is the owner of Crazy Sports Augsburg in Germany and the author of the book "Poledance Passion" and the author of the book „Aerial Passion Trainerguide“ (summer 2018). She offers teacher trainings for Poledance and Aerial Hoop. Nadine has extensive industry experience and a passion for pole.

Nadine received her two references for her 4 star application from Angel F and Pantera Blacksmith.

Pantera said "Nadine Rebel is a fun, motivated individual with great hopes for pole dancing. The positive outlook and determined spirit helps her continues efforts to push pole forward into the future by creating beautiful materials for reference, a comfortable space for learning and a community like none other. Nadine continues to learn and evolve in both the fitness and pole and my hope is that I will get to watch as all her dreams become success to the benefit of the sport."

Angel said "Nadine Rebel has been quite a gift to me in her role as master instructor for my teacher training course ‘Discoveries Dance’.  She independently and responsibly handles all details for preparing, leading, teaching, and supporting new teachers as they learn how to become safe and effective instructors.  She has been a delight to work with and her passion for pole and fitness is unparalleled.  She has ‘saved the day’ a number of times when I found myself in a bind and even though we live on different continents, I consider her a close and special friend.  I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Nadine to the PDC in her pursuit of becoming a level 4 instructor.  Trust me, she belongs in that rank!!"





Curriculum Pole-Vitae  NADINE REBELNadine Rebel Pole Dancing Instructor

Nadine studied sociology, psychology and education science and has an M.A. degree in Sociology. She is the director and owner oft he consultant agency „Rebel-Management-Training“ and  has been a fitness instructor since the year 2000. In 2011 she discovered pole dance and was addicted from the first class.

Only one year later she took part in the Bavarian pole dance competition and reached the 4th place at the professionals. She passed several national and international teacher trainings successfully and created her own programm for further education for studio owners and trainers. Nadine earned the Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification in September 2012. She is director of CrazySports Augsburg ( She published the book "Poledance Passion" - something like the German bible for Poledancing with nearly 600 pages!

Only one year later she took part in the Bavarian pole dance competition and reached the 4th place at the professionals. She became a certified CrazyPole Pole Dance Instructor for Beginner and Intermediate and Advanced and is an ambassador for the PFA in Germany. Nadine earned the Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification in September 2012. She is a partner of CrazyPole and director of CrazySports Augsburg ( She published the book "Poledance Passion" - something like the German bible for Poledancing with 600 pages!

In summer 2018 her second book for Poledance (and even Aerial Hoop) is going to follow: „The „Aerial Passion Trainerguide“.

Aerial Passion (Pole Dance and Aerial Hoop) and teaching is her life! She writes a column for the PoleArt Magazine. She looks forward to bringing her safety expertise, exercise science knowledge, and classroom sociology/psychology to pole dance instructors in Germany!

Nadine Rebel Pole InstructorPole History:


April 2011 Teacher education 1

Instructor (Beginner/ Intermediate)

CrazyPole GbR

November 2011 Teacher education 2

(Instructor Intermediate/ Advanced)

CrazyPole GbR

September 2012 Teacher Training at Discoveries Dance


Juni 2012 Contestant at the Bavarian Championship

4. place – Professionals

Juni 2012 member of the PFA

August 2012 Opening CrazyPole Augsburg in Langweid

September 2012 nomination as PFA ambassador

Dezember 2012
becoming instructor for Discoveries Dance


Februar 2013 Jury member at the CrazyPole Cup

März 2013 Opening CrazyPole Augsburg at Königsbrunn

Mai 2013 leading the teacher training for Discoveries Dance at Königsbrunn

Dezember 2013 Publishing the book „Poledance Passion“



February 2014 Publishing the 2nd edition of the book „Poledance Passion“Nadine Rebel Pole Fitness Instructor

February 2014 Giving workshops for Showroom Poledance at Düsseldorf

February 2014 Jury Member CrazyPole Cup

März 2014 becoming the author of the column at the Pole Art Magazine

März 2014 winning the 3rd place at the dance contest „STAC-Festival“ at Augsburg

Mai 2014 Opening of the new Studio     März 2015     Workshops for CrazyPole, Erfurt
April 2015    Leader of the CrazyPole Instructor Training, Augsburg
Juni 2015    Teaching Sophie Rebel (youngest PDC-Instructor)
Juli 2015    Getting the Teacher Training for Intermediate and Advanced CrazyPole Instructor certified by the PDC
August 2015     Jurymember National Championships Tschechien, Prag
December 2017 CrazyPole became CrazySports Augsburg.

Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Augsberg

Visited Workshops:

  1. Spinning Pole Intermediate Alina Schmidt

  2. Spinning Pole Advanced Alina Schmidt

  3. Tricks and Transitions Advanced Alesia Vazmitsel

  4. Pole Tricks Inverted Advanced Pantera Blacksmith

  5. Contemporary Pole Intermediate Evgeny Greshilov

  6. Thunderstruck Advanced Cleo the hurricane

  7. Tricks and Transitions Advanced Julia Wahl

  8. Stretching Workshop Roxi Ziemann

  9. Stretching Workshop Frederick van Laack

  10. Rumpfstabilität, Handbalance Matthias Meier

  11. Acro-Yoga Irene Kapl and Isayoga Regensburg

  12. Power and Strength Carlos Franca

  13. Advanced Tricks and Combos Cleo the hurricane

  14. Advanced Kombos and Transitions Julia Wahl

  15. Yogaworkshop Young Ho Kim

  16. Hell on heels und Floorwork Alethea Austin

  17. Exotic Dance Pantera Blacksmith

  18. Just Inverts Pantera Blacksmith

  19. Spinning Combos Helena Lehmann

    Find our more about Nadine on her personal website Nadine the Rebel.



Kate Johnstone Pole Dance Judge
This article is written by Kate Edwards, PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor, and is a collaborative piece based on advice from some of the UK's top pole dance judges who include Aimee Lawson, Donna Gant, Jo Dandridge, Kate Johnstone, Pippa Loveridge, Robyn Rooke and Sam Remmer.

Kate Edwards - pictured left.

Video entries are a major part of UK and International Pole Competitions. Due to the popularity of the events, it is often necessary to have an initial entry round or qualification process, which for the sake of logistics and cost; is often done via video. Below are a few tips from a range of national and international competition judges to help you make sure your video entry is successful!

1. RULES Read the competition rules, this should be your first point of reference prior to planning your routine. Try and MAXIMISE the number of points you can achieve, some competitions give more points for costume or theme, some for tricks and execution – work out how you can get your highest score possible!

2. THE ROUTINE There are a whole number of factors to consider when putting together your choreography, here are just a few of them!

Use your music, work with the slower moments, the louder moments, and the lyrics – give us levels we want to see contrast in your routine – give us light and shade! Donna Gant Pole Dancing judge

Choose moves that suit your music. It’s no good launching into your favourite block of dynamic rolls, drops and explosive moves to a super slow sad song!

Show us balance, give us tricks – strength and flexibility work, give us spins, give us floorwork, use both your right side AND your left side, change height, change direction show us that you are a well-rounded pole dancer!

Donna Gant - pictured right.

Vary your trick choice – we don’t want to see all twisted grips, show us your versatility and rock your split grip or elbow grip too, balance out your arm and leg work on the pole.

Individuality – be unique, try and think about interesting entries and exits from moves, different ways of combining moves, new leg and arm lines.

Make it suit you! Don’t choose tricks because they are trendy or popular – choose tricks that suit your body and your abilities.

Choose tricks that are competition ready! New tricks are not for routines! They are to be practiced hundreds of times until they are consistently nailed! Keep them in your tricks box until they are competition ready! Choose tricks that you can perform exceptionally every time!

Pay as much attention to the dance/flow elements as your tricks – don’t just practice your harder bits, make every section look polished.

There are times you need to look at the pole (so you know where it is and what is gripping!) there are lots of times you don’t! Give yourself time to add in eye contact and facial expressions, choreograph these in if need be!

Give yourself enough time to demonstrate proper execution. We are talking strong lines, body tension, legs and arms, feet and hands – point those toes! Don’t rush through, every routine needs fewer tricks and combos than you think. If your routine is awesome then the judge shouldn't be drawn to your toes anyway.

Work clean! Try not to make too many hand adjustments, shuffles, messy transitions. If you need to wipe your hands – make it part of your choreography rather than obviously wiping your hands or picking your hotpants out of your bottom!

Work purposefully – make every movement intentional! In the words of Robyn Rooke, each move should set up for the next and seamlessly knit together.

Jo Dandridge pole dancerGive us a beginning, a middle and an end – don’t let your level of difficulty/technical drop – be consistent. Make sure you have the appropriate stamina and endurance to get through your piece safely and to finish without puffing and panting!

Your routine should feel fantastic to you! It should feel natural, it should be a piece of work you are proud of! That will come across to us as we are judging you.

3. AUDIENCE Remember, in a video entry, your audience is your video camera. Make sure you angle your routine and your tricks towards your ‘audience’. Try not to look or perform into mirrors or to anybody else that might be in the room! If you need a physical audience – why not rope a few friends in to sit directly behind your camera?

4. PERFORMANCE Just because it a video entry, does not mean it should not be a performance. This is NOT a run through! Make sure you are in full costume, make-up and hair where applicable. Use your whole body to perform, I want to see your facial expressions and I want to see you give that routine your all!

5. TECHNICAL A video routine is far more successful if we can see and hear you clearly. Make sure you use a good quality video camera, make sure your room is well lit and the camera is at a good angle. Always film the right way up and try and place your camera on a tripod or solid surface (no judge likes shaky camera!) Make sure your stereo system is loud enough that we can clearly hear your music and that there are no other distractions in the room (this includes but is not limited to pets, children, friends whooping and cheering, a class going on in the background and other interruptions!)

6. PRACTICE Film yourself more than once! This may be on different days, times, in different studios, watch them back – and make sure you are happy with them. Make sure you meet all of the above criteria. Make sure your submission reflects the best you can do that particular routine at that particular time – that way, you can be proud of your entry!

7. MIRRORS Just mirrors sooooo many people use them on videos and I feel it is a massive hindrance to there performance as if they need them there not feeling a move there checking they have got full extentions and become fixated with them and totally ruins a performance for me!

8. DIFFERENT COMP DIFFERENT YEAR - I think as well that if you decide to enter a previous performance you have to make sure that it's right for THIS competition at this year's level.

My final words are when it comes down to it, you won’t be successful in every competition you enter. Try and absorb the judge’s feedback, try and grow from the experience, try and use every entry, every performance, and every show to make you better at whatever it is you do. Don’t compare yourself to others and always enjoy the moment – it will be over before you know it! I hope this has been useful and will help to develop your future routines into pieces of art that you can be proud of!

Kate Edwards Team Spin City Spin City Instructor Training UKPPC

Ps – that wee you need before you turn the camera on or go on stage? It’s always a phantom one!



Introducing PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Vivien Feld.

Vivien Feld Pole Fitness teacherVivien Feld is the principal instuctor of Tanzstudio VI-Dance in Dortmund, Germany. Vivien recevied her two 4 star instructor references from Pole Dance Pioneers Pantera Blacksmith and KT Coates.

Pantera said "Viv of VI-Dance is a motivated individual who looks for the best for her studio. Her diligence over the years has brought pole dance and fitness to many people throughout Germany and after experiencing the professionalism and organization of VI-Dance first hand I am not surprised how accomplished this studio continues to be."

KT said "Vivien is a very knowledgeable instructor and a passionate poler. she believes in doing things by the book and if I ask her to do something it will be done quickly, correctly and without fuss. She loves pole as a sport and fitness and dedicates a great deal of time, money and energy to pole for little return."

Check out Vivien's Pole and Fitness CV.

Professional Qualifications:
Gymnastikteacher ( 3 Years education)
Teacher for people with heart problems
Polebatics Bronce and Silver Poledance Teacher
OC Polefitness Level 1-7 Teacher
Loft 1 Pole Fitness Beginner and Advanced TeacherVivien Feld Pole Sports Trainer
International IPSF Judge
Poledancetraining since 2008
Poledanceteaching since 2009

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
Polebatics Bronce and Silver Poledance Teacher
OC Polefitness Level 1-7 Teacher
Loft 1 Pole Fitness Beginner and Advanced Teacher
International IPSF Judge
Poledancetraining since 2008
Poledanceteaching since 2009
Trainings with Zoraya Judd, Marion Crampe, Steven Retchless, Alex Shukin, Felix Cane, Oona Kivela, Alexandra Vazmitzel, Alessandra Marchetti, Sarah Scott, Pantera, Jamilla Deville...

Membership of Professional Bodies:

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
Trainings with Zoraya Judd, Marion Crampe, Steven Retchless, Alex Shukin, Felix Cane, Oona Kivela, Alexandra Vazmitzel, Alessandra Marchetti, Sarah Scott, Pantera, Jamilla Deville ...

Teaching History:

I started teaching dance with 16 years old. I studied Gymnastikteacher and teached till now. Its my main job.

Vivien Feld Pole Dancing Instructor
Student's pole dancing success:
1 Place Youth Miss/ Mister Poledance Germany 2013
3 Place Men Miss / Mister Poledance Germany 2013
4 Place Professional Miss / Mister Poledance Germany 2013
5 Place Men and Professonal Miss / Mister Poledance Germany 2013
7 Place Professional Miss / Mister Poledance Germany 2013
9 Place Professional Miss / Mister Poledance Germany 2013
2 Place Double Deutsche Polesport Meisterschaft 2014
1 Place Amateur Seniors Deutsche Polesport Meisterschaft 2014
2 Place Men Deutsche Polesport Meisterschaft 2014
6 Place Amateur Seniors Deutsche Polesport Meisterschaft 2014

Continuing Professional Development:
Work with IPSF, PDC and Trainercertifications

Judging Involvement:
IPSF World Championship 2013
IPSF Dutch Championship 2014

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:

To open more poledancing schools and professionalize this sport so that everybody recognize that poledancing is a sport and no stripping.


PDC in collaboration with UPA presents World Pole Dance Day 2014


world-pole-dance-day copy
WPDD14 is a chance for pole dancers across the world to unite. The event will happen on Tuesday 30th September.

This is a collaborative event set up by United Pole Artists and Pole Dance Community and it is open to any individual pole dancer or any pole dancing organisation. This event puts politics to one side and gives us all a chance to share our passion for pole.

Please share the flyer on social media and on the week leading up to 30th. 

If your pole dancing organisation wants to support this event just e-mail us your logo and we will add it to this article  and the flyer (left) which will also be shared on social media.

Meet PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sam Amey.

Sam Amey Pole Fitness teacher
Sam Amey is the principal instructor at Ascent-trix Pole Fitness Studios. Sam has studios in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, Towcester and Wellinborough. Sam received the following 2 references to support her 4 star instructor application:

Pantera Blacksmith said "In my experience through the years in the pole community, there are only a few in the industry that I would say truly have a desire to give. To selflessly share their knowledge from experience and continued education for the benefit of others. Sam Amey carries respect for the skill and experience it takes to perform pole and respects the experience needed to be an instructor. Furthermore, her positive calm attitude is a benefit to not only her clients and instructors, but to any who are fortunate enough to experience it."

Freddie Baggs sharing the love for her pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin.

Ally Franklin Amazing Pole-Dancing Instructor
At the Pole Dance Community we often run articles on our instructors but this article is slightly different. We were contacted by a student from PDC approved pole dance school Polelatis in Bridport, Dorset, UK. Freddie Baggs just wanted to tell us how amazing her instructor, Ally Franklin, is so here is Freddie's story.

PDC Approved 3 star Pole Dancing Instructor Shelly Cainey.

Shelly Cainey Pole-Fitness teacherMy parents would tell you that I was a child full of energy with an interest in all sports.  Dance has always been a passion in my life which started from a young age; taking part in shows and taking exam grades in Modern/Jazz and Tap.  This came to a close whilst I had my three children.  I wanted to return to some sort of exercise which had an element of dance or performance and at the age of 29, unfit and a lot larger I discovered a local class in my village that taught pole fitness called Pole Krazee and decided to give it a try accompanied by a friend for security! 

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