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carla stoker pole dance grading assessor
The Pole Dance Community (PDC) is an advisory and awarding body for the pole dancing industry and was established in 2009 to help self regulate pole dancing instructors and studios.

As well as maintaining best practice within the pole dance industry the PDC also provides:

  • referrals to qualifying insurance resources for pole dancing instructors.

  • advice and support for PDC members.

  • a universally recognised grading syllabus.

  • a searchable list of Approved Instructors.

  • an editable personal website profile.

  • a blog featuring leading pole dancers and events.

  • referrals to recognised teacher training and career development resources.

  • member discounts on a range of products and services.



The Pole Dance Community is made of approved instructors from across the globe who each have an equal vote in how the community is run and how it evolves.

approved instructor webThe PDC approves and registers individual instructors checking that they have industry recognised qualifications, professional indemnity and public liability insurance as well as an up to date first aid certificate. All PDC approved instructors have to comply with the PDC code of conduct.


 PDC Approved School LogoSchools that have all their instructors approved can boast Approved Pole Dance School status.




teacher training webThe PDC approves pole dance teacher training courses to identify clear pathways for the progression from student to instructor.      




dancer3The PDC has implemented a dancer grading scheme, the Advancement and Accreditation Programme (AAP). Under the AAP pole dancers can undertake gradings to chart their achievement and progression.  Our current team of online grading asessors are; Mary-Ellyn Weissman, Jane Cole, Carla Stoker, April Krijger and Alex Copley.




The PDC Syllabus committee is a dedicated group of professional instructors who help the evolution of the PDC Syllabus and advise competition organisers on both legal and illegal moves.  The PDC Syllabus Committee is; Ally Franklin, Robyn Rooke, Mary-Ellyn Weissman, Julie Fowler, Bexiita Pole and Cindy Cooijmanns.


The PDC currently has 5 Pioneers.  Pioneers are nominated by PDC members in recognition for longstanding and outstanding contribution to the industry. Our Pioneers are; Fawnia Mondey, Pantera Blacksmith, Mary-Ellyn Weissmann and Elena Gibson.


The PDC website was founded and is administered by husband and wife team Sid and Sam Remmer.

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