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Equity Pole Dancer's Working Party:

 Equity pole dance picture

Notes of the meeting of the Pole Dance Working Party held on Friday 11th December 2009 at 1.00pm at Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2H 9EG

Present : Michael Day (Equity staff), Dana Mayer, Genevieve Moody, Emma Mitchell, Elena Gibson and Kym McGowan. 

1. Apologies : Kate Johnstone, Sam Remmer  

2. Updates on Policing and Crime Bill and Camden Licensing for Burlesque.

Michael Day reported that the Policing and Crime Bill had continued to be debated in the House of Lords at the Report Stage. In the new year it will return to the Commons and Equity will continue to lobby at that stage also. Amendments had been suggested to the name of the type of entertainment. S*x Encounter Establishment was the original government proposal with Adult Entertainment, S*****ll Entertainment and E***** Entertainment all being considered since.

In Camden, the council was not currently opposed to burlesque events going ahead although the fine print of the licensing policy was still being worked out in conjunction with the Burlesque Women’s Institute.

3. Equity Campaign on Entertainment Licensing. Michael Day reported that Equity’s proposed demo on entertainment licensing had gone ahead on 22nd October 2009 and had been well attended with about 150 – 200 performers. There had been some bands and colourful characters doing their acts. There were also politicians from across the main parties. Equity and the Musicians’ Union had been offered a concession on the small venues exemption in that venues of 100 or less could be exempt from a licence. The unions had rejected this, however, believing that it should not be less than 200. This was still being debated and could potentially be delivered via a ‘legislative reform order’ if all parties were in agreement.

4. Recruitment and Retention Events including Pole Divas. Equity representatives based in the North West had attended this event and had found a good position for the Equity stand. Genevieve had been able to assist during breaks in her judging role and noted that the stand had often been busy. Generally, in this field, the public liability insurance and other insurances and the kudos of membership were the most appreciated factors.

Kym, who was visiting from Australia, compared how competitions worked there compared to the UK. She had been involved in some of the organisation of such events such as Australian Pole Dance Championships. There were several categories including ‘open pairs’ for men and/or women combinations as well as the solo competitions. Judging appeared to be more technically based with set moves needing to be completed. Costume branding was not allowed. Competitions were held in theatres with theatre or cabaret style seating.

Other events were discussed and it was considered desirable to have Equity representation at all of the main competition finals. These included:

UKAPP – usually Reading or London

MPD – London

PoleDivas – Manchester

British Isles – Essex

5. UK Pole Dance Day 2010.

It was agreed that the day of the event should be Saturday 1st May 2010.

It was suggested that there should be lots of individual events organised around the country at participating schools linked through a central campaign. A letter could be sent around in January 2010 and this should give examples of potential events. A pack to send to schools could be developed. Emma agreed to do a list of what would be required in this pack and get an idea of cost. Funding could be requested from Equity. Genevieve agreed to co-ordinate a potential list of activities if others emailed their ideas to her. It was suggested that those not attached to a school could make guest appearances at schools and / or give demo performances.

6. Copyright issues and guidance leaflet. The leaflet itself was not discussed but a couple of copyright examples were put forward. One was for use of a photo of a pole dancer in a magazine and the other copying content, mainly text, being copied from a website. Michael Day stated that with photographs it would depend on who owned the copyright of the photo. This may be the photographer or the performer. The copyright owner certainly has a right not to have the photo used in a publication without their consent. Similarly with text, copying directly and reproducing elsewhere is a breach of copyright. More information will be obtained directly from the members concerned to see if action is warranted.

7. Working party – Future work, meetings, further aims and objectives, distribution of workload etc.

The following had been actioned since the last meeting:-

Emma had completed the pro forma email body text for various types of messages.

Kate had set up the ‘mail chimp’ which was now working for the email group.

Dana had worked on the Facebook profile

Elena said that she would be willing to host some kind of event, as did Genevieve.

It was discussed whether an open meeting could be held in conjunction with an existing event. Pole Unity was put forward as a possibility. This was thought to be in June. An ‘injury prevention’ workshop, for example, was put forward as an idea.

A meeting schedule for working party meetings for 2010 was proposed.

The first two dates were fixed with the others with just the month set. These were as follows:-

22nd January 2010 at 1.00pm at Equity

16th April 2010 at 1.00pm at Equity

There would also be meetings, times and venues TBA in June, September and November / December.

A few priorities of the working party for 2010 were highlighted:-
Raising the profile of the art form
Recruitment and Retention of pole dancers
Encouraging the use of the contracts and formalisation of the industry
Finishing the copyright guidance leaflet
Improving the standard of competition judging
Holding a bigger open meeting / event

8. Pole Dance Community. Sam Remmer was still working on this and gaining more subscribers.

9. Any other Business. It was raised that high profile performers, such as the winner of MPD could be targeted for membership of Equity if they are not already. Some individual names were put forward.

10. Date of Next Meeting: Friday 22nd January 2010 at 1.00pm at Equity

To contact or join the equity pole dance working party just visit their facebook site.


Due to unforeseen circumstances this event has now been cancelled.


Just a quick update on the Purity Pole Halloween pole dancing showcase that will be held on Saturday 31st October.

Purity pole dancing picture

Tickets are only available in advance up until Saturday 24th October, none will be available on the door.

Performers on the night include
Purity teachers -Jolene
Lisa Williams
Emma Park-Watt
Bethany Hadcroft
Leanne Timms
Suze Lidbury
Jolene and Lisa will also be doing a doubles routine!

Other professionals -
Pippa from Polenastics
Genevieve from The Flying Studio
Elaine from Poleminx
Kate Johnstone from Spin City

Amateurs -Kate Tolhurst
Jess and Trixie will be doing a doubles routine!

For more information and contact details check out our previous article by clicking here.

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Like the Pole Dance Community the Equity pole dancers working party (EPDWP) are passionate about the world of pole dancing and are working hard to safeguard you! The EPDWP meet every few months at the Equity HQ in London, the meetings are open to all Equity members. If you can't make it to a meeting or you aren't a member but you would like to raise any concerns then you can contact the working group via equitypoledancers@googlemail.com.

equity pole dancers working party picture

Below you will find the minutes of the last EPDWP Meeting which was held on Friday the 18th of September 2009.


Notes of the meeting of the Pole Dance Working Party held on
Friday 18th September 2009 at 1.30pm at Equity, Guild House, Upper St Martins Lane, London WC2H 9EG

equity HQ pole dance picture

Present : Michael Day (Equity staff), Dana Mayer, Genevieve Moody, Kate Johnstone, Emma Mitchell and Elena Gibson.

1. Apologies : Sam Remmer, Michael Branwell

2. Introduction by Dana Mayer. Dana had asked to be given the opportunity to raise a couple of general issues at the start of the meeting. One was about the running of the working party and the other about an external matter concerning another individual. It was agreed to deal with the first issue under item 6. It was noted that there had been some misunderstandings within the working party about individuals roles and responsibilities. The other issue, being a private matter, would be initially discussed with the individual concerned.

3. Burlesque Entertainment - Camden. Michael Day reported that the two events organised by the Burlesque Women's Institute had been successful. Equity had attended the reverse striptease event at Proud Galleries, Camden on 12th July 2009 but unfortunately there were no representatives of Camden Licensing present. The march originally scheduled for 23 rd July had first been moved to 30th July then, at the last minute, to the 29th July. This was due to the organisers wanting to avoid it being taken over by a certain element. The date change had meant that Michael Day had been unable to attend due to another meeting. The event had attracted a lot of media attention and had achieved the desired result in that Camden had agreed not to stop burlesque events going ahead. There was still some work to be done, however, in that Camden still needed to put some wording in the licensing policy. The Burlesque Womens Institute had asked for Equity to be involved in meetings with Camden Licensing and a date for a meeting was currently being sought.

4. Equity Campaign on Entertainment Licensing. Michael Day reported that Equity was proposing action in the form of a protest at Parliament on the issue of licensing of entertainment. In late 2008 the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee had made various recommendations to the government on amendments to licensing legislation to assist live entertainment. The government had, however, only adopted one of these recommendations, that to do with travelling entertainment such as circus. Other recommendations to allow small venues and events to be exempt from licensing had been rejected. The planned action was provisionally to be on 22nd October 2009 at Parliament Square and Equity, the Musician's Union and UK Music were looking for a big turnout from performers to get the point across. It was hoped that there would be a number of performers in costume and some high profile members. The finalisation of the date would come week commencing 21st September, from then, members would be informed and asked to participate. It was designed to coordinate with a Westminster Hall Debate on licensing happening that day. It would not include the issue of Sex Encounter Establishment Licences and the Policing and Crime Bill.

5. Miss Pole Dance and other events and recruitment and retention of new members. The Miss Pole Dance (MPD) event would be happening on 25th October 2009 at the Scala, Kings Cross. Equity would like to have a stand again and would also ask about possible sponsorship in some way. A brochure had already been produced so it would be too late to advertise in that. There was an entrance fee for the competition and an additional fee for feedback from the judges.

PoleDivas would be the on 22nd November 2009 in Manchester. As well as the main event on Sunday there would be other smaller events on the Friday and Saturday. Dana had done this last year and had taken the Equity freestanding banner. Emma would be there this year anyway, as would Dana. Unfortunately Michael Day would be away that weekend but would ask his colleague based in the Manchester Office, particularly about the Friday.

Kate Johnstone said she was looking into judging standards and was doing some research into other sports such as dance and gymnastics to see how it worked within those sports. She hoped to have completed this research by the end of the year. It was universally agreed that the judging of pole dance was inconsistent and some standards would be a good idea.

6. Working party Future work, meetings, further aims and objectives, distribution of workload etc. Some bullet point headings were put forward for discussion as follows:-

Distribution of tasks what needs to be done and who should do it.
Recruitment strategy
UK Pole Dance Day

The main tasks identified were the mail out of meeting notices to the email database. Kate offered to set up a Mailchimp account to which the working group would have password access. Then, the mailing could be taken in turns with appropriate return paths set up. It was agreed that templates for sending out minutes and meeting notices would be set up along with a recruitment one and one for general notices. Equity logos would be needed for the templates. As the templates would be fairly standard there would be no need to individuals on the working group to necessarily check each mailing although the person sending would include their name at the end. The templates would be developed for approval by the next meeting by Emma. A number of suggestions were made on recruitment strategy. These included:- presence at events; brand ambassadors; showcase event; conference; masterclasses; jams; internet forum. Those on the working party already had experience of talking to potential members about Equity and the working party (as ambassadors) but it was thought to be a good idea to have a crib sheet with the principal benefits of membership to use for this. Michael Day would do this. It was suggested having a sticky on an existing forum.

The next two meetings were agreed as Friday 11th December 2009 at 1.00pm then a meeting at the end of January 2010 TBA. This timetable would be necessary to discuss UK Pole Dance Day (May 1st) in detail and plan for it properly. The notice and mailout for the first meeting would take place mid November.

Michael Day would check whether there would be Equity t-shirts / sweatshirts available for working party members when representing Equity at events.

7. Copyright Advice Document. This item was deferred to the next meeting as working party members had not had a chance to look at it in detail.

8. Pole Dance Community. Sam Remmer was not in attendance but had emailed Genevieve and Dana to say that she had developed a code of conduct for schools and wanted feedback and ideas which members could directly email to her.

9. Date of Next Meeting: Friday 11th December 2009 at 1.00pm at Equity, Guild House, London WC2H 9EG.

If you are a pole dancer interested in getting involved with Equity - you can benefit from great performance insurance, advice on contracts, copyright, legal support and much much more! For further information contact Michael Day mday@euqity.org.uk or join the Equity Pole Dancers Working Party Facebook Group for regular updates!

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    Alice Milner pole dancing portraitAlice Milner is the proprietor and principal instructor at Pole Dancing Bath. Alice is an accomplished fitness professional, pole dance teacher and pole dance performer.


    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Alice Milner.

    Alina Schmidt Pole Dancing InstructorAlina Schmidt-Buttke is a PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor who teaches at Crazy Pole in Bautzen Germany. Alina is an accomplished pole dance performer and teacher with significant industry experience.

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    Amy Butterworth owns and teaches at Candy & Chrome pole dancing school in Chester. Amy started her pole career in early 2006 and has been addicted ever since. Amy is also a pole dance journalist and has received several business awards for her successful pole dance school.


    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Amy Butterworth.


    Andi Ariseanu iAndi Ariseanu Pole Fitness teachers the principal instructor at Active Cherry Pole Dance Fitness. Andi is an accomplished pole dancer performer. teacher and judge. In addition to pole Andi is known for her other aerial arts including her spiral and prism work.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instuctor Andi Ariseanu.

     Angel F Pole Dancing PortraitAngel F is one of our Approved Teacher Trainers, she runs Discoveries Dance in Maryland, USA. Angel is a respected pole dancing instructor and she is active at promoting pole dancing in a positive light and removing the negative stereotypes that surround modern pole dance.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Angel F.

    Cindy Cooijmanns Pole Fitness instructorCindy Cooijmans is a well known pole dancing instructor and pole dance judge. Cindy is the creator of the Pole Move Box and is a member of the Pole Dance Community Syllabus Steering group. Cindy teaches in the Netherlands but has trained across the globe.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Cindy Cooijmans.

    Emily Smith 80s pole dance showEmily Smith is the Principal Instructor and Proprietor of Emily's Pole Fitness. Emily is an accomplished pole dancing instructor and performer.  Emily Smith has an impressive pole dancing CV detailing her ongoing professional development and her commitment to both her students and the wider pole dancing world..

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Emily Smith.

     Emma Nicholson Pole Dance PerformerEmma Nicholson is the proprietor and principal instructor at Studio Boutique in Hull. Emma has extensive industry experience including performing, judging and teaching. Emma's extensive pole CV shows both her professionalism and dedication to the pole dancing industry.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Emma Nicholson.

    Holly Gibbons Pole Dancing portraitHolly Gibbons is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Performance. Holly  has pole dancing since 2004 and is an avid promoter of pole fitness.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Holly Gibbons.

    Holly Munson Approved Pole Dancing InstructorHolly Munson is the principal instructor at Firefly poles in Norwich, UK. Holly has extensive pole industry experience as well as a impressive fitness CV.

    Read more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Holly Munson.


    Jamie Alexah Taylor Pole Dancing InstructorJamie Alexah-Taylor is the principal instructor and proprietor at Defy Gravity in Wales. Jamie is an accomplished teacher and pole dance performer. Jamie was the All Wales Pole Champion 2011 and she was a finalist in the elite section of the UK Professional Pole Championships 2011.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jamie Alexah-Taylor.

    Jane Cole Pole Perfect FitnessJane Cole is the owner and principal instructor at Pole Perfect Fitness in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. Jane has been an avid promoter of pole and has had numerous occasions of media coverage.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jane Cole.

    Jolene Parlour Pole Dancing image

    Jolene Whiting is the principal Instructor and proprietor of Purity Pole. Jolene has been pole dancing since 2003 and is well known within the industry as a teacher, performer and judge. Jolene received her 2 references from fellow 4 star instructors Kate Johnstone from Spin City and Sam Remmer from The Art of Dance.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Jolene Whiting.

    Justine mclucas pole dance teacher

    Justine McLucas is the founder of Ecole De Pole. Justine is also a PDC Approved course provider. Justine has extensive pole industry experience both in performing and competing.

    Find out more about 4 star Pole Dancing Instructor Justine McLucas.

    Kara Bulpitt Pole ArtistKara Bulpitt is the principal instructor and proprietor of Opal Pole Dance in Wigan, UK. Kara is an authentic pole dancer with considerable industry experience. Kara is also the orgnaiser of the Authentic Pole Dance Competition.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Kara Bulpitt.

    karrie hammersley pole dancing instructor
    Karrie Hammersley is the principal instructor at is the principal instructor and owner of Karrie's Pole Fit in Ripley Matlock and Belper, UK. Karrie is also the orgnaiser of the Kick Ass Curves Pole Competition.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Karrie Hammersley.


    Kate Edwards nee Johnstone is the principal instructor and owner of Spin City Pole Fitness studios and she is also the original teacher of Bendy Kate. Kate is an active member of both the Pole Dance Community and the Equity Pole Dancers working party. Kate is an accomplished pole dancing performer, choreographer and judge.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Kate Edwards nee Johnstone.


    Ley jackson pole dance portraitLey Jackson teaches at Pole Guns in Newcastle, UK. Ley has also been part of a Guiness World Record in Pole dancing as well as organising the first ever UK instructors networking event.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Ley Jackson.


    Lisa Henderson Pole Dancing TeacherLisa Henderson is the joint owner of Studio 11 Pole Fitness in Bristol, UK. Lisa has raised tens of thousnads of pounds for charity via her poe dancing events.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Lisa Henderson.

    Lucille Marshall Pole DancerLucille Marshall started dancing at the age of 3. Lucille is the principal instructor at Body Synergy in Birminghom UK.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Lucille Marshall.


    Maxine_Holmes_pole_dancing_portraitMaxine Devis is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Fitness Windsor. Maxine is an accomplished dancer who specialises in choreography. Maxine has extensive pole dance teaching and performance experience as well as great sports and fitness knowledge and qualifications.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Maxine Devis.

    Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole InstructorNadine Rebel teaches at CrazySports Augsburg in Germany. She is also a master trainer for PDC Approved Course CrazySports. Nadine has extensive industry experience and a passion for pole.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Nadine Rebel.

    nathalie pole unity

    Nathalie Barron, owner and principal instructor of London's Pole School, achieves PDC Approved 4 star status. Nathalie has an impressive dance and pole dancing CV and has been dancing since she the age of 4 years old.

    Fnd out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Nathalie Barron.


    Penny Howarth pole dancer

    Penny Howarth teaches at pole dance school BodyBarre in Manchester and she is also part of the pole dance troupe the BodyBarre bombshells. Penny has been dancing all her life and is an accomplished pole dance teacher and performer.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Penny Howarth.


    360PoleDancingRobynRobyn Rooke has been pole dancing since 2005. Her flair for pole dancing and instruction was recognised, and she was invited to complete the teacher-training course by her instructors at PoleCats. Robyn developed a love of performing after entering her first pole dancing competition in 2006. Robyn is the founder of 360° Pole Dancing in Bristol where she teaches pole dancing and tricks to beginners right up to super advanced level.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Robyn Rooke.

    AOD Sam shoulder mount jackknifeSam Remmer started pole dancing in 2001 before setting up her pole dancing school in Plymouth in 2004.Sam is now a judge many competitions both national and international.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sam Remmer.

    Sandra Reichel Pole Dancing TeacherSandra Schlichting is the principal instructor at Studio Aria Arte she is also the editor of Pole Art Magazine.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sandra Schlichting.



    Sarah Brown Approved Pole Dancing InstructorSarah Brown is the founder of The Pole Studio, international pole judge and President of The PoleSafe Federation. Sarah is also a PDC Approved Course provider offering pole dance instructor training. Sarah is an accomplished instructor who is well respected within the pole dancing industry.

    Find out more abour 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Sarah Brown


    Stefania Roberto Polercise Pole Dance TeacherStefania Roberto is the principal instructor at Polercise Tenerife. Stefania has extensive industry experience and contribution including being the author of "So, I hear you're a pole dancer".

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Stefania Roberto.


    tracy huckfield allegra pole dancing pictureTracy Hancock started life as a pole dancing instructor in 2007. In 2008 Tracy decided to undertake some continuing professional development so she successfully completed an Exercise to Music (ETM) course to further her fitness knowledge. After completing her ETM Tracy felt ready to set up her own pole dancing school and Pagan's Pole was born. Tracy is also the promoter of PDC approved All Wales Pole Championships.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Tracy Hancock.

    Tracey Simmonds fitness pole dancing instructor
    Tracey Simmonds is one of the master trainers for PDC Approved course, The Pole Studio Training. Tracey is also an accomplished performer with many titles to her name.

    Find out more about 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Tracey Simmonds.

    Vivien Feld Pole Sports TrainerVivien Feld is the principal instructor at Tanzstudio VI-Dance. Vivien is also a qualified international judge with significant pole industry experience.

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