Zorena Roe - PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor.

Zorena Roe Solent Pole Aerial
Zorena Roe is both an accomplished pole dance instructor and performer who has worked hard to achieve her 4 star position, she runs Southampton Aerial Arts School in Sholing, UK. Zorena received her references for her 4 star status from fellow PDC instructors Julie Burns (Southampton Aerial Arts School) and Angela Hawkes (Paradise Fitness).

Julie said "I have supported Zorena in all aspects of her career since she started poling with me in 2008. Zorena completed her language degree and came straight to work for me, My studio would not be a the success it is today without Zorena’s support. Zorena now runs Southampton Aerial Arts school and it is continuing to grow.

Pole Instructor Training from PDC Pioneer Elena Gibson.


Elena Gibson Pole Instructor training

PDC Approved Pole Instructor Training from one of the world's finest pole dancers. Elena Gibson has an impressive background in pole and is the first ever World Champion Pole Dancer. 


"I simply cannot express forcefully enough how lucky I was to receive such detailed and professional training" Maya Velvet, PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor."

Pole Dancing School Instructor training is available in house or on-line. The training includes a 36 page manual accompanied by a mix of practical and written examinations. The course is broken down into several sections including the following:


Solent Pole and Hoop Competition 2015.

Solent Pole Hoop Competition

Introducing... The 5th Solent Pole and Aerial Hoop Competition!!  This is a PDC Approved Event.

Where and when?

Inspiring Pole Dancers - Pole Dancing During Pregnancy

Caroline Hardinges Pregnant Pole Dancer

Pole dancing while pregnant is a constant concern in the industry right now, as doctors know little about the sport, and information out there is often focusing on one person who may be having a different kind of pregnancy to the one you or anybody you know is having. This section of the Pole Dance Community blog seeks to interview different kinds of pole dancing women who are expecting, in order to get the information you need to you. To kick things off, I have interviewed Caroline Hardinges from Polepatations studio in Kent who wanted to share her story with all of you.

Featured PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Laura Hodgkins

Laura Hodgkins pole dancing instructorLaura is an instructor at Pole Control school in Essex, UK. Laura started dancing at age 4, taking Ballet, Tap and Modern lessons at her local dance school on a Saturday morning.

Laura continued dancing throughout her childhood and teenage years. She has performed in numerous shows and competed in dance competitions at local and national levels. She was also nominated for scholarships by the BATD on numerous occasions during her teens. After completing her A levels, Laura chose a more academic route and went on to study English Literature and Spanish at the University of Roehampton, where she graduated with a First Class Honours. Even during her studies Laura continued dancing; she regularly attended various classes at the campus gym as well as joining the cheer leading squad and Pole Dancing society. In 2010 she took her first of 4 teaching exams and passed with the highest mark. Laura is always looking for the next challenge and will continue to study for lots more dance and fitness qualifications over the next decade.

University Pole Stars 2015 Review

University Pole Stars 2015Article by PDC Reporter Sophie Eminson.

University Pole Stars is an inter-university pole dancing competition held by Nottingham Trent University at The Forum nightclub in Nottingham. It has been running for two years now, and the event is well-attended and is continuing to grow in awareness in the pole community. The event was set up and run by two of Nottingham Trent's pole dancers, Shell Ashton and Molly Redmond, with lots of assistance from the other members in their society. Unfortunately for them, the event did not run as smoothly this year as it did last year due to the club not being able to move the DJ box from the stage. This meant some very last-minute rearranging, however once this kerfuffle was dealt with, everybody pretty much forgot it had ever happened.

My PDC Online Grading Experience


Article written by AAP member Sophie Eminsondancer4
Sophie Eminson Pole dancing exam
For my Pole Dance Community online grading, I had the option of achieving a grading between levels 1 and 6, with 1 being the most beginner moves, mostly dance-related moves and spins, and level 6 incorporating the most difficult moves, including Phoenix spin and Batwing. I chose level 4, as it was the level which included the most moves I felt comfortable with practising.

After choosing, I applied for the online grading pack which was sent to me by Pole Dance Community, which included a DVD version of the syllabus, my PDC passport, all the information on the grading and a grading sheet. I was informed that I could complete the grading with a PDC approved instructor, or video it and send it to the company online and they would mark it for me and let me know my results. I chose the latter option.

Crown of the Chrome 2015 Review.

Crown of the Chrome Pole Dancing Competition
Crown of the Chrome is an inter-university pole fitness competition held by Derby University. This year was the first year in which the competition was run and, despite one minor issue, the entire day went wonderfully.

The committee for Derby University's Pole Society, the "Tree Frogs" set up the entire day, finding sponsors for the competition who contributed some excellent prizes. As well as this, they found some incredible judges for the competition; Emma Coffey, Andi Active Cherry, Sandrea Simmons, and Annelisa Muresu (pictured below right). Out of these judges, both Annelisa and Andi gave breath-taking performances which definitely inspired all pole dancers at the competition.

South West University Pole Competition 2015.

South West University Pole-Competition

Welcome to the first ever South West University Pole Competition founded by University of West England Pole Society and jointly hosted with University of Bristol. 

Venue - Ansons Rooms, University of Bristol Students' Union, Richmond Building, 105 Queen's Rd, Bristol BS8 1LN

Universities taking part are:

Welcome to the IUPDC 2015!

Saturday 7th March.


Inter University Pole Dance Competition 2015
Event hosted by Warwick University.

The Inter-University Pole Dance Competition brings together student pole dancers from across the country, aiming to showcase the incredible standard of university pole talent in the UK. The IUPDC also hopes to educate members of the public and the student community on the true athleticism and artistry involved in pole dance.

It gives university pole societies the opportunity to compete against their peers through three soloist categories (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) and a Group category.

The competition is judged by a team of experienced professionals from the pole industry, who ensure the IUPDC maintains a fair, ethical and transparent judging system at all stages of the competition.

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Floor Fan   Limara Silk   art of dance 53x35

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