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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Katie Whiteley.

Katie Whiteley Pole Stripper StyleKatie Whiteley joined the Pole Dance Community in April 2016 before upgrading to 4 star status in June 2018. Katie is a respected pole instructor and pole performer with extensive industry experience and contribution. Katie received her 2 references for her 4 star application from PDC Instructors Emma Nicholson and Marisa Schofield.

Emma said "I have known Katie for many years, since she first started pole as one of my students. I have seen her develop a huge passion for pole and the many benefits associated with pole dancing. Katie now has her own studio and does a wonderful job of nurturing a passion for pole in her students. She is extremely hard working and a total inspiration to her students, who clearly adore her.

Katie plays an active role in the wider pole community and has competed and performed at numerous events independently and with her students, she hosts workshops at her studio and demonstrates commitment to her own development through regularly attending classes and workshops.

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Aaron Darby.

Aaron tells us about his pole journey to date and life before pole:

Aaron Darby Pole Dancing InstructorI am Aaron Darby and I own and run Pole Position Strength & Fitness in Birmingham with my wife Lisa. We met when we were both working as gymnastics coaches. Lisa convinced me to attend one of her regular pole classes and I was instantly hooked. I started gymnastics at the age of 9 and went on to compete at international level. My gymnastic career ended at the age of 17 due to injury, and then I became a men's gymnastics coach training the elite boys team. I loved how I could transfer my gymnastics skills to pole, and I picked it up fairly quickly (much to my wife's annoyance). After a while we made the decision to leave our jobs and open our own pole studio.

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PDC Approved 3 star pole dancing instructor Emily Draper.

Emily Draper PDC Pole Dancing InstructorEmily works at Solent Fitness and Aerial Arts in Southampton, UK. We spoke to Emily to find out more about her and her passion for pole dancing.

"I first discovered pole back in 2010 and have been pretty much hooked since then! I train and teach pole at Solent Fitness & Aerial Arts, where my casual once-a-week hobby turned into a full obsession. I love all things pole & aerial, especially the community feel that comes along with it! When I first started the industry was fairly small (compared to how enormous it is now) and I have enjoyed watching it grow, especially because it’s no longer a drama to find decent pole shorts...

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UK Pole Dance Day Tuesday 1st May 2018 - Pole Crazy.

ukpdd green facebook


Let's put pole polictics aside and share our passion for pole.

For 2018 we want you to go pole crazy. get fun pole pics for your social media or try some crazy urban pole?

UK Pole Dance Day is also a great chance to thank those that inspire you in the pole world, the people that make your pole dreams come true. You might want to tag your favourite poler to thank them for inspiring you, you could tag your pole instructor to tell them how much you appreciate them. Perhaps you want to tag your pole buddy who makes your pole lessons amazing.

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PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Jai Simeone.

Jai Simeone Pole Dancing Instructor
Jai Simeone is a master trainer for PolePeople and she has an extensive dance background. Jai received her 2 references from fellow PDC approved instructors Stefania Roberto and Chantal Wood.

Chantal said "Jai is a very experienced pole instructor as well as being a qualified personal trainer and dance instructor. She teaches in a methodical and structured fashion and keeps the safety of her students at the heart of everything she does. Her teaching style is engaging and fun and her students are fiercely loyal to her. She demonstrates a level of professionalism that I wish was more prevalent in the pole industry."

Stefania said "From the private sessions given to myself and my boyfriend I found Jai to be professional, friendly, energetic and highly knowledgeable within the field of pole. She had the ability to mold her teaching to different requirements as both myself and my partner (Male) who was having the class also, had different needs. She was encouraging and even as a 4star instructor myself, with over 15 years experience, was able to take something new from her tuition.

I also follow her social media feeds and see she keeps working to improve herself and is a much loved member of the pole community giving positivity from afar."

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PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Virginia Zdesar.


Virginia Zdesar Pole Dancer Mother
Virginia Zdesar joined the Pole Dance Community in 2018. Virginia has many years of pole dancing experience and has completed several PDC Approved Teacher Training Courses. Virginia currently teaches in the UK but has also taught in the Middle East.

Virginia's story:

"I began using Pole many, many years ago as an alternative sport, alternative to the confines of my traditional gym workout. I learnt my Pole fitness skills in London in 2008, where I completed the advanced levels with the wonderful Pole Dancing Champion and PDC Pioneer, Elena Gibson at her school in London.

I then trained with the universally endorsed group operated by the world renowned KT Coates, PDC Approved Teacher Training Vertical Dance. With KT, I gained the qualifications and certifications that are internationally recognised and endorsed by REPS, Skills Active, ACE, PDC & IPSF which has given me the ability to do what I love and enable others to as well.

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Pole Dance Community Free Core Moves Pole Syllabus App.

PDC AAP Screenshot Pole Dance Core Moves
We have released a new version of the PDC Syllabus Core Moves Mobile App for android phones. You can try the free app as it has all the functions of the paid for apps just with limited moves available. If you like it, which we know you will, you can upgrade to the paid version, see links below.

The app is available for both android and iphone (please note that the i-phone app has not been updated yet).

download from google play

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