Nadine Rebel Achieves PDC Approved 4 Star Instructor Status.

Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Instructor
Nadine Rebel is the owner of Crazy Sports Augsburg in Germany and the author of the book "Poledance Passion" She is also a master trainer for PDC Approved Course Discoveries Dance. Nadine has extensive industry experience and a passion for pole.

Nadine received her two references for her 4 star application from Angel F and Pantera Blacksmith.

Pantera said "Nadine Rebel is a fun, motivated individual with great hopes for pole dancing. The positive outlook and determined spirit helps her continues efforts to push pole forward into the future by creating beautiful materials for reference, a comfortable space for learning and a community like none other. Nadine continues to learn and evolve in both the fitness and pole and my hope is that I will get to watch as all her dreams become success to the benefit of the sport."

Angel said "Nadine Rebel has been quite a gift to me in her role as master instructor for my teacher training course ‘Discoveries Dance’.  She independently and responsibly handles all details for preparing, leading, teaching, and supporting new teachers as they learn how to become safe and effective instructors.  She has been a delight to work with and her passion for pole and fitness is unparalleled.  She has ‘saved the day’ a number of times when I found myself in a bind and even though we live on different continents, I consider her a close and special friend.  I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Nadine to the PDC in her pursuit of becoming a level 4 instructor.  Trust me, she belongs in that rank!!"





Curriculum Pole-Vitae  NADINE REBELNadine Rebel Pole Dancing Instructor

Nadine studied sociology, psychology and education science and has an M.A. degree in Sociology. She is the director and owner oft he consultant agency „Rebel-Management-Training“ and  has been a fitness instructor since the year 2000. In 2011 she discovered pole dance and was addicted from the first class.

Only one year later she took part in the Bavarian pole dance competition and reached the 4th place at the professionals. She became a certified CrazyPole Pole Dance Instructor for Beginner and Intermediate and Advanced and is an ambassador for the PFA in Germany. Nadine earned the Discoveries Dance Instructor Certification in September 2012. She is a partner of CrazyPole and director of CrazySports Augsburg ( She published the book "Poledance Passion" - something like the German bible for Poledancing with 576 pages!

Pole Dance and teaching is her life! She is writes a column for the PoleArt Magazine. She looks forward to bringing her safety expertise, exercise science knowledge, and classroom sociology/psychology to pole dance instructors in Germany!

Nadine Rebel Pole InstructorPole History:


April 2011 Teacher education 1

Instructor (Beginner/ Intermediate)

CrazyPole GbR

November 2011 Teacher education 2

(Instructor Intermediate/ Advanced)

CrazyPole GbR

September 2012 Teacher Training at Discoveries Dance


Juni 2012 Contestant at the Bavarian Championship

4. place – Professionals

Juni 2012 member of the PFA

August 2012 Opening CrazyPole Augsburg in Langweid

September 2012 nomination as PFA ambassadorDezember 2012 becoming instructor for Discoveries Dance


Februar 2013 Jury member at the CrazyPole Cup

März 2013 Opening CrazyPole Augsburg at Königsbrunn

Mai 2013 leading the teacher training for Discoveries Dance at Königsbrunn

Dezember 2013 Publishing the book „Poledance Passion“



February 2014 Publishing the 2nd edition of the book „Poledance Passion“Nadine Rebel Pole Fitness Instructor

February 2014 Giving workshops for Showroom Poledance at Düsseldorf

February 2014 Jury Member CrazyPole Cup

März 2014 becoming the author of the column at the Pole Art Magazine

März 2014 winning the 3rd place at the dance contest „STAC-Festival“ at Augsburg

Mai 2014 Opening of the new Studio      CrazyPole Augsburt at AugsburgNovember 2014    Showperformance Galaball Traumwelt Lautenbacher, Kurhaus Theatre
January 2015    Performance at N8 Open Stage, Augsburg
January 2015     Clubshow Disco PM Untermeitingen
April 2015    Showperformance Dance a Passion, Hubertushof, Augsburg
August 2015     Showperformance Open Stage, Kultstrand Augsburg
Oktober 2015                STAC-Festival Augsburg: Welcome to the jungle
November 2015     Showperformance Galaball Traumwelt Lautenbacher, Kurhaus Theatre
Important dates 2015
März 2015     Jury Member CrazyPole Gala Cup, Erfurt
März 2015     Workshops for CrazyPole, Erfurt
April 2015    Leader of the CrazyPole Instructor Training, Augsburg
Juni 2015    Teaching Sophie Rebel (youngest PDC-Instructor)
Juli 2015    Getting the Teacher Training for Intermediate and Advanced CrazyPole Instructor certified by the PDC
August 2015     Jurymember National Championships Tschechien, Prag
December 2017 CrazyPole became CrazySports Augsburg.

Nadine Rebel Crazy Pole Augsberg

Visited Workshops:

  1. Spinning Pole Intermediate Alina Schmidt

  2. Spinning Pole Advanced Alina Schmidt

  3. Tricks and Transitions Advanced Alesia Vazmitsel

  4. Pole Tricks Inverted Advanced Pantera Blacksmith

  5. Contemporary Pole Intermediate Evgeny Greshilov

  6. Thunderstruck Advanced Cleo the hurricane

  7. Tricks and Transitions Advanced Julia Wahl

  8. Stretching Workshop Roxi Ziemann

  9. Stretching Workshop Frederick van Laack

  10. Rumpfstabilität, Handbalance Matthias Meier

  11. Acro-Yoga Irene Kapl and Isayoga Regensburg

  12. Power and Strength Carlos Franca

  13. Advanced Tricks and Combos Cleo the hurricane

  14. Advanced Kombos and Transitions Julia Wahl

  15. Yogaworkshop Young Ho Kim

  16. Hell on heels und Floorwork Alethea Austin

  17. Exotic Dance Pantera Blacksmith

  18. Just Inverts Pantera Blacksmith

  19. Spinning Combos Helena Lehmann

Show performances

Juli 2011 show performance at a wedding

Januar 2012 show performance at the trade far „Traumtage 2012“

Traumwelt Lautenbacher

Januar 2012 show-performance at the Gala oft he FFC e.V. Club

Juli 2012 taking part in the „Harley Days Pole Cup“

Juli 2012 show performance at the boxing-world-championship at Augsburg

Januar 2013 show performance for Traumwelt Lautenbacher, SGL Arena, Augsburg

Januar 2013 show performance for the FFC Show-Gala, Hubertushof, Augsburg

Januar 2013 show performance at the snow-party „Eisklang“, Königsbrunn

Mai 2013 show performance in a soccer-stadion, between two matches, Königsbrunn

Oktober 2013 show performance at the Galaball Kurhaus Göggingen

November 2013 Dancing show Khalidas Tanzschule, Hubertushof

Dezember 2013 show performance for a christmas party

Januar 2014 Show performance at a briding trade far

März 2014 Dance Contest STAC-Festival

Juni 2014 Dancer for Music-Video

August 2014 show performance at a wedding

September 2014 2 Show-performances for a business-party of a company

September 2014 Show performance for „The Art of Pole“ Leipzig