PDC Approved 4 star pole dancing instructor Katie Whiteley.

Katie Whiteley Pole Stripper StyleKatie Whiteley joined the Pole Dance Community in April 2016 before upgrading to 4 star status in June 2018. Katie is a respected pole instructor and pole performer with extensive industry experience and contribution. Katie received her 2 references for her 4 star application from PDC Instructors Emma Nicholson and Marisa Schofield.

Emma said "I have known Katie for many years, since she first started pole as one of my students. I have seen her develop a huge passion for pole and the many benefits associated with pole dancing. Katie now has her own studio and does a wonderful job of nurturing a passion for pole in her students. She is extremely hard working and a total inspiration to her students, who clearly adore her.

Katie plays an active role in the wider pole community and has competed and performed at numerous events independently and with her students, she hosts workshops at her studio and demonstrates commitment to her own development through regularly attending classes and workshops.

Katie is a patient, caring and motivating instructor who nurtures her students with passion, empowerment and dedication to their development. Katie has created a wonderful, positive community within and around Diamond Notion Dance and I therefore support her application for 4 star instructor status."Katie Whiteley Pole Dancer

Marisa said "I suppport Katie's application because of Katies professionalism, dedication and due to the fact she goes above and beyond. I have come across Katie when I was a competitor, she was stage manager at the Authentics. The year after I saw Katie perform and compete herself, she is so happy to compete and put herself out of her comfort zone. Katie is always happy to help out backstage supporting competitors including some of my students.  I have been to Katie's studio on several occasions and she is always organised and professional. Katie pushes her own personal pole achievements and makes it possible for pole dancers around her to reach theirs. Whether it be through continuing professional development, organising workshops at her studio, attending workshops at others or putting on show award evenings. Katie has done a lot for the pole industry especially in North England, I support her application 100%


Katie Whiteley's Pole CV

Katie Whiteley Pole Dancing TeacherFitness/Pole Qualifications
Exercise to Music
Spin City Beginners Instructors Pole Training
Spin City Anatomy and Physiology
Spin City Stretch & Flexibility
PDC Level 5 grading merit

Workshops attended
Tiff Finney
Sarah Blackmilk
Danny Charge
Liquid Motion
For your eyes only
Doris Arnold
Aerial Hoops and Silks
Lap dance with Sally-Ann Giles
Kitty Velour

Workshops hosted
Katie Whiteley and Kara Owen 2017 Correct Shoe Use and Floorwork

Teaching History & Student's Pole Dancing Success
Katie started teaching in 2015. Katie said "I love seeing a woman come to me with little confidence and self esteem and after a few weeks dedication they become so much happier and fulfilled. I have kept a lot of students over the years and always try to offer a range of workshops, showcases, exams, competition and performance opportunities. I am keen to further my development to give my students the best. I run stretch courses too so my students can learn to develop moves better and more freely.Katie Whiteley Pole Dancers

Each year I put on an exam day using the PDC syllabus, the exams are marked and returned to students who then go on to have a chance of earning an award at our annual showcase. A few students have performed at this event making me super proud. At one of my professional performances I took 5 students to dance with me and they were awesome. A few of my students have recently entered competitions and are awaiting their feedback. All my students are desperate to attend the extra events that I put on and they really work hard to get the most out of them"

Continuing Professional Development:
"I attend regular private lessons strength training and workshops to keep me up to date and in good condition for teaching. I follow Facebook groups and read blogs on pole things. I try to train pole a couple of hours per week for myself also."


Competition Achievements:
"I competed in a few competitions a few years back. I would like to enter again and definitely something to work towards for next year. I won at the Authentic back in 2015 which basically gave me the confidence to teach pole in the first place. I encourage my students to work towards performing and competing.

I am now staff at the Authentic so help to run this competition."

Katie Whiteley Pole Dancing InstructorProfessional Pole Appearances:
"I’ve performed at various events. A few show cases for sally Ann Giles. A few for Kara Owen and recently at the Authentic heat midlands. I perform at my own show case once per year too. I also have performed for Emma Nicholson when she had a Black Flamingo pole cabaret show."

Charity Involvement:
"I was involved in a big cervical cancer fund raiser last year. I did a cake n coffee afternoon which included all the students baking and competing for best looking and best tasting cake. We had a fantastic raffle with prizes donated from some amazing businesses. I also performed at a showcase for the same cancer charity. Cervical cancer is close to my heart as its something as women we have to be aware of and friends students etc I know are and have struggled with it."

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
"I'd like to get stronger perform more and compete again. Keep teaching I adore it its a great place to be. I'd love to eventually judge too. Grow an even larger community of students who want to compete and express themselves. I just want to grow as a person and help others to do the same. Pole dancing has saved me from Bad situations emotionally and I’ve never had so many friends. Pole is a freedom of expression every woman should be able to feel free to be them."


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