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Pole Dance Community Blog

The Spin City Pole Fitness 1st Birthday Bash.

Spin City pole dancing picture

Spin City Pole Fitness were very proud to celebrate our first birthday! To commemorate this fantastic occasion, we held our 1st Birthday Bash at The Redgrave Theatre in Bristol on Saturday the 26th of September.

48 students and instructors; many of whom had never previously performed, took to the stage and stunned the 400 strong crowd with individually choreographed pole dancing routines comprising of a breathtaking array of tricks and spins. The individual and paired routines were complimented by the Spin City Dance Troupe, who performed a tribute to Michael Jackson and a Street Dance piece, choreographed by Spin City Choreographer, George Johnson.

Spin City pole dancing picture

The evening’s performances were energetic and dazzling, introducing many of those into the audience to the sport of Pole Fitness. It was a really great night and everyone performed exceptionally well! All the girls were extremely nervous, it takes a lot of courage to get up there and perform – especially in a real theatre! I am so proud of what they have all achieved this year!

Spin City pole dancing pictureSpin City pole dancing picture

We set up Spin City in 2008 with the aim of encouraging as many women back into exercise as possible and to expand pole fitness as a sport. We hope that through events such as the 1st Birthday Bash we can shed some of the taboos of pole dancing and show its true artistic and gymnastic nature. Gyms can often prove an intimidating environment to women, as can sports clubs - especially if you have been out of exercise for a while. We wanted to create an exercise class that provided great fitness benefits in a social, fun and friendly environment. A class that was open to all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Pole fitness was the perfect answer!

Spin City pole dancing picture

Spin City Pole Fitness are going from strength to strength in Bristol and have just moved into a new premises ‘The Workshop’ in Clifton. With two bespoke pole dancing studios, 16 x-poles, and a committed team of Instructors and Dancers, Spin City hope to be able to take on a whole new cohort of students this year with the next showcase ‘The Spin City Graduation Show’ scheduled for March 2010.

Kate Johnstone

Spin City Pole Fitness

spin city pole fitness pole dancing picture

The PDC team would like to congratluate Kate and the team at Spin City for putting on a marvellous event that brilliantly represented modern fitness pole dancing.

Our latest featured new Pole Dance Community Approved Pole Dance School - Pagan's Pole.

Pagan’s Pole was established in 2008 and offers pole dance instruction across Anglesey, Bangor and the surrounding North Wales area. Tracy Huckfield is the principal instructor and the school’s name originates from her stage/dancing name ‘Pagan’.

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture

When Pagan’s Pole first introduced itself to the local community much opposition was met due to a very stereotypical image of pole dancing and its sexual connotations.  As a qualified Aerobics and Pump FX instructor Tracy has spent much time and effort encouraging the local community to see pole dancing in a whole new light, as the amazing form of exercise it truly is.  The local newspapers were very supportive of this new exercise regime to hit the community and Pagan’s Pole was featured in a very positive light, with one reporter stating it had been the best physical work-out she had experienced in a long time.  Tracy and her student’s were also privileged to appear on S4C’s Newyddion, the local welsh news, where they encouraged the local community to try this new form of exercise and also discussed the petition to get pole dancing recognised as a sport in the Olympic Games.

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture funky monkey

Picture above of Pagan demonstrating 'The Brass Monkey' an inverted knee hold.

Pagan’s Pole is now established in the community and encourages ladies and gents of all shapes, age ranges and sizes to give pole dancing a go, whether it is because they want to lose weight, tone up, build upper body strength, or just to have a whole lot of fun!!  

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture seated fall back

Picture above of Tracey from Pagan's Pole teaching Intermediate student Nadine on 50mm titanium X-Pole.

As a very small school Pagan’s Pole specialises in small groups and private tuition. Each lesson is tailored 100% to the ability of that particular student as no 2 persons are the same and fitness and strength ability can vary massively from student to student.  Special offers are available at different times throughout the year, so prices are never set in stone.  Each student also receives a Pagan’s Pole loyalty card and is rewarded regularly for the hard work they put into each lesson?

Pagans Pole logo pole dancing picture Ayesha

Picture above of Pagan performing the Ayesha, an elbow hold handstand variation on a 50mm static X-pole.

One of the important aims of Pagan’s Pole is ensure that all students are having fun!! Therefore Pole Jams are a regular occurrence, where students of all levels are encouraged to meet and have a good pole bashing time!  Event trips are also organised where possible so students get to see live performances and are encouraged to take part.  The most recent of which was a trip to the United Kingdom Amateur Pole Perfromer (U.K.A.P.P) heats where a fab time was had by all the students who attended.  Tracy is currently trying to make similar arrangements for her students to attend Pole Divas in November?  Along with trips with her students Tracy also tries to get to as many competitions and shows as she possibly can, ensuring that her pole dancing knowledge remains current and up to date, and her repertoire of pole moves and transitions is constantly growing!  In addition to this Tracy will also be representing Wales in this years British Isle Pole Dancing championships…eek so nervous!!

If you would like any further info on Pagan’s Pole please check out our website or look us up on Facebook by searching for Pagan's Pole.  We’re all a sociable bunch and would love to hear from you?


Pagan's Pole      

Pagans pole dancing picture


Pole Dance Community approved dance school Candy & Chrome.

Candy & Chrome pole dance studios offer pole dancing lessons in Chester, Frodsham and Queensferry, with more venues across North Wales (Covering Flintshire and Denbighshire) and Cheshire to come. We believe that pole dance is for everybody, not just the fit, the brave, the glamour models.  So we have devised classes that will suit everybody. We specialise in teaching small groups, we make sure you get plenty of pole time as well as lots of personal pole tuition from your instructor.

At Candy & Chrome we only teach pole dance, we are not yoga instructors gone wild, we don’t offer every new fitness fad under the sun, we just teach pole dance fitness exclusively, making us knowledgeable experts in our chosen field and professionals of what we do – True explorers of ‘The Art of Pole’.  We have only one thing missing……..  YOU! So strap on the big heels and come for a spin with us!

amy butterworth pole dancing picture

picture above -Tiny performing 'The Brass Monkey' on a 50mm chrome x-pole.

Our services include:

Pole Parties - We cater for parties at any of our studios, or your own venue such as the local pub! or the conference room at work, or even in your own home! These parties are GREAT for Hen do’s, Birthday celebrations, Corporate day experiences or any other excuse you can find to have a good old swing on the pole!  

Pole Dance Taster Sessions - We call this a ‘Teaser Class’.  It’s just a one-off lesson and would suit anyone who is just curious and not quite ready to commit to a full course.  It will give you a good idea about what is involved and what pole dancing is all about! 

Pole Dance Courses - We have 3 levels of courses.  The Bronze level would suit beginners, looking to tone up with an exercise regime that’s actually FUN and less tedious.  It’s 6 weeks long and runs as one lesson a week, one hour at a time. The Silver Level Course is more suitable for Intermediate level students as more strength and pole confidence is required. A good portion of these lessons will be working on upside down tricks! and how to get into them. Finally, the Gold level is the most hardcore!  This course is for the more advanced students who are more serious about studying ‘The Art of Pole’.  The moves become increasingly difficult and require a more seasoned pole dancer to achieve them.  This course pushes your flexibility levels, strength, balance, co-ordination, cardio-fitness and pole ability to help you become the kind of pole dancer you want to be.

Candy chrome pole dancing picture logos

Personal Pole Tuition in the Pole Suite - Candy & Chrome are able to offer One2One, Two2One, or even Three2One personal tuition.  If you don’t feel brave enough to learn in a full group, you can learn at our new, purposely customised pole suite (situated just outside of Chester, on the North Wales border) and learn in private, or with up to 2 mates. We are able to offer this class during the day, so it would suit anyone who works shift patterns or has other commitments in the evenings or weekends.  

Gift Vouchers - Pole dance lesson gift vouchers make a really unique, one-off gift for a special lady! Candy & Chrome now offer gift vouchers for a course of lessons, a one-off Teaser class, or as a special pampering treat with a little extra – get her the ‘Spa & Spin’ voucher! 

Drop-In’s - These classes are just for existing students only, as practice time so you may build on what you have learned.  Like we said, pole dancing is for EVERYBODY…but once you have learned the basic technique on a course, then it’s time to really have some fun with it and make it your own! Put your own twist on things by adding a bit of spice, your own personal flair and ‘Freestyle’ away! 

Amy Butterworth eros pole dancing picture

picture above - Tiny performing 'The Eros' on a 50mm x-pole.

HOW TO BOOK - For all courses, you do not need to pay the whole lot upfront in advance, but a small deposit in advance IS required.  This is because Candy & Chrome specialise in teaching small groups only, usually no more than 8 people at once so PLACES ARE LIMITED, and they fill up FAST!  So it’s first paid, first served. Please visit the website to pay using the PayPal system. For parties and personal tuition, this must organised with us in advance, please contact us to do this. No booking for Drop-In’s are necessary.

SPECIAL OFFERS - We like to do special offers whenever we can so whenever you choose to pay in full in advance you will be eligible for a discount, but please remember, you cannot use multiple offers – only one at a time!

BRING A FRIEND! And receive £10 off EACH.  On this offer you ARE allowed more than 1 friend, so if you bring 3 to join a course with you, that’s £30 off for you, and £10 off each for your friends.  This offer is only available on Bronze Courses, and can’t be used in conjunction with other discounts.
For limited time only offers, join our Face Book group, that way you can get notification whenever we offer one, and so you can meet and chat with other Candy & Chrome pole nutters online.


Candy & Chrome.

Candy Chrome pole dancing picture

PDC Instructors

  • Our approved Instructors
    All PDC Approved instructors have agreed to our Code of Conduct and have provided proof of insurance and first aid training.
  • PDC Approved 4 Star Instructors
    PDC Approved (4 Star) Pole Dancing Instructors.

    PDC Approval (4 star) is achieved by providing a suitable pole dancing CV to the PDC. In addition, the applicant must provide two references from PDC Approved Instructors and must hold an AAP membership.

    As a minimum, PDC Approved (4 star) Instructors should exemplify excellence in teaching quality and have extensive pole fitness industry experience. They must be able to display a pro-active community involvement. This may include, but is not restricted to; running competitions, organising master classes, training champions, providing teacher training courses, having local and preferably national media recognition.

    In these ways, a PDC Approved (4 star) Instructor is recognised for making a positive contribution to the pole fitness industry.

    Alice Milner pole dancing portraitAlice Milner is the proprietor and principal instructor at Pole Dancing Bath. Alice is an accomplished fitness professional, pole dance teacher and pole dance performer.


    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Alice Milner.

    Alina Schmidt Pole Dancing InstructorAlina Schmidt-Buttke is a PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor who teaches at Crazy Pole in Bautzen Germany. Alina is an accomplished pole dance performer and teacher with significant industry experience.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Alina Schmidt-Buttke.

    Ally OReilly Pole Dancing

    Ally Franklin is the proprietor and principal instructor of Polelatis in Bridport, Devon, UK. Ally received references for her 4 star status from fellow PDC Approved Instructors Karen Currie from Princess K and Jenni Gooch from South Pole AKademy.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Ally Franklin.

    Tiny Pole dancing picture

    Amy Butterworth owns and teaches at Candy & Chrome pole dancing school in Chester. Amy started her pole career in early 2006 and has been addicted ever since. Amy is also a pole dance journalist and has received several business awards for her successful pole dance school.


    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Amy Butterworth.


    Andi Ariseanu iAndi Ariseanu Pole Fitness teachers the principal instructor at Active Cherry Pole Dance Fitness. Andi is an accomplished pole dancer performer. teacher and judge. In addition to pole Andi is known for her other aerial arts including her spiral and prism work.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instuctor Andi Ariseanu.

     Angel F Pole Dancing PortraitAngel F is one of our Approved Teacher Trainers, she runs Discoveries Dance in Maryland, USA. Angel is a respected pole dancing instructor and she is active at promoting pole dancing in a positive light and removing the negative stereotypes that surround modern pole dance.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Angel F.

    Cindy Cooijmanns Pole Fitness instructorCindy Cooijmans is a well known pole dancing instructor and pole dance judge. Cindy is the creator of the Pole Move Box and is a member of the Pole Dance Community Syllabus Steering group. Cindy teaches in the Netherlands but has trained across the globe.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Cindy Cooijmans.

    Emily Smith 80s pole dance showEmily Smith is the Principal Instructor and Proprietor of Emily's Pole Fitness. Emily is an accomplished pole dancing instructor and performer.  Emily Smith has an impressive pole dancing CV detailing her ongoing professional development and her commitment to both her students and the wider pole dancing world..

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Emily Smith.

     Emma Nicholson Pole Dance PerformerEmma Nicholson is the proprietor and principal instructor at Studio Boutique in Hull. Emma has extensive industry experience including performing, judging and teaching. Emma's extensive pole CV shows both her professionalism and dedication to the pole dancing industry.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Emma Nicholson.

    Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing portraitHolly Gibbons is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Performance. Holly  has pole dancing since 2004 and is an avid promoter of pole fitness.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Holly Gibbons.

    Holly Munson Approved Pole Dancing InstructorHolly Munson is the principal instructor at Firefly poles in Norwich, UK. Holly has extensive pole industry experience as well as a impressive fitness CV.

    Read more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Holly Munson.


    Jamie Alexah Taylor Pole Dancing InstructorJamie Alexah-Taylor is the principal instructor and proprietor at Defy Gravity in Wales. Jamie is an accomplished teacher and pole dance performer. Jamie was the All Wales Pole Champion 2011 and she was a finalist in the elite section of the UK Professional Pole Championships 2011.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jamie Alexah-Taylor.

    Jane Cole Pole Perfect FitnessJane Cole is the owner and principal instructor at Pole Perfect Fitness in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Jane has been an avid promoter of pole and has had numerous occasions of media coverage.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jane Cole.

    Jolene Parlour Pole Dancing image

    Jolene Whiting is the principal Instructor and proprietor of Purity Pole. Jolene has been pole dancing since 2003 and is well known within the industry as a teacher, performer and judge. Jolene received her 2 references from fellow 4 star instructors Kate Johnstone from Spin City and Sam Remmer from The Art of Dance.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jolene Whiting.

    Justine mclucas pole dance teacher

    Justine McLucas is the founder of Ecole De Pole. Justine is also a PDC Approved course provider. Justine has extensive pole industry experience both in performing and competing.

    Find out more about 4 star Pole Dancing Instructor Justine McLucas.

    Kara Bulpitt Pole ArtistKara Bulpitt is the principal instructor and proprietor of Opal Pole Dance in Wigan, UK. Kara is an authentic pole dancer with considerable industry experience. Kara is also the orgnaiser of the Authentic Pole Dance Competition.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Kara Bulpitt.

    karrie hammersley pole dancing instructor
    Karrie Hammersley is the principal instructor at is the principal instructor and owner of Karrie's Pole Fit in Ripley Matlock and Belper, UK. Karrie is also the orgnaiser of the Kick Ass Curves Pole Competition.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Karrie Hammersley.


    Kate Edwards nee Johnstone is the principal instructor and owner of Spin City Pole Fitness studios and she is also the original teacher of Bendy Kate. Kate is an active member of both the Pole Dance Community and the Equity Pole Dancers working party. Kate is an accomplished pole dancing performer, choreographer and judge.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Kate Edwards nee Johnstone.


    Ley jackson pole dance portraitLey Jackson teaches at Pole Guns in Newcastle, UK. Ley has also been part of a Guiness World Record in Pole dancing as well as organising the first ever UK instructors networking event.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Ley Jackson.


    Lisa Henderson Pole Dancing TeacherLisa Henderson is the joint owner of Studio 11 Pole Fitness in Bristol, UK. Lisa has raised tens of thousnads of pounds for charity via her poe dancing events.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Lisa Henderson.

    Lucille Marshall Pole DancerLucille Marshall started dancing at the age of 3. Lucille is the principal instructor at Body Synergy in Birminghom UK.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Lucille Marshall.


    Maxine_Holmes_pole_dancing_portraitMaxine Devis is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Fitness Windsor. Maxine is an accomplished dancer who specialises in choreography. Maxine has extensive pole dance teaching and performance experience as well as great sports and fitness knowledge and qualifications.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Maxine Devis.

    Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole InstructorNadine Rebel teaches at CrazySports Augsburg in Germany. She is also a master trainer for PDC Approved Course CrazySports. Nadine has extensive industry experience and a passion for pole.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Nadine Rebel.

    nathalie pole unity

    Nathalie Barron, owner and principal instructor of London's Pole School, achieves PDC Approved 4 star status. Nathalie has an impressive dance and pole dancing CV and has been dancing since she the age of 4 years old.

    Fnd out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Nathalie Barron.


    Penny Howarth pole dancer

    Penny Howarth teaches at pole dance school BodyBarre in Manchester and she is also part of the pole dance troupe the BodyBarre bombshells. Penny has been dancing all her life and is an accomplished pole dance teacher and performer.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Penny Howarth.


    360PoleDancingRobynRobyn Rooke has been pole dancing since 2005. Her flair for pole dancing and instruction was recognised, and she was invited to complete the teacher-training course by her instructors at PoleCats. Robyn developed a love of performing after entering her first pole dancing competition in 2006. Robyn is the founder of 360° Pole Dancing in Bristol where she teaches pole dancing and tricks to beginners right up to super advanced level.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Robyn Rooke.

    AOD Sam shoulder mount jackknifeSam Remmer started pole dancing in 2001 before setting up her pole dancing school in Plymouth in 2004.Sam is now a judge many competitions both national and international.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sam Remmer.

    Sandra Reichel Pole Dancing TeacherSandra Schlichting is the principal instructor at Studio Aria Arte she is also the editor of Pole Art Magazine.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sandra Schlichting.



    Sarah Brown Approved Pole Dancing InstructorSarah Brown is the founder of The Pole Studio, international pole judge and President of The PoleSafe Federation. Sarah is also a PDC Approved Course provider offering pole dance instructor training. Sarah is an accomplished instructor who is well respected within the pole dancing industry.

    Find out more abour 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sarah Brown


    Stefania Roberto Polercise Pole Dance TeacherStefania Roberto is the principal instructor at Polercise Tenerife. Stefania has extensive industry experience and contribution including being the author of "So, I hear you're a pole dancer".

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Stefania Roberto.


    tracy huckfield allegra pole dancing pictureTracy Hancock started life as a pole dancing instructor in 2007. In 2008 Tracy decided to undertake some continuing professional development so she successfully completed an Exercise to Music (ETM) course to further her fitness knowledge. After completing her ETM Tracy felt ready to set up her own pole dancing school and Pagan's Pole was born. Tracy is also the promoter of PDC approved All Wales Pole Championships.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Tracy Hancock.

    Tracey Simmonds fitness pole dancing instructor
    Tracey Simmonds is one of the master trainers for PDC Approved course, The Pole Studio Training. Tracey is also an accomplished performer with many titles to her name.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Tracey Simmonds.

    Vivien Feld Pole Sports TrainerVivien Feld is the principal instructor at Tanzstudio VI-Dance. Vivien is also a qualified international judge with significant pole industry experience.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Vivien Feld.



  • PDC Approved 3 Star Instructors

    All PDC Approved (3 star) Instructors have provided the PDC with copies of their industry recognised qualifications, professional indemnity and public liability insurance as well as an up to date first aid certificate.

    All PDC approved instructors have agreed to abide by the PDC code of conduct.

    View the PDC three star instructors.

PDC Dancers

  • Our Graded Dancers
    Internationally recognised Pole Dance Core Moves Syllabus. Track your progress and compare your amazing skills here.
  • How to Grade

    Pole Dance Gradings with the Pole Dance Community - Get Recognition.


    Arianna Candidno Pole Dance GradingHow many of you work hard to learn new pole dancing moves but then fail to get the recognition you deserve? Do friends and family respect your chosen dance/fitness genre or do they chuckle and make snide comments? How many people know about your pole dancing instructor and how much they have taught you?

    To be taken seriously in any sport you want recognition for your hard work and the PDC Pole Dance Gradings are the perfect way to chart your pole dancing progression, create new goals and promote pole dancing to your friends and family.

    PDC Pole Dance Gradings not only recognise your hard work but they also help to acknowledge the efforts of your instructor

    Gradings are also perfect for those of you who can't find a pole dance school near you and who learn in the comfort of your own home spending hours watching Youtube and checking out the pole dancing pictures of those you admire.  You can shine just the same.

    Submitting a grading is easy just follow these simple steps:

    Buy your AAP Membership.

    Your £20 annual AAP membership allows you to partake in gradings and gives you one free on-line grading. AAP members also receive special members discounts.  Succesfullly graded dancers may order an official certificate of achievement and receive stars in their web profile

    Plan your grading. Decide which level of the PDC Syllabus is the most appropriate for you. Don't rush to achieve higher gradings, work through the lower levels and learn safely at your own pace. If you train with a PDC Approved instructor then they can help you with this process.  If you train at home on your own then take a look at the grading sheets  used by PDC grading assessors to mark the gradings. Pick your 10 chosen moves from your preferred level.

    Please make sure you have read the following documents carefully. Before submitting your grading so you can ensure the best chance of grading succcess.

    PDC Grading Sheet.
    PDC Grading FAQ's.
    PDC Grading Preparation Sheet.

    Submit your grading. There are four parts to your grading:

    1. You need to demonstrate a warm up that is suitable for your moves and level.
    2. Execute your 10 moves in isolation.
    3. Demonstrate the same 10 moves contained within a routine.
    4. Finally you need to demonstrate a cool down element that reflects the moves you have performed in your grading. 

    There are several ways to submit your on-line grading:

    1. Youtube - Upload your videos to youtube and then send us the link for each video. You can set your videos as unlisted so that we can view them but no one else can see them unless you send them the links.

    2. File Sharing Program - Using a program such as dropbox you can send us a shareable link. When you look at your shareable folder there will be an option to create a shareable link, copy the shareable link then send it to us so we can pass it to one of our grading assessors. Please don't just make the folder viewable to the PDC e-mail address as we are then unable to forward it to a grading assessor.

    So what else do you need to to know?

    Pole Dance Grading Costs. 

    To submit your grading you will need an up to date AAP membership. Each membership includes one free online grading. Subsequent on-line gradings cost £15 each.

    Ask your PDC Approved Instructor what they charge to grade you in-house.

    Certificates can be bought after your successful gradings at a cost of £5 plus postage (some PDC Approved instructors include this in the price of your grading).

    Grading Scoring:

    Your exam will be marked out of 130 and you need to score a minimum of 60 points to pass. If you reach 90 points you earn a merit pass and 115 points will earn you a distinction. 

    To see some examples of video gradings just pop into Youtube and search for PDC pole dance grading.

    "When you undertake a grading you get detailed personal feedback on your performance from some of the worlds top pole judges - this will help you to develop your own personal skills and become a better pole dancer."


    So how do you rate and do you think you could make the grade?

  • Member Discounts
    Member Discounts

    The dancer membership includes 1 free online grading as well as the following amazing concessions:


    10% off Hoodlum Fang Pole Dance Clothing

    10% off Instructor Training with Elena Gibson.

    15% off IPDFA Pro Pole Instructor Training

    20% off  Xpert Instructor Training

    10% off  Spin City Anatomy and Physiology for Aerial And Pole Instructors

    10% off Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification Programme

    10% off ETEDance Instructor Certification Programme

    10% off Spin City Pole and Hoop Instructor Training Programme.

    10% off Accessories at Pole Motion 

    Just mail us with your username or e-mail address and we will arrange your discounts :-)

  • Dancer Logos


    Proof of Progress

    Once you have graded, you may proudly display your logo on your websites and social media pages.  You also receive stars on your website profile and can purchase an official certificate marking your progress.


    certified dancer1

    certified dancer2certified dancer3

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