stripper style jamie alexah taylorLets just go for a laugh!

We get this a lot as studio owners. One of the main reasons our classes get bookings is that women want to try out pole dancing for a laugh. It saddens me.

Justine mclucas pole dance instructorPDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Justine McLucas is the Justine McLucas is the founder and director of global brand Ecole de Pole. Justine received her references for her 4 star instructor application from fellow 4 star PDC instructors Kate Edwards and Penny Howarth.

Janet mature pole dancerPole Dancing is for everyone.

If you thought pole dancing was just for 18 year old gym bunnies then think again. The pole dancing industry is attracting people of all ages.

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IUPDC University Pole Championships LogoIUPDC 2020.

The Inter-university pole dance championships is organised annually by the National University Pole Association.

Here are the details of our exciting regional heats.

Featured Pole Instructor - Joanne Mardles.

Joanne Mardles pole dance teacher

Welcome to one of our latest 3 star pole dancing instructors Joanne Mardles. Joanne teaches at Mind Body Pole in  Camberley, Surrey, UK.

PDC Pole Instructors scoop up awards at Pole World Festival

Pole world festival
PDC Approved instructors dominated the line up of winners at the 2019 Pole World Festival held in Bristol, UK. The pole excellence awards saw the Industry Contribution award go to PDC Approved 4 star instructors Sam Remmer who won the category and Karrie Hammersley who came runner up.

World Pole Dance Day - September 30th 2019.

WPDD Header web

Use these hashtags #WPDD #WorldPoleDanceDay

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Gwen Holbrey.

Gwen Holbrey pole dance instructorGwen Holbrey is the principal instructor at the Watermelon Studio in Edinburgh, Scotland UK.

PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Chloe Anderson

Chloe Anderson Pole Dancing Instructor

 Chloe Anderson is the principal instructor at The Pole Lab in Hove, UK.

PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Karrie Hammersley

karrie hammersley pole dancing instructor

Karrie Hammersley is the principal instructor and owner of Karrie's Pole Fit in Ripley Matlock and Belper, UK.

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