PDC Approved Pole Dancing Instructor Sandrea Simons attains 4 star status.

Sandrea Simons Pole Fitness Picture
Sandrea Simons is the principal instructor and proprietor of Pole Palais in Nottingham. She is also the joint founder of the Nottingham Pole Association. Sandrea is renowned for her high levels of tuition, her warm friendly approach and her fabulous performance skills.

Sandrea received her 2 references from PDC Approved instructors Lorna Thomas from Pole Athletes and Sophie Logan from the University of Essex Pole Society.

Sophie Logan said "Sandrea is an outstanding instructor and the owner of a beautiful and welcoming pole studio. Her love and dedication to pole is second to none, and she has been greatly inspiring to not only me, but everyone who walks through her studio doors. Despite starting pole later on in life than most Sandrea does not let this affect and having competed against her myself, I know first hand what a formidable force this woman is, who will not let a number define who she is.
She is a very active member of the pole community, and has strong and successful relationships with studios in the area and across the UK. She has brought some of the world’s most famous pole dancers to Nottingham for master classes and been regularly featured in the local media showing people what pole dancing is about.
Sandrea is not only an amazing ambassador for the pole industry but also demonstrates how pole sees challenges as positive motivation and not barriers. She has achieved success above and beyond that of which she even realises herself, and I cannot think of anyone else I would recommend more highly in becoming a 4 star instructor than Sandrea Simons."

Lorna Thomas said "Sandrea is an inspiring instructor and performer who continuously strives to improve and contribute to the pole dancing community.  Her creativity and determination reflects on her students and pole dancing school. Sandrea is a true ambassador for pole dancing, proving this art form is accessible for everyone and encouraging the world to love pole dancing as much as we do."

Sandrea's Pole CV - Education and Training

Professional Qualifications:Sandrea Simons Pole Dancing Picture
BA honours Fine Art,  MA distinction Fine Art, Certificate & diploma to teach in the lifelong sector (6 accessor observations completed teaching pole fitness) 

Fitness/Pole Qualifications:
pttls, dttls, cttls, certificate to teach in the lifelong sector (assessor observations to pass the course were done teaching pole fitness)

Membership of Professional Bodies:
Pole Dance Community

Workshops, Courses & Master-classes Attended:
Felix Cane, Jenyne Butterfly, Michelle Shimmy, Marion Crampe, Pantera Blacksmith, Zoraya Judd, Bendy Kate, Josiah "Badazz" Grant, Cleo the Hurricane, Edouarde Doye, Caterina Gennaro, Jess Leanne Norris, Deb Riley, Donna Gant , Sally Ann Giles and Annie Norris 

Additional Training with PDC Pole Schools & Instructors:
Pole jams with Hannah Capocci from Twisted Pole.

Teaching History:
2009-2010 Taught for a year at Venus Pole Dancing Nottingham (Julie Foxx & Jenny Silver were my instructors)
I opened Pole Palais in January 2011 and have been teaching there since then.  I have taught over 2000 students in 4 years. 

Student's pole dancing success:
Sophie Logan has been a regular student of mine and attended Pole Palais before she opened the Essex Uni Pole Society, Julie Foxx and Jenny Silver have been students of the Pole Palais and have their own dance duet Hell of High Heels very popular all over the UK at festivals and have danced for famous Rock bands on stage. Gareth Madigan just went on Deal or no deal and pole danced brilliantly for Noel Edmunds, and I have a 65 yr old pensioner who just had an article in the evening post about the great benefits of pole dancing for the more mature student.

Continuing Professional Development:
I think it is of the up most importance to develop your skills as a pole dancer and a teacher, not only in the moves and tricks, but also to observe how others teach. Master-classes are a great way to learn both skills as you can learn so much from others. I make sure when I attend master-classes to take notes to remind myself of alternative ways to teach a trick/spin as well as learning it myself, this helps with students who find a move complicated or difficult. I believe If you have lots of different ways to teach the different moves/spins it can make you more versatile as a teacher. 

I also go to as many instructor Pole jams as possible this is a great way of learning and developing as an instructor it keeps you motivated and inspired and I love meeting up with other instructors to chat about all aspects of teaching. When I go away on holiday I always try to find a school nearby to see if I can drop in and say hi or attend a class, I did this recently in Brussels where I met the Belgium Champion Sarah and had a class with her and her students.  

Sandrea Simons Pole Dancing Instructor
Industry Contribution

Competition Achievements:
Nottingham Pole Association Instructor Category - runner up & best costume overall
Midlands Pole Championships Professional Category  - runner up & best costume

Professional Pole Appearances:
Derby Horse Trails 2011
Inter Uni Pole Comp Essex 2013

Judging Involvement:
Meltons Got Talent 2012
Inter Uni Pole Comp 2013
Sally Ann Giles Inter Studio Comp 2013

Pole Dancing Promotions Involvement:
May the best house win (made sure I fitted pole dancing into the show).
Coachtrip Christmas Special (again tried to fit some of my pole moves into the show).
Nottingham Evening Post (talking about me being a pole fitness instructor on coach trip).
Nottingham Evening Post are starting a new supplement about fitness and Pole Palais will be featured in the next issue with our oldest student Pauline who is 65 yrs old. We will be promoting the fun fitness side for all ages of pole dancing.

Charity Involvement:
We have had three shows where we raised £300 for Debbie Plowman's Charity Happy Faces Trust.
£327 for Maddie's Trust (a pole dancing instructors 5 year old niece has cancer).
We raised £350 for Wish Upon a Star (a charity that helped a friend of mine whilst she tried to fight cancer).Sandrea Simons Pole Dance teacher

Pole Dancing Goals & Aspirations:
I would like to win a competition before I'm 50 years old in three years time, I would like to have a professionally edited dance video of me doing a beautiful contemporary pole dance routine so I can promote the pole dancing style that I know and love. I want to continue to encourage my students to mix with other schools via pole jams and events that other schools are holding, and to also continue holding pole jams myself in order to mix with other instructors and learn from each other. 

I will always be enthusiastic to promote pole fitness in a professional and positive manner, Pole dancing has changed my life it has not only improved my confidence, given me the body back I had when I was 20 years old but has given me a a chance to use my teacher training in a unique way.

I will continue to mix with as many pole instructors that I can around the UK and beyond, I believe learning never stops as an instructor and we can learn from everyone and all experiences, good and bad.

I am pleased to be part of the pole community and enjoy meeting the many people involved with pole fitness and having and giving the support we all need from time to time. 

Congratulations to Sandrea Simons for her ongoing contribution to the industry.