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Kassia Portas achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.


Kassia Portas Pole Dance Teacherr
Kassia Portas started her pole journey in 2010 before commencing her teaching career in 2012. Kassia has not only acheived national competition success she is also the organiser of the much-loved Bristol Pole Championships.

Kassia achieved her references from PDC Approved Instructors Anna Rohnbogner and Cath Ballantyne.

Anna Rohnbogner said "Kassia Portas is an outstanding teacher with an exceptional understanding of anatomy and physiology in the context of pole dancing and associated injury prevention, prehab, rehab and mobility. Kassia’s instruction is second to none, proving to reward her students with technical, challenging and above all safe lessons for all levels.

Kassia is incredibly generous at passing on her expertise, whether it’s pole moves or combos, teaching points or advice, and individual approaches to injury prevention and prehab exercises.

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Polelatis Pole dance grading Claire JonesPole Dance Grading Success at Polelatis, Bridport, UK.

PDC approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Ally Franklin held a pole dance grading day at her Dorest studio which saw all 5 students achieving grading success. Ally's students were delighted with their achievement. Pole Dance Gradings are a great way to chart your pole dancing progress as well as being able to share your success with friends and family. If you are interested in the grading process just e-mail us with the subject 'Grading Advice Please' and we can send you out a grading advice pack.

Claire Jones (pictured left) - Level 4.

Rachel Barrett (pictured right) - Level 3 Merit.

I have been pole dancing for...it's gone so quickly I can't actually remember nearly two years now I believe (2016).

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PDC Approved 4 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Nicola Burke

Nicola Burke Miss Pole dance UKNicola Burke started teaching in 2011 having initially started her pole dance journey in 2007. Nicola runs her own pole dance school in Stockport called Zero Gravity Pole Studio.

Nicola teaches from brand new beginner up to advanced pole.  Nicola is well known within the UK pole industry as a accomplished pole performer, judge and teacher. Nicola received her references, to support her 4 star instructor application from fellow PDC pole instructors Annie Norris, Naomi Burkitt and Tiffany Green.

Annie Norris said "Nicola is a very happy and beautiful person. When you meet her you can be sure to smile and have a great time. She is extremely hard working with her teaching but has created a

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PDC Approved 3 Star Pole Dancing Instructor Gemma Fielding.

Gemma Fielding Approved Pole Dance Instructor

Gemma gained her instructor approval in June 2018 after completing her Xpert level 1 and 2 training in January 2018 and then completing a successful level 3 pole dance grading in March 2018. Gemma is already making waves in the pole industry and receving rave reviews from her students. Gemma currently runs a small studio in Choppington, UK. We spoke to her to find out more....

I first discovered pole waaaaaay back in 2008 when I did a brief 6 week introductory course, I absolutely loved it and bought a pole, But I soon fell pregnant with my first child and my pole gathered dust in my garage.

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IPDFA Pole Instructor Training Level 1 & 2, London UK.


IPDFA Pole Instructor Training Course

PDC Approved IPDFA Pole Instructor Training Course will be held at The Factory Fitness and Dance Centre, 407 Hornsey Road, N19 4DX, London, UK. Beginners Level will be run from 09:00-18:00 on July 5th/6th and the intermediate level will run from 09:00-18:00 on 7th and 8th July.

There is more information on the IPDFA website.

Each course normally costs £550 each but PDC members pay just £440. E-mail us to be referred for your discount code.

The normal price for booking both courses is £1025 but PDC members pay just £800. If you are not a PDC member but you would like to join as either an instructor or dancer member just e-mail us for full details.

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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Katie Whiteley.

Katie Whiteley Pole Stripper StyleKatie Whiteley joined the Pole Dance Community in April 2016 before upgrading to 4 star status in June 2018. Katie is a respected pole instructor and pole performer with extensive industry experience and contribution. Katie received her 2 references for her 4 star application from PDC Instructors Emma Nicholson and Marisa Schofield.

Emma said "I have known Katie for many years, since she first started pole as one of my students. I have seen her develop a huge passion for pole and the many benefits associated with pole dancing. Katie now has her own studio and does a wonderful job of nurturing a passion for pole in her students. She is extremely hard working and a total inspiration to her students, who clearly adore her.

Katie plays an active role in the wider pole community and has competed and performed at numerous events independently and with her students, she hosts workshops at her studio and demonstrates commitment to her own development through regularly attending classes and workshops.

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Aaron Darby.

Aaron tells us about his pole journey to date and life before pole:

Aaron Darby Pole Dancing InstructorI am Aaron Darby and I own and run Pole Position Strength & Fitness in Birmingham with my wife Lisa. We met when we were both working as gymnastics coaches. Lisa convinced me to attend one of her regular pole classes and I was instantly hooked. I started gymnastics at the age of 9 and went on to compete at international level. My gymnastic career ended at the age of 17 due to injury, and then I became a men's gymnastics coach training the elite boys team. I loved how I could transfer my gymnastics skills to pole, and I picked it up fairly quickly (much to my wife's annoyance). After a while we made the decision to leave our jobs and open our own pole studio.

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