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Core Moves Syllabus - DVD-ROM



PLEASE NOTE  Since producing the disc, Apple have ceased support for Adobe Flashplayer on any of their devices.  For MAC users, this disc will work on V10.4 only. Later iOS versions are unable to play the disc. 


This is NOT a plain DVD, rather it is an interactive Flash based program that displays the Core Moves syllabus on your computer - just as you see it online.

The Core Moves Syllabus DVD-ROM is an interactive resource for all pole dancers, both students and instructors. 


This is an exciting new product for the fitness pole dancing industry and has involved lots of hard work and contributions from PDC members.

We hope you love this product as much as we do!


 core dvd screen

Screenshot from the DVD-ROM showing the save and load functions, which are not available on the free online syllabus.






The PDC syllabus is an EXCELLENT resource that every serious pole dancer should own!
Sara Catino


I just wanted to say how much I love the new PDC Syllabus CD-ROM – what a fantastic resource! It is especially so handy to be able to slow and
super slow some of the moves.
I am looking forward to adding this to my website and offering to my students.
Jo from Pole Confidence.


Loving the syllabus :) xx
Amy & Sarah
Studio 22


This is just what the pole world needs! So exciting!
Emily's Pole Fitness.



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